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ZOTTEN • 1 year ago

Old news! The chaos has been going on for more than a decade.
I have been stuck on the island with 25 German agents over 10 years ago, we even had to buy our own food and beverages as an "apology".
We lost our guide inside the former prison never to be found back again, keys are forgotten for private tours, guides on the bus motivated but making rediculous sometimes even offending 'jokes', prison guides have zero motivation an rattle off on a monotone voice....after it rained complaints from guests we simply stopped selling the island.
It is a typical government ran attitude and management.
Lots of blaring at SATSA meetings, zip de nada happened.
Only if clients really ask to visit Robben Island I include it in their itinerary, for the rest big time AVOID!

Eva Wagner • 1 year ago

Pity how so many government and other institutions ignore the normal rate periods that agents use (normally 1 Nov - 31 Oct annually) when doing price increases. Rates for the Mpumalanga waterfall entry fees have just been increased from 1 August - with just a few weeks notice. Creates havoc for agents with package costing!!! More communication/training is definitely required.

Niknaks • 1 year ago

Robben Island management has been incompetent for years.
Charging tourists rediculous fees proves it.
They have no customer service and we should build a casino on the island.

barry • 1 year ago

We stopped recommending tours years ago for the very same reasons outlined above. It is just a disaster !