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Chris Snell • 1 year ago

As much as it is a silly law it still is the law and as you say mitch i hope to that they will change there mind but i cant see it in any near future .I dont know if you saw the post about the guy arrested in bangkok recently for vaping he was in jail for around 5 days and still has to attend a hearing where he may get 5 years or deportation from the kingdom ,i am travelling there later this year and i am sure not going to vape while i am there , 5 to 10 years? thats a lifetime if you look at what a thai jail is like .

Mitch Oneil • 1 year ago

ridiculous its only because the thai goverment own all the cigarette companies,and they arent getting any tax off the ecigs,fom anyone,and are terrified,because they are going to lose millions,they dont give a toss about anyones health,and its just another scam to get money off people,there are market stalls which the police know about which are selling devices and juices but turn a blind eye,cos some big cop is getting a back hander,and there are also websites in thailand that are selling a hell of a lot of these devices,there are more and more thai people starting to use ecigs because they know they are much better for their health,so i think in time to come they are going to have to change their policies,as i say its thailand,and everyone knows its all about the money,stupid greedy goverment.

Guest • 1 year ago
GT • 1 year ago

It's an economic policy, government is the biggest seller of cigarettes...