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Phil • 9 months ago

The best football Teams are now in the North(Manchester) and there is more
apettite in the North do engage and do business
The south has become a bit up itself .
Gatwick appears to be full and cannot take more traffic there needs to be more choice
from Manchester and Birmingham and a reduction in hub and spoke operations from Gatwick and or Heathrow releasing much needed slots for international flights from
Birmingham and Manchester require more choice HK is a start but point to point flying
is the answer - i would prefer to travel from Birmingham to Manchester or vice versa to avoid London and Birmingham can certainly take business from Herts and Beds
if the pricing and choice is right, this negates the need then to travel from the North to the South for greater choice in long haul flights.
i think personally Manchester and Birmingham Airports should work much closer together to back more scheduled services ...and court Airlines such as Norwegian who should be courted very hard - Give them some incentive to move flights to the North...

Free car parking for passengers travelling on these new routes would be a good incentive
if you have parked at London Gatwick lately its is a total rip off...They have become greedy and complacent and are reliant almost totally now on Easy Jet and Norwegian for their business...They should cut the cost of car parking that for sure.

If the Government really want a Northern Power house they should scrap APD on ALL
new International routes from Manchester and Brmingham this will help to build business
with future UK Trading partners after BREXIT and put a lot of money into the uk economy
whilst we work to BREXIT now is the time for the Government to act not in 2 or 3 years time build the Business now.

Scotland i would support too with this approach but the leader of the SDP is too interested in her own image and scoring political points as opposed to getting Scotland the business it deserves...The Chinese and Japanese love Scotland why cant they fly directly to Glasgow or Edinburgh? Or Manchester and Tour the North its NOT just London that is steeped in History...

ALL of Britain needs to be open for Business and for that we need more flights from the North including Scotland


PeterF • 9 months ago

Ca I also remind you that Scotland exists as well! We are not "the north"

Diogo Castanheira • 9 months ago

Great to see decentralisation and more interest in the North. We are a friendly bunch really but more investment in accessibility mainly when it comes to transport (rail especially) needs to be made in the Northern regions versus not the South but London specifically. If the UK was a boat in terms of investment and population we would be looking down on it. We need to change this and balance investment which means more opportunities for everyone. Thank you Travel Weekly for coming to Manchester.