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Brand South African • 2 months ago

There is a temptation at a time like this to sit back and wait for normality to be restored - but things will never be quite the same again regarding travel ...the global lock down is going to change mindsets, habits and priorities.
This therefore is an excellent time for South Africa to re-examine its Tourism Growth Strategy and Vision and for the the development of a cohesive and integrated reignition and growth strategy between industry and the various entities within Government ......and also for the other relevent departments to use this 'breathing space' to remove all of the barriers to tourism so that when there is a hint of the new normality we seize 'first mover' advantage !

Chris Thwala • 2 months ago

True, the government must take its time. Safety first. Tourism is indeed our bread and butter, but good is there to open the boarders and ports swiftly whilst we are still in danger. Good one!

Candice du Toit • 3 months ago

What is the predicted extension of the lock-down? When would it be reasonable for RSA to consider opening the boarders to International travelers again?

Adele Mackenzie • 2 months ago

We don't know Candice - or even if there will be an extension. It's all speculation at this stage. But many have said it will take a while for international tourism to bounce back.

Candice du Toit • 2 months ago


Pieter Kerkhof • 2 months ago

I commend the SA government for doing all they can. Please bear in mind; Lockdowns in Europe, Far East and let alone US will take FAR longer that we all anticipate. And as we learned from the past, perception is the key here. Just got a mail form clients planning to travel in September (booked), that now want to cancel, because of the Covid19 situation, especially in SA. They live in a country that has 11x MORE infections than SA at the moment! Brace yourself if you have not done so before.

Candice du Toit • 2 months ago

Hi Pieter, we too are getting reservations as well as cancellations for later in the year, I guess things will never be the same again. I too am glad that Government has locked down and the decisions being made are generally positive and I stand by Cyril and his Cabinet. Even if boarders are to open, travelers would need to re access in their personal capacities : Leave, Finance and then mindsets.