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Neil Patterson-Azzopardi • 2 years ago

Where are we going to find the £10bn (according to HMRC) to fund this?
Or the staff to fill the extra 600,000 jobs it will supposedly create (don't know if you've notice but Europeans are leaving because of uncertainty over Brexit)?
Can you guarantee the savings will be passed on to the consumer, or like in France, operators just pocket the extra cash?

So many questions & Cut Tourism VAT or the BHA never engage to discuss the flaws in the campaign.

Chris Bauer • 2 years ago

The tourism industry has already had a shot in the arm from the pound's devaluation and there are signs that supply will not keep up with the increased demand. Therefore it is not a sensible moment to cut taxes. There is no point increasing demand if the supply is not there. Remember that the UK has a cost advantage over other destinations by having free art galleries and museums.

Paul Sawbridge • 2 years ago

It is high time the Treasury took this message on board. Unless we improve the competitive position of the UK (from next to last in the OECD competitiveness league) we are never going to be able to address the horrendous deficit on our tourism balance of payments or encourage sustainable growth in our neglected coastal communities.