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H.-J. Henckert • 8 months ago

Who is funding this?
The new colonizers from China?

Sharon van Wyk • 8 months ago

I have a feeling you are right on that one. Looks like we're selling out lock stock and barrel like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. I wonder how many residents' and mining permits they're getting for this?

H.-J. Henckert • 8 months ago

They know exactly that any airports company due to looting will come to a stage of not being able to pay, then they take over and are in control of an African hub. ALL Chinese building companies are state-owned, so the Chinese state takes over. This is re-colonization as they did in other countries with infrastructure projects. If you borrow money, you borrow from a state bank. If you fail to pay, you have to do with the Chinese state. Inbetween are dozens African looters also participating in the stealing to bancrupcy.

Best example is Escom.
Bet, that that that soon will be in Chinese hands?
At least the Chinese know how to run such a place contrary to sub-saharan looters. No more power sheddings, since these cost money. The Chinese understand that, the dropouts at Escom never!