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Billy S • 12 months ago

Surprised that the competition hasn't announced Ryanair Rescue fares...!

Julie drewls • 12 months ago

actually SEN airport did. Offered FREE flights to stranded FR pax !

Kevin Darvill • 12 months ago

If they can screw up the rostering, how can you trust them on safety.

Or is this simply a case of O'Leary picked a fight with some pretty clever Norwegians who didn't get nasty in court, they just got even. Never pick a fight with a Viking.

Phil • 1 year ago

Instead of cancelling so many services why haven`t Ryanair wet leased in capacity to cover the flying?This would seem the more logical approach and at this time of year at the end of the Summer season they could pick up a lot of spare capacity at a low cost and this would of saved their blushes and embarrassment.

Its too late now as the damage is done but they certainly could of looked at this option
had they had the time to analyse the fall out and the resulting damage they have inflicted on their customers, reputation and share price.

i can think of up to 10 units that are avail Airbus and 800s that are free that could of been flying at c 2000/2400 $ Acmi for them and know one would be the wiser

They do wet lease in a limited amount of units in the Summer as do Easy/Jet2 and Thomas Cook so your not re inventing the wheel with this approach.

The reality is they do not care enough about the customer as if they did this would of been route one and they are big enough to say Fxxx Off as per this article but the bigger you are the harder you fall...

This Airline certainly needs to change its Management in key areas and approach to
customers suppliers and importantly their people including the Pilots know one likes a bully!

I actually like Micheal Oleary but his the one that needs to realize this change is essential
and lead from the front or the culture wont change and the higher Management will simply
remain clones of MO and are just taking the "Mickey" out of everyone.

If he changes the culture will change as i said before sacrifice a small ammout of EBITDA
to get your people and suppliers and as importantly your customers with you.

Ryanair is successful but it needs to evolve to survive and prosper.

Toochay • 1 year ago

Spot on - Dem's the rules of FLIGHT CLUB. Nonetheless it seems unfair and arbitrary that when a lawyer, presumably, told O’Leary: “No, we can’t do this. The pilots have to take their leave. We’ll be operating illegally. We’ll be grounded.", they can then opt to inconvenience, disrupt and basically rob consumers of their holiday or business, but their aviation licence is not under threat for this action.