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V Zammit • 1 year ago

The least one would have legitimately expected was that Government and Opposition agree in the national interest on a common bill against corruption in high places. That the Government was not forthcoming and shot down this bill goes to dig the national hole deeper.

Guest • 1 year ago
Frank Vella • 1 year ago

X'ma nkunux GREYLISTED....

Mbagħad b'nies bħalek Sur Michael.....

H. Meilak • 1 year ago

He is just repeating what his boss said - nothing new!

J. Bianchi • 1 year ago

So....genius....explain in detail what the bill is about.

N Agius • 1 year ago

The proposals are in the public domain. You can check them instead of making a fool of yourself and parrot labour propaganda.

J. Bianchi • 1 year ago

Ok...you just confirmed you have no idea...or else you know only the general headline of the bill....bring on some details and we can discuss. Otherwise, shhhhhhhhhhhhh....silence is golden.

Francis Vella • 1 year ago

In that case you better shhhhhhhhhhh. Because like you said 'silence is golden'.

Maria Concetta Bartolo • 1 year ago

....and you are blindly believing your frustrated and incompetent leader!

Jonathan Mercieca • 1 year ago

Well, do you think that bobby the clown is a competent pm? Unfortunately tvm and onetv are completely conditioning gahan minds.

Robert Debono • 1 year ago

Inthom tifirhu bil greylisting, uzgur. Ahjar taraw ghaliex u min ghamilha il greylisting, min jahseb li hu l padrun assolut tad dinja u min jippretendi linl pajjizi kollha ghandhom jobduh. U inthom tkomplu titfaw il melh fuq il ferita biex taghmlu kemm tistaw hsara lill pajjiz sempliciment ghax minthomx fil gvern. Issa hudu pacenzja u oqodu hemm sakemm forsi 20 sena ohra titilaw fil gvern.

Joe Debono • 1 year ago

Nahseb aktar inti trid iddahhak ghax mid-dehra ma fhimt xejn minn din il-Bill u qed tirrepeti dak li qal sidek!!

Daniel Carabott • 1 year ago

Ghax int fimtu nahseb , mux tirepeti li qal sidek ukoll.

Joe Debono • 1 year ago

Iva qrajt u fhimt!! Vera li jinvolvi hafna sezzjonijiet izda almenu huwa bidu. Abela qed jibza milli jirfes il-kallijiet ta hafna minn shabu, izda jekk iridu jigu separati l-politici minn certu indhil u pjaciri ta businesses ghal skopijiet ta korruzzjoni, din il-Bill hekk qed tipproponi u mhux kif qal Abela li l-PN qed ibezza lin-negozjanti.

Martin Naudi • 1 year ago

Spjegalna x'qal il-Kap ta' l-Oppozizzjoni please ghax tliftu d-dibattitu.

Deborah Fenech • 1 year ago

Did you read the bill?

Could you give us the more salient points so that we can understand how you reached your conclusion?

christopher richard • 1 year ago

Forsi…. Imma sur Galea li skop x-ihnu????? Gvern li jivvota kontra sistema aktar demokratika huwa ovja korrutt!!!!

N Agius • 1 year ago

Il-professur tal-ligi Michael Galea qallhom li ghamlu kawlata, hej.

Jonathan Mercieca • 1 year ago

Jien mhux nidhaq, nibki meta naqra posts ta' dil-mentalita' ta' gahan!!

V Zammit • 1 year ago

Naħseb li Ġaħan qed jidħak ... bik!

C Xerri • 1 year ago

You are right... trying to rush a bill through without the usual consultations does not work.

J.Borg • 1 year ago

Since when is PL consulting and not rushing? What about not listening to the mant NGOs that were against the Canabis Bill? Do you think that involved consulting and was not rushed through??

M. Agius • 1 year ago

One cannot agree with Repubblika. The only chance to regain votes in the coming general elections is to replace Grech with Delia.

scott brown • 1 year ago

Why not? Delia was sitting just behind Grech. Even he seems to have accepted his fate within PN. So why are you still in denial? Unless you are a labour troll of course parrotting PL drums. PN never hides the fact that it represents various factions. Not easy at times true, but it will succeed. On the other hand PL unity holds by corruption and omerta, mafia style. Yesterday we saw it in action in the PAC. If abela calls an election any time soon, it will prove it beyond any doubt.

M. Agius • 1 year ago

I do not accept bullying by anyone especially the blue heroes. Grech is not my choice. No Delia leader, no vote.

Francis Saliba • 1 year ago

One thing is certain.'
The MLP would never stop hoping that the Nationalist Party would EVER AGAIN choose as its leader a Trojan horse constructed by the MLP dirty tricks propaganda machine!

