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steve kane • 1 year ago

When are ABTA going to start liaising with the people that really are the most important people in the Travel Industry when the spend Members money on puting on these types

conference. THE CUSTOMER i have never seen anything that asks the CUSTOMER to make a contribution to these things,

Is it not about time that All the Industry started to publicly ask what we the customer want from you the Providers ,and not just keep coming out with the results of customer surveys that are never seen by the majority of customers. It would be a bold step for someone in the Travel Industry to come out and say lets really stop and ask the People who we are serving what they think and want from us the travel industry . Invite Customers to your Conference and ask them outright what it is we think & want from you all.

Brian • 1 year ago

ABTA is a trade body and these conferences are for the members, not the public. Tour operators spend hundreds of thousands of pounds every year conducting market research amongst their own customers, their competitors customers and non customers.