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Marcos Jimenez • 3 years ago

"...We do not want it as a backdrop for a party...”
This is exactly what the Dutch tourism (Amsterdam citizens) have been doing over the last 40 years in destination countries like Spain

BrickinaWall • 3 years ago

And it has been Spain's decision to attract that sort of tourism....

Deedee • 3 years ago

Airbnb should be banned from historical city centers. Period. But city governments' greed and stupid planning, such as Amsterdam's, also makes the situation bad. In Amsterdam there are food kiosks popping up like mushrooms - they certainly aren't for residents, but only bring the city a step closer to what seems to be a plan to make it Disneyland for adults.

Jteis • 3 years ago

This sad phenomenon is happening all over the world because Airbnb is so selfish and covert. They pretend to be helping regular people "make ends meet". This is propaganda. But it is a RUSE. Most Airbnb's have been against the law, or, as in my city, are currently against the law. They claim they have no responsibility to enforce or make their hosts comply. Our neighborhoods have become commercial zones instead of residential. I miss the peaceful enjoyment of my home. I hate to say this, but people have moved in order to get away from the constant transient folks who don't care about our HOMES.

So what happens is residential areas become overrun by Airbnb vacation homes and apartments leaving the real residents to suffer. The Airbnb hosts do not live in their rentals. Some hosts have as many as 30 units on Airbnb that they don't live in. We neighbor residents are then stuck in the middle. The City won't enforce, AND Airbnb won't make their hosts comply with the law. Then as neighbors we are forced to watch these vacationers and report problems like zoning violations, noise, parking and trash. It is not our job to "supervise" someone eise's illegal rental that the city won't enforce.

This is happening in my neighborhood in Los Angeles since 2013. It has inundated the Venice area of Los Angeles, and the Orange County area of Anaheim near Disneyland. Recently, because of the many Disney vacation Airbnb's in Anaheim's residential areas, the city council has now put a stop to short term rentals with a new ordinance. People who raise their children deserve a peaceful place to raise their families.

Hopefully, the new San Francisco ordinance will be a precedent for all other cities. It requires that Airbnb release information on the Airbnb hosts. This will help to stop the uncontrolled growth of illegal rentals. It will help to make sure Airbnb is really paying its fair share o TOT tax. Finally, I hope, Airbnb will follow the law.

REader • 3 years ago

He is absolutely right. Mass tourism has killed the appeal of far too many, formerly, pleasant destinations, flooded with the bog-standard chain stores, restaurants, and junk shops. The filth and noise has actually made me avoid places I formerly enjoyed traveling to. For the locals it's a nightmare. Any 'jobs' created are meaningless, low-paid routes to nowhere.

Peter • 3 years ago

Hopefully this schmuck is now going to resign as he is no longer wanted. Tourism brings employment and wealth. (Q) Why does London have so many tourism offices.
(A) They need the bed nights, restaurants, bars, excursions all to be filled. Lesson in 4 lines over.

Harry Peggio • 3 years ago

The man is spot on.
' Tourism brings employment and wealth ' ... for some !
For others, AirBnB cq. are the main cause that locals cannot find an affordable residence here (Amsterdam) anymore.
Lesson : there are also people who actually live here.

N Peter • 3 years ago

I totally agree. Charge heavy tax on airBNB tourism. A city-tax that will have to go to keep the city alive. Right now it has become unaffordable for the local people and students to live in the city. Part of this is caused by the 'wrong' types of tourists.