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Trevor Ridler • 2 years ago

When Mr Gove and his government along with all the future & preceding governments from all parties, Seriously look at Peak time fares on Rail, busses etc, Massively hiked council Tax in popular areas, Petrol prices on major commuter routes, difference in south to north, big to small towns, tourist areas - prices at the supermarket, for houses, rent, cinema, theatre, parking, insurance etc etc etc. He can then get his headlines out of our industry. Until then stick to what he's good at as soon as he finds out what it is.

Peter • 2 years ago

Gove is a certified 100% failure at everything he comments on. Would you buy a second hand car off this moron. The High Court ruling in this case is perfect and fines should be increased several fold. Education - education - education cannot be surpassed. I attended school 0800/1600 and 0900/1300 on a Saturday. Loved every minute did me no harm.
Students are only educated for only 25 hours a week for 38 weeks a year. Based on the average 39 hours a week most of us work, it equates to teachers educating students for only 6 months a year - and overpaid. This heinous pleb who lost his case
cares not one iota for the education of his child but just his bank balance. R.I.P.

Jon Platt • 2 years ago

Peter you say I'm a heinous pleb who cares not one iota about my child just my bank balance. Said holiday cost about 25 GRAND. 2 of out 3 of our children are already privately educated at very significant cost to me. My FAMILY are ALL I care about. I know who you are. You make these stupid comments everywhere. You're a bloody old fool and a stalker. Get a life.

Paul Sawbridge • 2 years ago

The root of this problem is the annual school holiday cycle. A far sighted Education Secretary who really cares about the problem could do quite a lot to vary the pattern of holidays, even within the rigid September-August academic cycle. If only we had ever had a far sighted Education Secretary...

Perthboy • 2 years ago

Why does anyone give this little weasel any time - look at the mess he left the education system in, and don't mention the leadership contest!