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Sharon van Wyk • 1 month ago

So good to see that SATSA is now part of SAT. Has it actually been absorbed like the TGCSA was? And is the membership actually happy at this match made in tourism heaven? Personally, if I paid R5k a year + to an independent tourism association that now seems to be desperately pulling its forelock every time SAT looks sideways at it and is so eagerly climbing into bed with this highly suspect quasi-government organisation that spends millions of tax payers' rands on, well, I don't know what, then I would demand greater accountability for what is actually being achieved for the private sector. And selling spekboom as the cure for all carbon evils is most definitely not what I would expect to be paying for. What a load of complete twaddle.

Allan Eccles • 1 month ago

Sharon, I agree with you and I doubt that most of the members know what
is going on. SATSA is also in bed with SanParks via the Open Safari
Vehicle agreement. SATSA used to be 'For the Members by the Members'.

Sharon van Wyk • 1 month ago

Thanks Allan, this is certainly not the association you and I spent so many years helping to build. What a shame.

Kevin Leo-Smith • 1 month ago

Please stop this nonsense reporting that Spekboom can sequester more carbon than the Amazon. Look at spekboom then look at the Amazon and do the common sense test! It’s like saying a Toyota Taz can carry more freight than a truck - it makes the person saying this look idiotic.

Spekboom can sequester carbon when most plants would have stopped photosynthesis due to drought but that is very different to this silly claim.

ZOTTEN • 1 month ago

Any news on Air Namibia as that is becoming a flight shame too!
On several international platforms it is said they are insolvent due to an outstanding bill of over 20 million dollars for maintenance bill. Not a good situation as nobody including Air Namibia is telling the full story and don't seem to know what is going on. Meantime my international clients are hooking off and not book Air Namibia which is quite a logic result of their incompetence communication!