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ZOTTEN • 11 months ago

'Crisis'? We don't have crises in South Africa! Here it is called 'management'.

Took me 2y3months! • 11 months ago

Useless bunch of (non) paper pushing employees intent on causing damage to those trying to employ, typical government department with no conscience and on a complete power trip to destroy and frustrate!!!

Fanie van Zyl • 11 months ago

Why was the process changed? This exercise was merely for creating new BEE jobs! The old system allowed for an operator to register as Tour Operator & Charter Operator at the same time. Then you submitted ONE application at ONE office for both chapters and the OL was issued with Annexures indicating "Charters" & "Tourists" . Government is pathetic and losers because of cadre employment and BEE. Sorry for a type of political statement but this is the real reason for incompetence of note! The email structure failed dismally! So we found other ways to bypass the system in the meantime!