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steve kane • 2 years ago

Well said Mr Bowen and i will just add this if it were not for the traveling Customer what would happen to the Airlines then.

AlanBowen • 2 years ago

I am afraid the prospect of a limo, 5 star hotel and a gold card are nothing more than pipe dreams. It would be good if we could just get some basic humanity back into the industry, if a customer has been issued with a boarding card and is sitting in his, or her, allocated seat, you never ask them to leave unless they are a threat to the airline or other customers. Clearly Dr Dao passed that test but none of the crew even questioned the behaviour of the 'aviation police' seemingly more concerned at allowing 4 of their own crew to take passenger seats when the airline had failed to book them in the first place.

It shouldn't need a rule book to say what happened on United or American was wrong, not should any airline manager seek to defend it, or in the case of United attempt to destroy a customers reputation by getting the lawyers to dig up dirt on the customer. The skies certainly aren't friendly any more, no matter which airline you choose but in many cases, we simply don't have a choice to fly but if we didn't have to, how many of us would choose to do so? Once it was often the best part of a holiday, now it seems it is an endurance test