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Ski snowboard • 1 year ago

The cross selling away from Neilson to other suppliers is already happening en masse.

Agents can't support a supplier who doesn't support them.
This undermines the very point/USP of a travel agent (that they can find your perfect holiday, because they can book everything).

CM & MW will benefit enormously from this poorly thought through act self-harm.

Nigel Furlong • 1 year ago

Spot on there DW.

Agent 4 Ski • 1 year ago

Waited weeks for Neilson ski launch with no contact. Gave Neilson our customer 'advance reg' details. NO contact. Day of launch - yippeeee a BRISTOL flight and long awaited wine in mountain collection hotels. Morning of launch...Sorry guys but you can only sell bits of our programme.
Customers just back from this years holiday in Mountain collection - can we go back - but with a group this time?? Yes of course, launching next Thursday.....OOPS REWIND - I'll give you Neilson's direct number shall I?
I always give my loyal customers away that easily.....(NOT)
What to say to them....not sure that resort will have snow at New Year? Sold out? How to send customers on any Neilson holiday without risking losing them to direct marketing? How to show them a property on the website without them seeing Mountain Collection hotels?
Any suggestions welcome?
Very poor show Neilson - at best

DW • 1 year ago

Why not offer your client an excellent opportunity to book a Mark Warner or Club Med Holiday (I am sure you already have). I think its time for agents to stick together and just put Neilson on stop sale. - You are either direct or you work with agents, you just can't cherry pick. This is a very dangerous precedent. Time for agents to cross sell away from Neilson. Plenty of companies out there, I am sure the lovely Julie from Mark Warner or Yann from Club Med, would be more than happy to assist us book our Neilson clients with them ! - Just an idea !

Agent 4 Ski • 1 year ago

no choice really

Agent 4 Ski • 1 year ago

All change....now they're only selling through IGLU....some loyalty. eggs in one basket... It is Easter after all. Trade press not a word about it. Is #travelweekly aware of this ir even slightly interested?? Very quiet