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Grumpy • 2 months ago

So domestic business travel is now okay, but if all the hotels and accommodation are still closed, then where are these business people going to stay?

Fran Armour • 2 months ago

Some accommodation establishments have been given special essential permissions to open. These range from big hotels to small lodge-types.

ZOTTEN • 2 months ago

Well, the increase of people infected is going to happen as there is very little testing done not to mention the rules in certain area completely not implemented...thus business as usual.
It is the government's duty to test and prevent. This government puts it in the shoes of the industries to invest in testing which of course industries are doing otherwise face again stricter lockdown.
There is no doubt in my mind that the 'official' figures are nowhere near to the reality.
This government's incompetence is costing a lot of jobs and the destruction of the tourism industry.

Fran Armour • 2 months ago

There is no way we can prevent the virus. It is here and will continue to infect many many people. The whole point of lockdown is to prepare the heath system and for people to get used to a new way of living in safety. The goal is to try to avoid it if one is elderly or high risk because those are the people who can die from it or survive but with very long-lasting effects. You really need to read up on this angle as it is very important.

The government has made mistakes but in general, the overall reaction has been very good. The tourism industry is closed for now, REGARDLESS of government, EXCEPT that we must show the world that we re dealing with it properly (which we are) and that when tourists do dome we are ready with safety protocols.