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Simba Lion • 5 months ago

Wow I don't care.

I got halfway through this story and was like holy shit I don't fucking care.

I get why they care, and I'm not judging them for it, I just want to emphasize that I don't care.

drama is always stupid. Pirates arguing over licensing restrictions is ironic and stupid.

But claiming other people's work as your own is also stupid.

Conclusion: I don't care.

disclaimer: this brief social commentary is intended to be humorous. If you don't get the joke, guess what, I don't care. Keep your SJW nonsense to yourselves.

Ted • 5 months ago

If you don't care, I don't care.

Cap'_'n dread • 5 months ago

If you don't care, and he don't care, then i don't care either, is this contagious, i mean, should i be using some kind of cream to stop it before it spreads?

notmyrealname • 4 months ago

I tried to care, but ended up being just a bit 'meh'.

JG • 4 months ago
should i be using some kind of cream to stop it before it spreads?

I was going to answer that... But you know what... I really don't care...

Cap'_'n dread • 5 months ago

10/10 for repetition of, "I don't care", although the , " I don't fucking care" kind of spoiled it a bit, not much, but, slightly ott

TECH • 5 months ago

"Whether EZTV will be bothered by the accusations is doubtful. The group
doesn’t have the best reputation after the hostile takeover of the
original EZTV, and copying YIFY and ExtraTorrent, but most of their
visitors don’t seem to care."

you get bad apples,. and they will always be bad apples. Evidence shows in the resulting snarky relies

DrHanibalLecter • 4 months ago

One pirating website operator calling another pirating website operator a bad apple is a bit weird.... right?

Torrey • 5 months ago

Instead of these goobers complaining, maybe ETTV & EZTV should try working on their websites! Both of them have CRAPPY search results of their content...

Pacemaker4 • 5 months ago

but admit it ....you dont search for torrents on their sites.
you probably use something like TPB or Lime torrents.
like 98% of people.
So what are you really saying..lol?

James Gander • 3 months ago

yeh their search engines are a joke!

Another Linux Guy • 5 months ago

I can see the troll comments now, something along the lines of "Pirates crying about other pirates stealing from them while they steal from others. lol how ironic."

Julie Smith • 5 months ago

Well it is. If you're gonna steal, you have to expect to be stolen from.

nerdrrage • 4 months ago

True. An ironic shrug would be the appropriate response.

Nik • 4 months ago

Please, we don't use the 's' word. But otherwise, yeah. I don't see why Another Linux Guy would call these 'troll comments'.

Edward Helldane • 4 months ago

There has always been a code of honor amoungst theives. Those who break it generally die, literally or figuretively. You steal from a mark, not each other, a mark can afford the loss. And don't take credit for other people's work, less you're protecting them from the fuzz.

On a related note, it'd be harder for the fuzz to catch them if they'd stop labeling their products, or at least fairly regularly changing labels.

Pacemaker4 • 5 months ago

ETTV is my first click usually. Others end up being messed up files.

Julie Smith • 5 months ago

“They can play the ‘sharing is caring card’ all they want, but only
amateurs and freeloading scum think its ok to run their sites by [taking
content from] other public sites.”

>_> oh the irony.

Deep Six • 5 months ago

after reading the article and doing so investigating i get why ETTV would be pissed,

it looks like EZTV is taking ETRG releases and redistributing them as EZTV in that case i would be pissed off to,
if i remember this correctly ETRG is a group that was created by Extratorrent and continued by them after its shut done

i think what ERNESTO needs to do is produce more evidence of EZTV ripping off ETTV it only took me 1 minute to find out what all this is about

get em ETTV those terrorist at EZTV deserve it

SunnyZ • 5 months ago

LOL that taskmaster one was funny.
I was 5 mins in before I realised it was a gay porno.
I was like. well. I've come this far, lets see how this thing turns out...

Richmond2000 • 4 months ago

I have NOT watched Taskmaster and wonder what it is like if a Porno takes 5 minutes to be detected as such

Cap'_'n dread • 5 months ago

Pirates, pirating pirated content. Does it get any better than this?

LionKing • 4 months ago

No honor among thieves.

Travis • 4 months ago

From the tax havens to the hijacked file-sharing sites, it is just a big game of finger pointing merry-go-round.

Summerset • 4 months ago

The current EZTV stole their domain so it's not surprising they're stealing their torrents.

Guest • 4 months ago
Psyonikx • 4 months ago

Yep, still check YTS daily .

Get a job • 4 months ago

Dear ETTV,

Please desist being a giant baby.


The internet

JG • 4 months ago

So basically what you're telling me... I should double check to make sure I actually have the shows I think I have rather than a dummy porno clip...

zapper • 4 months ago

They should take them to Court for infringing copyr....., oh no wait, that won't work

Tanya von Degurechaff • 4 months ago

Reminds me of the AciD and Ice days of BBSing

Mafketel • 4 months ago

Mmmmmmmm interesting.. ....
How did they started out......
They had their own content from their first torrent?
Doubt that......
Mmmmmmmm blaming TGx .....
Only similarity is the torrent title.
File is bigger and Ooooooooo TGx was the first to upload the file.....
Just wondering who's ripping who!


But besides that........

I just really can't make the effort to care.....

Disney Mike • 4 months ago

So ETTV is acting like Donald Trump, having a temper tantrum because someone stole the content ETTV stole in the first place. OK then.

HitchensImmortal . • 4 months ago


HitchensImmortal . • 4 months ago

Moral of the story is don't pick fights with people who don't give a fuck about your threats and will probably just double down on pissing you off.

Unless, that is, you just get a boner from fighting.

Justin Goldberg • 4 months ago

Pirates complaining about piracy, lol! It's like howard stern's internal gag order on opie and anthony. Some "freedom of speech" advocate he is!

study singh • 3 months ago

I noticed it long ago they always upload after few minutes of ettv.

James Gander • 3 months ago

so basically the original pirates are annoyed because someone is using their content without permsion. A couple of words srping to mind. Hypocisy and irony.

Demiana94 • 2 weeks ago

Also the Piratebay supermoderator Spud17 warns about the dangers of his own site [His release Grisse - season 1 (multi subs)