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CT • 1 year ago

Someone make a petition - fast.

Marie-Louise Kellett • 1 year ago

Africa's great rivers are being decimated by hydro dams, which are known to be incredibly destructive and NOT the best option for generating power. Mega dams are yesterday's technology, just as coal is. The White Nile's free flowing white water has been tamed by two dams and the Batoka Gorge dam which will affect the rapids on the Zambezi is currently being steam rollered through. Other dams are planned for the Kafue in Zambia. The NGO, International Rivers, is the only one trying to fight but they have ONE person for the whole of Africa and it's a losing battle. We are all so happy to jump on the rhino/elephant/pangolin band wagon but our wilderness itself is being destroyed around us. The Tourism sector MUST become activitists if we are to have anything worthwhile left in the mid term.

Louis-THE-lawyer • 1 year ago

What a SAD day for the world's ecology! We MUST stand together & oppose this tooth & nail!

This is truly bad news indeed...International intervention through UNESCO or through the world Heritage Site / Tourism must be implemented, surely?

Faniso C Zimunya • 1 year ago

Words fail me. This is heartbreaking. Why are African countries still so obsessed with HEP when there are better, less harmful ways of sourcing power? We need to educate these madhara's!