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Barbara McLoughlin Torrance • 2 months ago

Now, why would you have Netflix in the Bush!!!! Clients are in the Bush for a reason to see the animals and to hear educated stories from the game rangers!

Claire Roadley • 2 months ago

I doubt the Netflix will get used much but at least it's there if needed. The Sovereign House is for families and as a mom of 3 boys i would welcome an hour of "down time" here and there to take a nap or just chill with a drink on the deck while they are kept entertained between drives. I personally go to the bush to have a bit of a digital detox but the latest UK stats show that 73% of millennials won't go on holiday without their phone and nearly 60% of parents take tech on holiday to entertain the kids. I was at Royal Madikwe in March when Sovereign was still being built and I can promise you we had no time for Netflix. The game viewing right in front of the lodge was nothing short of epic - and I have done A LOT of safaris. But the fact that the game viewing there is amazing is not "news" - its a given.

Sally McBride • 2 months ago

i just got back from Madikwe and had the opportunity of doing a site inspection, and wow ! not sure any of you have ever had the opportunity to go to a luxury lodge ??? this place ticks all the boxes, i would send my clients there with families in a heart beat !!! when i go skiing i like to stay in the ski resort and not in a tent in the cold snow!!!

VanGooiland • 1 month ago

The Bushveld is not exactly known for cold snow (nor warm snow, for that matter), so I don't see what the problem is with staying in a tent. Indeed, I'll take a tent any day, one is so much closer to the sounds, sights and smells of the bush compared to a more solid structure. I'm sure Royal Madikwe ticks all the boxes, and I have no doubt that there are people who have a hard time surving if all the boxes are not ticked daily, I'm just not one of them. I don't have Netflix at home, nor airco, nor a wine cellar, nor Nespresso facilities, nor a bathrobe. I still manage, and can happily do without in the bush too. In Madikwe, I'll take Mosetlha Bush Camp over all the rest any day. To each his own.

VanGooiland • 2 months ago

Gosh, that Sovereign House sure offers a lot! Especially those velour bathrobes, those are simply essential. I couldn't go a day without. One does wonder, though, whether they also offer game viewing and such? I understand it is a safari lodge, so guests presumably visit because they wish to see wild animals, rather than to enjoy "Nespresso facilities"?

Barbara McLoughlin Torrance • 2 months ago

I totally agree with you. But methinks they might be cashing on a Royal visitor or two!