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Septi M Bukula • 1 year ago

What about the Board that presided over all this injustice? The timing of his suspension, just before WTM Africa and Africa's Travel Indaba, and the amount of time it took them to clear his name leave one with a distinct impression, in the absence of an explanation to the contrary, that they were designed to inflict great harm to the man's international standing, and it harmed the industry too. Under these circumstances we have to ask: what was all the rush to suspend him about? And what took so long to finalise the matter? This board has some explaining to do. Isn't it a matter of professional integrity and honour on their part to step aside, the entire lot, and let Sisa take us forward honourably under a newly-constituted board?

Ursula Brown • 1 year ago

OH MY GOSH!!!! what can I say, other than VOICE my concern EXTREMELY Loudly!!

Who suspends a CEO of any place, three hours before commencement of WTM Africa at ICC Cape Town (April 2019) and is MARKED "ABSENT" at Africa's TRAVEL INDABA??? (May 2019)

Who thinks that its OK not to offer some sort of reasonable explanation of some sort (albeit fabricated to set minds to rest)?

Who decided that "the SILENT TREATMENT" of Media (national and international) and Global Hospitality heavy weights, was a sure-fire recipe for successfully building an image of sustainability and credibility?

Even at this time, its the mushroom treatment ..and for those who don't know what the latter is..let me explain...It means being exposed to ideal growing conditions for mushrooms, namely kept in the dark and fed manure (aka...........)....

We are so happy that the "BOARD are PLEASED" - pleased with WHAT???

Please note the date of this article ie 14 Dec 2019...... two days before the official Festive Season Shutdown.... I get the feeling that we were trying to "fly under the radar"..more mushroom treatment. Once again, the timing SUCKS! Have the planet is "travelling" to somewhere and thus, not on this grapevine. Lives, reputations and the entire HOSPITALITY industry has affected.

IMPORTANT VITAL information needed to be circulated aggressively to attempt to fix the DAMAGE generated by this irresponsible behaviour. Lives, reputations and the entire HOSPITALITY industry has affected......

I saw nothing, read nothing, heard nothing about this retraction..... I am on my PC, Social Media Platforms and read newspapers (printed and online everyday) PLUS between 70 - 150 News Releases everyday...... SO WHY DID I HEAR NOTHING!!!!!

I get... things happen..investigations have to take place... but its HOW this was dealt with that is in question here.....

I can only completely concur with Septi M Bukula who commented below a month ago.....