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Ian McLachlan • 3 months ago

We used to come to South Africa frequently during the European winter months, and spend up to 6 months touring and enjoying our time in your country, we rent cars, stay in B&B's or rent houses, spend money in restaurants, local shops, markets, tourist sites... locally we are known as "swallow tourism". But in recent years getting an extension to our 3 month visa on entry has become increasingly difficult, to the point we made a decision to spend our 6 months in other countries where the process was designed to help us not drive us away. Please Mr. President make life easier for the swallows we spend alot of money in your country,and would like to come back.

Fanie Van Zyl • 3 months ago

We cannot wait from 6 - 9 months for OL's. Clearly if I am registered as TRansport Operator with the Support of Tour Operators confirming this, why do they have to advertise and go through the process of advertising.? So it should not be about the vehicles, but the Operator. We can secure a cross border permit within hours albeit temporary. Once applied, within 3 months we receive the annual permits. Why not use the same concept as CBRTA. Appoint capable persons and a simple process.