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Wendy Walker • 1 year ago

Surely if a passenger is drunk prior to boarding a flight, they should be prevented from boarding at the gate? Am I losing the point here? Why are Ryanair and other airlines allowing drunken passengers on board in the first place?

craig • 1 year ago

On of the dew things he says I agree with! Too many people get drunk and cause issues on planes. It needs to stop. I just read that one many is being forced to pay 97K back to the airline when they diverted.

Perthboy • 1 year ago

Again - what an arrogant f----r - who is he to demand anything that affects the way 99.99999% of the passengers enjoy their time before a flight. If his staff cannot stop drunks boarding then get some decent staff!

geodesic • 1 year ago

Of course he would almost certainly be able to sell more alcohol on the aircraft then. Two trolley services maybe, but nothing stopping people ordering 3 or more drinks each at each service as happens now. He doesn't have to let these "loaded up" drunks on his aircraft, but then that would impact his on time performance especially if they have hold bags that have to be removed.
He'd also make more from a revived "pay for the toilet" policy, so win-win for him.

steve kane • 1 year ago

If O,Leary is against booze so much why does he not become the first to BAN THE SALE of booze on Aircraft. We all no the answer to that because he is a money grabbing business man who would rather put profit be customer safety

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Spell Check and Grammar check need's turning on Steve Kane.

"WE all KNOW the answer to that"

it's "rather put profit BEFORE customer safety.

Perthboy • 1 year ago

You make a very good point!