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Johan Hattingh • 4 months ago

Interesting read - in my Tourism Developent 2 class, students have to draw a map of South Africa and indicate all the tourist attractions on it. Its not so easy as it sounds - ask them! However, we feel that this activity assist students in growing their tourism product knowledge. One very important factor we also need to focus on, is the (positive) attitude of students. We can write books about it, but it is one of the most important skills a tourism graduate should have.

Chris Thwala • 11 months ago

Many thanks, Madeleine for such a riveting read! My burden is to see the face of our socio-economic change, that can only happen with skills development.

South Africa's beauty is littered everywhere, we need voices that can express clearly with confidence what this vibrant country can offer. To do so, we need elementary training in the English language, how to write (let alone creative writing), destination (geographical) knowledge as you brilliantly pointed out, and know how the global economy works for different markets.

I'm optimistic about the future of this country, but we need to train this generation properly so that the next generation will have a base to work from.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to write this perceptive piece.

Candice du Toit • 11 months ago

Madeleine, excellent article.

Chris I agree we do need to train this generation properly so that the future remains a bright one for future generations.

Andrea Hoare • 11 months ago

Well done, Madeleine!👍🏻🥂