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Garth Johnson • 1 month ago

Tourism Safety Monitors should be encouraged to engage with tourist and need skills training in communication. I understand that they would be hesitant in making contact with the public but it is essential. Walking around in groups like frightened sheep does not achieve much. A similar problem to the Safety Monitors deployed in Mpumalanga with similar results. I think that in principle this is a good idea.

Fran Armour • 1 month ago

All these resources to attempt to MAKE Cape Town safer is a waste of resources and efforts. Tourists are mostly perfectly safe. The issue is the PERCEPTION overseas of a country that is not safe. The whole country. The perception. We need specific campaigns to counter the right-wing propaganda that is spread overseas about this country. I am sick and tired of having to field questions from family and potential tourists overseas who see on their news that the country is burning and that whites are being massacred by black people. We are supposed to be encouraging tourism so why are we ignoring this damaging propaganda in favour of band-aids like CCTV cameras and useless forums that will achieve nothing?
EDIT: my point being that all efforts should be on a national basis, not localised.

Rushdi Harper • 1 month ago

Very good point Sir!