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chacma • 2 years ago

Here is a business opportunity both here and in the USA or any country where those airlines fly to or from that insist on cameras, tablets and laptops in the hold. As you rent a car when you visit a country so you could rent a laptop , dslr camera or tablet. I personally if i wanted to uses my dslr or fancy laptop would send it via a courier to the hotel i was going to stay at in the USA as i would not trust putting my expensive equipment in the hold of any airliner

Francois Gilbert Collin • 2 years ago

You're not permitted to ship a laptop with a battery.

We had problems last year during the Africa Aerospace and Defence Expo with demo equipment, because all laptops used on the stands had to be shipped with power supply and cord, but no battery.

Wait until the idiots implementing the ban on carry-on electronics realise that now they have to specify that all electronics checked in may only be transported without a battery!

Onne Vegter • 2 years ago

"Security measures for luggage routed to the cargo hold is less susceptible to this." - complete rubbish. If SA's airports are anything to go by, they are more susceptible to this. If airport staff have free access to luggage to pilfer it and retrieve valuables without being caught, what stops those same people from putting an explosive device into checked luggage after it has been through the scanners? The O R Tambo heist showed how easy it is to thwart security measures if you have someone on the inside.

This is a disaster for travellers and unless everyone complains loudly and bitterly until this crazy regulation is changed, our travel freedom will be curbed more and more in the name of "security measures".