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steve kane • 1 year ago

Over the past 3/4 months i have visited every local T/A in the areas of Bolton,Leigh,Wigan and i have seen nothing visible regarding informing Customers to check the FOC before traveling. I like maney Customer visit T/As a number of times to see how busy they are and what the staff are like because i feel that if a T/A has a lot of customers in side and you have to wait to speak to a agent then something is good about that particular shop however as i have said before ABTA should be producing posters to display in its members shops to explain fully why customers should check BEFORE they sit down an start the booking process. I bet there are not a lot of customers who sit down with an agent and go through the whole sales pitch and then walk out and go and check the FOC website . Come on ABTA do the right thing and inform the CUSTOMER and not the Member.

Paul • 1 year ago

Steve. Yet again talking utter rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish..

There are travel aware signs at EVERY single desk in every Thomson and Thomas Cook Store. Every Customer is informed as part of a booking (not enquiry) it's printed on all the paperwork, in every brochure, on the bottom of every website. I really fail to understand why you think anything else is required, let alone a poster.

As ever Steve, every interaction on here is always so negative. As you only ever holiday with Jet2 these days, ago check their advice... or actually, better still - take my advice.

Don't comment on what you know so little about. It's embarrassing. As you have been told before, this is a trade magazine and website where your comments as a consumer are not necessary. Do us a favour and cancel your broadband.

Chris May • 1 year ago

Better informed = Better aware. Excellent advice from ABTA. Customers have become much more savvy over the years and referring them to official government advice both at the start and completion of travel arrangements makes for good practice and shows a duty of care. Adding this to your tick list of holiday insurance, holiday extras etc makes good sense and creates trust with the client. Our advice. Make it easy for the client to access this information. Direct them to the specific information they require for their trip, Chris May - Equator Learning/Travel Uni