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Cesare Borgia • 1 year ago

Voluntary?! Please. Joseph Muscat does nothing on a voluntary basis.

Revel Barker • 1 year ago

Voluntary, maybe, but, of course, PLUS expenses.
Let's try to think positive: for years, now, corruption and professional football have gone hand in hand. If we want to conform with the big boys, we need an expert in the job. Who better than Josef?

PJ Mifsud • 1 year ago

As the saying aptly states - "Set a thief to catch a thief".

Mary Attard • 1 year ago

Or better still, set a corrupt person to cement the corruption of a corrupt organization!

Lawrence Mifsud • 1 year ago

Who wants to catch a thief?

C Camilleri • 1 year ago

Such as ?

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Attacking labour all the time, both when in government as well as when in opposition, has been TOM`s own goal.

D M Briffa • 1 year ago

Eddie - The question you should ask yourself is why is TOM "Attacking labour all the time"? One possibility that should enter your head is that the Labour government, and some of its supporters, behave very badly. If that is correct, would you not want TOM to attack such behaviour?

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Then why does not TOM do the same to the PN ?????? Unfortunately this is why TOM has lost all its influence on political issues.

Rod Enderby • 1 year ago

so why do you bother to take note of it and even write the same old propaganda nonsense to its letters page?! That siad, you do give so many people a good laugh-home and abroad.

Thomas Portelli • 1 year ago

Honestly my friend, you couldn't have said it better. Nowadays I do not bother watching Billy Connoly or Ronnie Barker or Kevin Bridges. Anytime I feel like having a laugh I simply read eddie privitera's posts and they have me in stitches everytime.

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Thomas dear, then , I suppose, you have been ending "in stitches" each time Joseph Muscat, and now Abela, have been inflicting one historical trashing after another on your PN - ELEVEN up to now and only God knows how man y more in the future !!!

Alan Zelt • 1 year ago

Eddy, being open to the logic, you will see that the PN screws its supporters, while the PL screws all the people.

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Well, seems that the great majority are then quite happy with the "screws" !!!

Neil Dent • 1 year ago

Absolute rubbish. Give us some examples (I was going to say comparable examples - but you won't find any) of PN scandal, that has been ignored, or treated with kid gloves by the Big Bad ToM, and when I have time I'll gladly research them and debunk your conspiracy theory for you.

G. Pisanello • 1 year ago

Name a big scandal that was not given importance Eddy, go on!

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Remember any "investigative journalism " by TOM when the Nats were in power????>

G. Pisanello • 1 year ago

There probably was but to hear about it they have to uncover something, don't you think?

Do tell us what should have been investigated, Eddy, go on!

Jonathan Mercieca • 1 year ago

Seems you are very selective about what you read!!! Or else you have a short memory!

D M Briffa • 1 year ago

Eddie - The mind is like a parachute: if it can't open, it's useless. Open your mind. Explore new possibilities. Perhaps TOM doesn't attack the PN with the same energy as it attacks the PL because the PN isn't in government, and isn't (and never was) as horrendously corrupt at the PL government has been since 2013.

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Once investigative journalism in Malta only started in 2013, only God and Borg Olivier, EFA and Gonzi know about the corruptionscandals which were kept under wraps. The Oil Procurement CORRUPTION SCANDAL is a good indication of what used to happen under the PN. And that scandal was exposed byMalta Today not TOM !

D M Briffa • 1 year ago

What is more scandalous: the original scandal or the failure by a PL-controlled justice system to conclude the prosecution? Why, one wonders, would the PL pass on a gift of an opportunity to embarrass the PN?

Eddie - You've just scored an own goal. Congratulations.

PJ Mifsud • 1 year ago

As a regular reader, I can vouch that The Times of Malta has always been consistent in its critical approach to both PN and Labour governments.

On the contrary Eddy, I have always felt that your writings in regular posts have proved that you are a lackey and troll bent on extolling the virtues of the LP and opposing all veritable criticism directed against the Labour government.

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

It is understandable that anti-PL voters are quite happy at the way TOM treats the PL compared to how it treats the PN !!!

PJ Mifsud • 1 year ago

What is not understandable to most TOM bloggers is your obstinate persistence to defend the PL at all costs even to the point of coming up with inane and lame excuses whenever the PL bungles up some issue and continues to perpetrate an endless stream of corrupt practices.

Has it ever crossed your warped mind that even perennially neutral voters can convert to anti PL voters due to the climate of impunity that has been reigning ever since the PL came to power in 2013 ?

Neil Dent • 1 year ago

Being 'Anti-PL' in the way that you are rabidly anti-PN, doesn't come into it, Eddie. Your filthy party brings every single woe upon itself, and every resultant criticism is their own fault, and fully deserved. They are in government for Pete's sake - and we have seen nothing but new, almost daily scandals, since your disgraced ex-PM Muscat & Co swept up the steps to Castille.

