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Angela Matthews • 7 months ago

I suggest we take a good, hard look at the pricing of our tourism product. Average increases of 10% every year, 20% to 30% when the ZAR weakens but no adjustment when it strengthens... coupled with the birth certificate and visa debacle, maybe there is no need to look for many more reasons why our key markets choose other destinations?

Patrick Menzies • 7 months ago

Would it not be more pertinent to discuss why?

H.-J. Henckert • 7 months ago

It will continue to decline due to the political situation in South Africa, with turmoil, arson, roads damaged, stone throwers, political stupidities by ruling ANC top brass. Even if this all is not in the news in South Africa, the situation is fully known overseas, especially on tourist forums. The silencing of SABC by the government simply does not work. Farm murders frighten people off.

Beverly Young • 6 months ago

I'm amazed anyone wants to come here, given crime rate as it is now. The 'swallows' {English tourists, who come out here for 6 months, having bought homes here} will start pulling back, mark my words. Taking the cost, of the long haul, and cost, from USA- they too will lessen. Tourism is going to drop- of that I am certain.

Niknaks • 7 months ago

Europeans watch the news, they travel where they feel safe.
SADC countries do not fill a single hotel. They are here to buy mielies or sell crafts.
Hard times are coming .