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Phil • 1 year ago

its was won on a small minority but Julie is right the uk public voted to leave.
I feel there is too much hysteria and panic with regards to a Aviation deal
with the pound so weak incoming traffic from Europe/States/Asia is at record levels
so European Carriers will not want to be restricted in offering flights to and from uk
Where there is a issue i believe is Ryanair find themselves in an exposed position
if they dont have a UK Aoc as they may be limited only to flights to and fm Ireland
(where all their Aircraft are registered)the only UK airline that benefits from having Aircraft based in Europe is Easy jet Jet 2 / Monarch / Fly Be /Bmi Regional operate from UK bases to Europe they dont operate from any EU bases within Europe (Where their Aircraft are not registered) so i cannot see their operations being impacted at all.
i think the root of the issue to Ryanair is they are low cost and dont want to be
over regulated or have a complicated operation by having costly additional AOC/OL
and that is why you are seeing them panic.
If they have any sense they will go and secure a UK Aoc that will protect its UK bases
or it could fall fowl of a restricted deal that in effect would squeeze Ryanair out of UK
Norwegian have complicated their operation with 3 Aoc (Norway/UK/Ireland) not by choice
but to get around the various rules that are currently in place and to have a plan B if
the BREXIT deal is complicated , Easy Jet have done the same by stating they are starting up a Austrian AOC
Instead of trying to bully everyone and sundry Ryanair should simply take the necessary
action to protect its business they have bases in BHX/BOH/BRS/EMA/EDI/GLA/LPL/LTN/PIK and STN is their second largest base throughout their network if they cant operate then maybe it will be the making of Monarch
or increase Easy Jets dominance in South East , Jet 2 have got about quietly planning this
outcome by increasing their commercial foot print now to Stn and will grow this i am sure
i think Ryanair need the UK and if they dont want the UK Market someone else will step in
stop winging and take a reality check, and put the correct contingency plans in place to protect your business going forward, maybe a merger with Monarch would do just that
and be a bright move as opposed to Alitalia /Cyprus Airways before this and now Air Berlin which is all marketing and PR there is no intention to move into loss making
legacy carriers... Buy Monarch on the cheap and secure your position in UK is my advice
to Mystic Micheal.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

The UK Will lose ALL it's current 'EU Benefits' in 2019.

No automatic right to fly to european destiantions.

No automatic right to fly transatlantic.

You voted to leave.

Now suffer the effects and stop crying.

I hear Wales is a great place to take your summer holidays.

Guest • 1 year ago
Billy S • 1 year ago

I hardly think that being treated as a non EU airline is shafting the UK, who are leaving the EU.

Stuart • 1 year ago