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steve kane • 1 year ago

i totally agree that these claims management companies should be stopped from the tactics that they employ but and there is always a but for ABTA to say that customers "HAVE A CLEAR LINE OF LEGAL REDRESS AGAINST THEIR UK BASED TRAVEL COMPANY "according to ABTA is somewhat misleading. Because when a claim is put to any Travel company the first thing they do is engage a top line Barrister to defend the claim which means for them money is no object, please ABTA when you make comments like "CLEAR LINES OF LEGAL REDRESS" tell the whole truth. How can JOE PUBLIC who has got a real claim for sickness on holiday fund a proper court case when the cost of such cases is way beyond any thing the working man can afford. ABTA say they have a resolution scheme for the customer however they would not dare publish for the customer (a) how maney claims they have had say from 2015/2016 & (b) how maney of those were in favor of its members.

The only way for the claims problem to be solved is for the industry to say out right NO WRITTEN REPORT OF THE PROBLEM IN-RESORT THEN NO CLAIM WILL BE ENTERTAINED BACK IN THE UK. And when i report is made in-resort the resort head managers MUST investigate fully while the customer is in-resort. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.