Neil Dent • 1 year ago

Where is the attack on Labour in this piece, Eddie? Where are the falsehoods and untruths therein? Why must you continually shoot the messenger, just because you don't like the message, and would much rather it was stifled?

Ch. J. Abela • 1 year ago

JM keeps brushing aside the ‘climate of impunity’, inadvertently or intended only celestial deities can reveal… resulted in DCG death! He is pushing ahead undertaking new ‘public’ roles to the inevitable applause, applause that won’t bring life to the dead- with a Democracy backed by a neutered opposition ‘a necessity’ now in keeping up appearances of ‘normal working one, ’ but ridiculously powerless!

He is alive and kicking , with the usual spirited attitude and non nonchalance energetically ‘discounting’, ‘depreciating’ his ‘ past errors’ and with vigour giving new value to new enterprises. ‘Let the result speak for themselves’ a ‘style a tone’ reminiscence of a Sai Mizzi.

He is quoted as saying that he paid a politic price? There are two options as to what price he was referring to: money or self esteem. I believe that money was not a real personal catastrophe, with the money, frills plus he received as a SEVERANCE from ‘public’ roles!? So I think it’s about pride hurt...

…..what had and still is being paid for that ! The environment, pollution, noise , alarming shrinking space u ‘l-gahans icapcpu u iqaqu mil ‘gageg’ kuntenti bir-rix ta haddiehor' absurd but REAL.

Sincerely good luck for the former as for the latter, we will be all needing that, and loads of it... question of time.

A. Caruana • 1 year ago

Oh I think both sides are well suited for each other, both are remembered for the corruption they engineered.

Evarist Saliba • 1 year ago

Some people never learn. Stubbornness is taken as fortitude, and obvious signs that their presence is not really welcome are ignored.
Finally, Boris Johnson has been forced to see the obvious, and he will be stepping down as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party later in the day.
Joseph Muscat is different. Having had to resign because of the corruption that engulfed his office when he was prime minister, he is back, at the top, of Maltese football following an election result, which any person with a sense of realism would have interpreted that he was not really welcome.
Will Muscat's record improve the reputation of Maltese football?

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

You PNers are allowing your hate for Joseph Muscat to end up comparing onions to potatoes !

Evarist Saliba • 1 year ago

..... and you are adding lettuce to the minestra. "Hate" is a word which comes easy to die -hard Labourites who grew up in the Lorry Sant days. It was part of their daily diet. Civilised persons can disagree with others, even strongly, without invoking hate.

C Camilleri • 1 year ago

Joseph Muscat / Robert Abela eradicated PN Party presence from Politics the big way.

Evarist Saliba • 1 year ago

Does you comment have any reference to mine?

m.buhagiar • 1 year ago

Joseph Muscat.... KIEN, GHADU U JIBQA JWERWIRKOM u ma ntikomx tort meta tara l-istat tal - BIKI li jinsab fih il - pn!!!!

Jonathan Mercieca • 1 year ago

U xi nghidu ghall-istat tal-biki li jinsab from h il-pajjiz kollu?

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

Bir-Ristoranti kollha iffullati ??????

Jonathan Mercieca • 1 year ago

Dan hu l-kejl tas-sitwazzjoni tal-biki? X'faqar ta' argument!!!

PJ Mifsud • 1 year ago

Tant hu tal-biza' fis-sitwazzjoni tal-biki li kien jinsab fiha li spicca bir-rekord ta' l-uniku Prim Ministru fl-istorja ta' pajjizna li kellu jirrezenja mill-kariga tieghu.

U dan minhabba implikazzjonijiet u kuntatti ma' allegati persuni involuti f'assassinju ta' gurnalista u allegat hasil ta' flus u korruzzjoni minn persuni ta' madwaru.

Mariatheresa Micallef • 1 year ago

'voluntary'? Ta' b'xejn ahslu u erfghu jghid il-malti.

Martin Tabone • 1 year ago

If you truly think that Muscat being in football is a "comeback", then you truly don't know who these people are. The only thing that dwarfs their ego is their ambition.

Tell me, how do you think Muscat feels, thinking he's going to be at the top of the EU food chain, only to be relegated to football club leadership. I may be talking out of school here but I would imagine there is nothing worse for someone who flew so high to fall so low.

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

So what`s all this nonsensical comments from PN trolls ?

rcamilleri • 1 year ago

This is not an accidental own goal. It is an own goal kicked from the penalty spot with ample time to think about which move to do or avoid. The decision says a lot about the presidents of the football clubs in Malta. The organisation that Muscat will lead should be a focus for the FIAU in the future.

Xikluna G • 1 year ago

try harder TOM. he will haunt you forever

joe tedesco • 1 year ago


Raymond Gerada • 1 year ago

The virgin TOM!!

michael asciak • 1 year ago

So what he cannot do from politics, he does from football just as unclean as politics can be. We become the choices we make.

Noel Ciantar • 1 year ago

This editorial has been excellently put together.