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Chris Voets • 6 months ago

Lots of people on here bitching about the minister not knowing what she's doing (which is true LOL), but don't seem to know the difference between inter- and intra-provincial travel 😏

GavinCame • 6 months ago

Where, specifically, is interprovincial leisure travel permitted? Our reading is that it is not, ie has NOT changed

TotusTuus • 6 months ago

We are prohibited from going to our week end home on a game farm, only 18 km into the neighboring province. Sigh!

Alex Bond-Smith • 6 months ago

This is not correct. In the exclusions which you mention above. β€œThe
regulations issued on Friday do outline specific economic exclusions,
including short-term home-sharing, letting, leasing, rental for leisure
purposes and, for now, domestic air travel for leisure, makes it clear that they are not allowed to operate.

rodmur • 6 months ago

Accommodation – hotels and accredited bed
and breakfasts – are only allowed for business travel and does not allow for
leisure travel.

Anton de Waal • 6 months ago

The TAXI industry does what it wants, the Minister then falls in line, because there is nothing that government can do about this!

Susan Hitchen • 6 months ago

I quite agree it's a farce. A big majority of them are unregulated and presumably part of the massive economy that pay no tax etc. The government would be better off using the millions of rands it is thinking of giving them into expanding the bus service and making it affordable , perhaps they could also put some of the money they are thinking of putting into bailing out SAA ,which only the ANC high ups and friends want saving so they can continue using free, into something to help the ordinary citizens who elected them and will never be able to afford to travel by plane. Why do we have to follow the rules this is not the first time the wealthy taxi owners have held the country to ransom and it wont be the last.

fourijm • 6 months ago

Soon taxi industry may not have many passengers left to transport - no social distancing in a taxi and covid spreads very fast. Sad but true.

Martin Jansen van Vuuren • 6 months ago

It would seem that the Western Cape would benefit most as intra-provincial leisure tourism is allowed.

Based on the latest Tourism Performance Report from SA Tourism ,70% of the domestic overnight trips to destinations in the Western Cape, originated from within the province during January to December 2019. The report also indicates that 41% of all domestic overnight trips to destinations in the Western Cape was for leisure purposes. The Western Cape is thus well placed to benefit from intra-provincial leisure travel.

Other provinces that have large intra-provincial domestic travel include the Eastern Cape (71%), KwaZulu-Natal (60%) and the North West Province (51%). These provinces do, however, have a smaller share of domestic leisure as only 16% of the domestic overnight trips to the Eastern Cape is for leisure purposes, 27% for KwaZulu-Natal and 41% for the North West.

Neil Bald • 6 months ago

Lets not get too excited folks
Intra - provincial travel for leisure was allowed from 1 June
Inter provincial travel for leisure is not allowed
Effectively this means that nothing has really changed as it will only be a very small portion of people that will travel on leisure within their own province, certainly not near enough to make it sustainable for leisure type establishments to open, much the some problem with restaurants who cannot sell booze after 5 or on weekends - Huh!
Clearly the lobbying to date hasn't yielded the results the industry needs contrary to all the recognition given to these parties by the minister.
Unfortunately with this minister we were in trouble from day one, she hasn't adequately addressed the issues or put forward anything to support the industry. There is no urgency and the decisions taken are inexplicable.
I believe we have reached a point to take this legal as the lobbying hasn't worked. Too much talking, sending letters, not enough solid concrete results.

Glenn • 6 months ago

I certainly cant wait to resume my weekend getaways.

Alan Roxton Wiggill • 6 months ago

You just gotta wonder how they choose these ANC lackeys into such crucial positions when they have such a poor understanding of the industry and business they are appointed to. One really positive thing that has come out of this disaster and the clear lack of leadership in tourism from government is that we "the tourism industry" should be proud of ourselves for standing up, being counted, having our say and most of all for uniting to start to determine our own future - with or without government involvement. If we revert back to government reliance to stimulate and promote our industry again we will again have the same poor results we have had for years now.

Colin Fryer • 6 months ago

Deployment of Ministers is by decree of the President. No credence, criteria or experience within the portfolio is deemed necessary. Positions are gifted to comrades, cadres and supporters who have supported the governing body. The idea that ' we as the tourism industry ' can effectively influence our growth outside of government mismanagement is a concept of illusion. The game we all play is one of inter reliance, co growth and thriving of an industry where all role players take up their mandates with one vision, a singular goal and as such, within this platform see an appreciation of the difficulties within this moment as we all strive to manage the future of Brand Southern Africa.... Ciao. Colin J. FRYER.

Titanic Redux • 6 months ago

Ministers (and all other ANC government appointments) only have to remain in their positions long enough to secure handsome lifelong, taxpayer-funded, guaranteed benefit pensions and perks. Once that goal has been achieved (the only one that most of them actually do achieve), the position can be vacated for yet another gravy-train incompetent to be appointed. Neither productivity, performance nor effectiveness are part of the deal.

Fran Armour • 6 months ago

CR was forced into some of the appointments he made, including the Minister of Tourism. The virus has given him plenty of opportunity to see who he could easily reshufle at the next cabinet reshuffle but I fear that he is being too lenient and trying too hard to be mr nice guy.

It is quite laughable to think that anyone in this industry has had a hand in anything at all.

Colin Fryer • 6 months ago


Kobus Raubenheimer • 6 months ago

How are you Colin? Your mobile nu still the same?

Peter Giddy • 6 months ago

The question I would like to pose is: Are tourist Guides and Tourist Operators allowed to arrange holidays and to transport Tourists within the Province?

Grant Lind • 6 months ago

Would love to know the answer to your question

Eugene Armer • 6 months ago

On Friday during the Ministers briefing she again made specific reference to 'self-drive is permitted', so it's really not clear at all.

Fran Armour • 6 months ago

A previous announcement did say yes.

Adele Mackenzie • 6 months ago

That is a good question Peter. TU will investigate.

Fran Armour • 6 months ago

I still see no change to the regulations for MOVEMENT of persons, which was limited to ones district, municipal area and province. She refers to a previous direction remaining unchanged but there was nothing new there either. We are as confused as the Minister.
Not that it makes much difference, anyway, since nothing is being enforced.

And then we have SanParks that are incapable of telling us when Cape Point reserve will be open, but the West Coast National Park is open.

Gerard Nortier • 6 months ago

Fran, GON 608 limited one to district, municipal area and province. Advanced Lvl 3 in GON 714 retains only movement limitation to your province.

Fran Armour • 6 months ago

Ahh, ok, so I missed that. Thanks.

zelna van Rensburg • 6 months ago

So you can now go to Gauteng if you stay in western cape am i right

Fran Armour • 6 months ago

The article very clearly explains the difference beteen inter and intra.

AndrewF • 6 months ago

No, only movement in the province...

Glenn • 6 months ago

No, Only intra provincial (within the confines of the province) leisure travel allowed. Inter provincial travel ( across provincial borders) not allowed

Dave • 6 months ago

sad we have such a joke for a tourism minister

Jose Luis Lueje • 6 months ago

A joke, and a disgrace !!.

matala • 6 months ago

Totally useless and an embarrassment to us all.