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Julie drewls • 1 year ago

United Airlines claimed they invoked 'DENIED BORDING' to offload four passengers.

1) Denied Boarding means you don't get a boarding card and can't enter the cabin and take a seat.

2) The passengers were already BOARDED.

3) The passenger was physically assulted and his face smashed into an arm rest, knocking him out.

4) He was then dragged, like a piece of meat along the cabin floor.

United. You need to compensate this man. US$ 5m should cover it.

You've already LOST over US$ 800M today by your share price taking a dump

Nico Nicholas • 1 year ago

Seriously disgusting - no matter that he wouldn't get off, they have no right to treat anyone like that - this is abuse and the airline should be sued. Besides the physical abuse, how will that poor man ever travel in confidence again - even the other passengers were traumatised. I know that I will not travel United again after seeing that disgraceful behaviour - no one should - let's give their CEO sleepless nights by banning them from our travel plans!

David Tarsh • 1 year ago

If it is true that the airline forcibly removed a customer to make way for staff, there is something deeply rotten about the culture of the company and it deserves all the negative PR it will inevitably get.

AlanBowen • 1 year ago

I have just read the letter Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines sent to all his staff after the event, anyone booking with them after reading this is crazy:

Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.

AlanBowen • 1 year ago

This wasn't, in United Airlines-speak, re-accommodation, this was forcible and violent removal. It also wasn't overbooking or denied boarding. The plane had 70 seats and 70 passengers boarded, the operations department had made an almighty mistake and claims they need seats for crew, not for other passengers. The customer on the clearly 'Unfriendly Skies' of United is suing and for good reason. I though UA had turned a corner with their new CEO but clearly not, in future they may be suffering from underbooking rather than overbooking.

disqus_x78AhGijus • 1 year ago

1. In the absence of volunteers, last to book, first off, should be the policy. 2. Is he really a Doctor? 3. Would anyone trust a Doctor who behaves like this? 4. Did the extra crew member need the seat to join another flight, or travelling on urgent business? 5. Isn't it law to obey instructions from the Captain & crew?

paddy_hayes • 1 year ago

If you've paid for your flight why should you have to give up your seat? And why should his saying he was a doctor be questioned?