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Hester McGregor • 4 months ago

I agree. Privatize, and take the burden off the SA Taxpayers. The money thrown at SAA could be better spent on building houses for the poor!

Isabella • 4 months ago

There is one solution to SAA - Privatisation.
Swiss Air & Austrian Airlines are successful & work with profits since their privatisation. Any reason to keep this burden of funding costs on the taxpayers? What is the minister waiting for?

G Smit • 4 months ago

Now is the time for the decision makers and their puppets to realise that throwing good money after bad will not solve any problem. The solutions are take the right decisions and implement them, it may hurt a little but eventually the wounds will heal and the scars will be less visible. What is currently being clearly is not working and spending hard earned taxes is just a waste.

Ico Inanc • 4 months ago

Good morning South Africa!
Yet another national disaster due to political shortsightedness and greediness.
May this be the beginning of a new, enlightened era for the ‘New’ South Africa?