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Caron Lee • 1 year ago

Great article and we as citizens of this country should also censor what we send out as emotional unbalanced posts via facebook. I too am tired of getting the same pictures and bad news stories reposted long after events have been handled from locals who feel threatened or who have an axe to grind with our current government. These posts end up going viral and scare tourists and locals...is that what we want to do in order to get our voices heard. Come on South Africans there is so many good and amazing things to focus our attention and posts on. Become responsible citizens, if we all take this attitude then change can happen. The opposite makes you the same as the problem.

Lindy Feneysey • 1 year ago

Well said Onne. And to add to that, passport control staff at ORT airport could do with some training in courtesy & in making tired travellers feel more welcome upon their arrival.

Mamerito Lyazzi • 1 year ago

Well said! The way a nation handles information disemmination before and after matters a lot. What tourists percieve SA is different from what's the reality.

Zane Mdluli • 1 year ago

We need to talk about good south africa and what it has to offer on our social media than news that we are not even sure about. Tourism will then grow

Suisse • 1 year ago

Well written well said. The government views tourism as a transaction, that is how much revenue is earned in forex terms. However, tourism requires a great a large degree of social competence, which the government does not have and promote - Social skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, PRO skills are thin. Therefore dealing with issues in a professional manner and setting examples is rarely possible.

Greg McManus • 1 year ago

Well said. Our recent marketing campaigns in the US and Canada have resulted in a flurry of negativity related to security ('do you provide armed guards on your tours') and the land issue ('why come to SA when the whites are being chased out'). Brand SA needs to get ahead of this curve and ensure that the good news (of which there is tons) hits the international media.

Eugene Armer • 1 year ago

Well said Onne! Sadly, I have to agree with you on all the points mentioned.

rodmur • 1 year ago

Where is the Minister of tourism in the NPTR (National Public Transport Regulator) fiasco

G Smit • 1 year ago

Agree with all said. thanks.