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Greg Meaker • 6 months ago

Well written, I wish Gillian was the Minister of Tourism

Alan Roxton Wiggill • 7 months ago

Great article which sumarises what does need to be done. It starts with Government who must recognise tourism as the prime growth and small business creator for what it is. Our real economic future for SA.
The idea of nodes of tourism needs very close examination. It is a sensible way of government creating many new areas to grow new tourism products which can cover: some road upgrades to these areas; focus on good tourism associations and specific destination tourism marketing; focused product development for each area; grow local tourism culture in these areas which is the real big thing to make a tourism destination successful.
What will work for SA to create these "nodes or tourism zones is GEO PARKS. These parks, many in Europe and the East, do exactly what SA tourism needs to boost itself and to create focused tourism regions with one destination brand built around a focal point. Geo Parks modeling required complete local community integration in the planning and development; it requires government initiation and ongoing support; it requires unique geology; geographic character and local heritage character; and finally its economic engine is driven by tourism.
SA has most of the natural "gold nuggets" of the worlds natural history stored in an absolute treasure chest in our country. We can and should focuss on leading the UNESCO World Geo Heritage Park development initiative. Food for thought.

Fanie van Zyl • 4 months ago

Update on this ?

Lou • 6 months ago

High prices make it unaffordable for ordinary SA citizens to explore SA. It's cheaper in most instances, to travel outside SA. It seems like tourism in SA is mainly for international visitors, who can pay high prices. Two tier pricing is needed to enable locals explore their own country. Does tourism belong only to foreign visitors???

john jabu hayes • 6 months ago

An admirable wish list Gillian, but, given our latest Tourism Ministers arrogant attitude which stems from a total lack of tourism industry knowledge, and reflects her vast political experience as a loyal deployed cadre, the industry is advised not to expect anything at all from her.
She will definitely indulge in an orgy of first class international travel while relying for guidance on the ludicrous reports of hugely expensive professional self styled 'advisors' and 'consultants' and will fall into the inevitable charade where 'The blind lead the blind' in ever decreasing circles to the detriment of the entire industry.

Fanie van Zyl • 7 months ago

They should also look at a Finance Scheme for Ground Transport Operators to acquire coaches and vehicles. Furthermore they should scrap Import tax on Buses / coaches as 40% is absurd and crazy!

Fanie van Zyl • 7 months ago

Fantastic Summarised. Surely not government who drafted this!
Please add 13. Shun BEE.

Fed-up Stellenbosser • 7 months ago

Next-phase Steps 12. Please send them to Stellenbosch asap.

Frank Gormley • 7 months ago

It’s of good solid ideas and platforms. SA Tourism needs to create a new exciting and challenging vision outside the norm. It must be inclusive, futuristic and ground breaking. A joint summit between Government and operators tabling radical new initiatives needs to take place, followed by a comprehensive action plan and intensive implementation. Not another talk shop.

Ane • 7 months ago

Excellent article!
If sidewalks to eg the Rosebank Gautrain could be more walkable and level for those pulling their cases, this would help, never to mind the prostitutes that line the road at night which according to Canadian client "bring down every area they frequent".

Re sidewalks, Clients I know of have fallen and survived grazed knees and the dongas along certain pavements in Oxford rd., but one gentleman had to be nursed for two days to get over his ordeal of falling and being unable to get up again. My thanks to the local security guards who brought him back to the establishment.

Sharon Gilbert-Rivett • 7 months ago

Welcoming Chinese tourists to our country is one thing, but where trade and industry and opening the floodgates to Beijing are concerned, a strategy of "Chinese Wariness" would be more appropriate. Attracting Chinese business does not automatically increase tourism or create jobs but can increase a lot of unintended consequences, which I will not go into on this platform. Suffice to say that China is exceptionally good at effectively "purchasing" the African countries it "invests" in, often to the detriment of those countries, some of which now find themselves neck-deep in debt to a nation with little regard for human rights or the environment, having to sit back and watch as mineral wealth disappears off shore and huge numbers of unskilled Chinese immigrants enter to work on the projects the Chinese initiate with their government partners, often in highly suspicious and controversial circumstances. Take Zambia as an example if you need one.

Theo Nel :The One L • 7 months ago

High municipal rates and charges - including electricity- hurting tourism service providers hard.
Lack of work opportunity in plateland make school-leavers leave their birth-town- making pool from which to recruit the best workers,smaller.
bad government - lack of water/ rampant crime/ idiotic visum systems/ dysfunctional pubic transport and ineffective government structures who cannot deliver, and red tape, making life for entrepreneur in platteland very difficult.Poor ,inadequate and expensive internet the worst for the guest sand for the business!

Spud • 7 months ago

Good points - which are rapidly doable and measurable. A perfect platform for effective PPPs in tourism.... Add one more: investment to facilitate greater inclusion and shared value in tourism for communities historically excluded from the benefits. This is especially important and feasible in the wildlife economy. Without an incentive to protect and conserve, poor people will consume what they can - regardless of the long term consequences for bi-diversity and the prospects for tourism.

Riebeek Valley Tours • 7 months ago

Agree 100%. The government must take the lead on this and support Tour Operators in SA to grow domestic tourism. More action and less talk is needed.

Rushdi Harper • 8 months ago

Music to my ears, but, but, but a lot is being said than done!