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Candice du Toit • 2 months ago

With the recent lift on Visa restrictions, we can only be positive that we will reach the intended reality, slowly but surely.

Fred Koch • 4 months ago

These are ambitious numbers and there would need to be a committed effort by the authorities to make it work. Realistically the only substantial growth we will be able to get over the next 5 years is regional - which is not really what we need as most of this is fairly static movement. Continental and intercontinental travel will only increase with reductions in the many restrictions faced (visas, birth certificates, airlift, new routes, taxes etc). Some of our biggest challenges are the numerous regulations operators face including increasing USD denominated marketing cost, operational costs driven by utility, food and fuel cost escalation, multi-level taxation, union and labour prescriptions, and discriminatory BEE laws and regulation that operators have to comply with. To start a new business in tourism is a bloody nightmare and extremely costly!

Sam Bediako-Asante • 4 months ago

Implementation is what is needed. All paper talks MUST end if the tourism sector is to contribute much to the economy.
SA has HUGE potential in this respect and MUST NOT sleep on such an advantage.

eVisas and visa waivers are a must for tourism promotion.

Marie-Louise Kellett • 4 months ago

I have severe misgivings with Supra Mahumapelo chairing the Portfolio Committee on Tourism.

Billy Cosmo • 4 months ago

Engage people Engage.

Pieter Kerkhof • 4 months ago

I'll be positive, good luck. Was at 5 star hotel in August last year where I heard from the ambassador's mouth that within 2 to 3 weeks we will hear excellent news about the birth certificate saga. I suppose it matters of what you perceive as good news. Still waiting for my perception.

Fanie van Zyl • 4 months ago

Alllow for on-line Visas similar to Turkey! Or Holiday visas applications upon arrival in South Africa. Scrap the tedious processes!

Fanie van Zyl • 4 months ago

Politically promises! Wrong people in all Leading positions in government and in tourism. We need Leaders n the tourism industry not salary pickers! With regard to jobs - scrap BEE and favoritism for certain groups. Scrap VAT on Tourism and Tax for Tourism business for the next 10 years. Operate SAA only for International Holiday & Business Tourists to allow for affordable travel costs etc. Who is Government talking to re tourism growth?. Fat cats with their own enrichment agendas? Alllow for incentives for small International and Domestic Tour Operators to create a system where we can build Resellers overseas.

barry • 4 months ago

Tourism is indeed a very productive sector but the infrastructure needs to be upgraded to cope with the expected influx of visitors. Think cape Town traffic !

Niknaks • 4 months ago

So how do we get Swedish tourguides work visas?

craigl • 4 months ago

Scandinavians all speak English.

Niknaks • 1 month ago

How do you figure this? Do you work in the Scandinavian market?

Kerry Williams Macfarlane • 4 months ago

have you tried recruiting in SA

Niknaks • 1 month ago

We want to employ the ones we have. They have been living in SA some years and have done the guiding course. But they can not get a badge because they can not get a work visum as a Swedish guide.