Joe borgo • 1 year ago

That what was wrong on this MEGA BILL.it was put in one basket not breakdowned to single laws.i wonder why the pn wanted this mega bill to go in one sitting.perhaps because of a looming election and wanted to pass the bill quickly.gimmicks

V Zammit • 1 year ago

Between now and the election there is no time to do it quickly.
But doing it well after the election. By LP itself possibly.
The fact that it was rubbished means that the LP has no mind to consider it at all.
So far LP has only dealt with just one recommendation. The other equally or more important recommendations are in limbo and will probably never see the light of day with LP.
We are to listlessly attend practically on a daily basis to such scandalous political shenanigans in parliament (and PAC) which ridicule and shame us to the world.
The government will only table bills of law coming from Castille and Mile End?

Joseph Micallef • 1 year ago

The government is not interested in dialogue. The PM should correct the billboards that have inundated Malta's highways!

Mary Attard • 1 year ago

Let's go Bobby! Anyone surprised that the corrupt mafiosi on the Labour side all voted against? Utter disdain for voters, Malta, rule of law and Democracy from the Ġaħan Brigade.

scott brown • 1 year ago

PL does not know any better. It is the electorate I blame. Not really the gahans, they are beyond repair, but the so called genuine labour voter who votes labour just not to vote PN. I was there in 1987 until raymond caruana was killed. Never voted labour again and never will. Always voted PN since and i do not regret it. They represent my principles much better than labour does. The labour voter needs to start voting by his brain (those who have) and not by his heart. It may be hard but it is the right thing to do. It is up to us at street level to convince our fellow citizens. The PN is doing its part but just like 87 the PN needs to be backed up. Only then it will succeed.

Joe Cardona • 1 year ago

Issa Karol u Jason jiehdu pacenzja jistennew xi 15 il sena meta forsi jekk ikun ghadu jezistu il-pn taghhom u jergghu iressquh dan il-Mega Bill. Pulcinellati biss, Semmejt lil dawn it-tnejn ghax Bendu il-Grieg ikun ilu li sparixxa mix-xena politika.

Jake Zammit • 1 year ago

Kemm int ĠAĦAN

Andrew Farrugia • 1 year ago

......patentat, bil-Ph.D ukoll.

jbusuttil • 1 year ago


Michel Camilleri • 1 year ago

Kemm inti gharef....tifrah ghax mozzjoni biex twaqqaf il-korruzzjoni ma ghadietx ghax il gvern korrott minn fuq s'isefl. Ifrah ta...capacap.

J.Borg • 1 year ago

So, in the meantime, for the next 15 years you become an even bigger Gahan happy that corrupt individuals are getting richer. Bravu hafna.

Daniel Carabott • 1 year ago

Who said that if there will be a change in government it will not be as much corrupted.

Joe Debono • 1 year ago

Purcinellati dsk li qed tghid!! Imbaghad ghandkom il-kuragg twahhlu fil-PN dwar il-greylisting!!

C Camilleri • 1 year ago

Other bills are being drafted in terms of the recommendations of the Caruana Galizia inquiry ? Seems PN Party only hope is persist on what honest voters been rejecting for the last 10 years.

S. Borg • 1 year ago

God help us as this government is insane.

J. Borg • 1 year ago

It certainly doesn't care a da*n about the country!

Eddy Privitera • 1 year ago

The government majority on the vote of this hotch-potch of 11 Bills , was TEN. So who were the absent opposition members ???

Joe Debono • 1 year ago

Is that the only thing that interests you?

Francis Said • 1 year ago

If the government led by Dr. Abela or possibly as a puppet to Joseph Muscat, on it's own should have voted in favour of the mega bill.
That would have at least given the people who are not fanatic and blind to reality, an opportunity to say well done to Dr. Abela and his parliamentary group of puppets and stink of massive corruption.
Obviously you, with the Mosta Dome on your head would never see the truth of what is happening in Malta and Gozo.

Neil Dent • 1 year ago

What do you care, Eddie?

Joseph N. Attard • 1 year ago

It is obvious that the Labour Party feels that it can steamroll over the opposition anytime. It has got the local backing to do it. BUT. In international fora, it is exposing itself for what it is, a quasi dictatorship. This will backfire on Malta, and it will be all the ordinary citizens who will bear the brunt.

Andrew Farrugia • 1 year ago

hallih il-GAHAN Malti , jiehu go fih.

Chris Morey • 1 year ago

Mr Abela, no one is saying that everyone engaged in business is corrupt. But evidence emerges almost every day that a good number of those in Malta are. Why does the government fight tooth and nail against Unexplained Wealth Orders? Because it would hit highly-placed and -favoured people where they live?

Edwin Mifsud • 1 year ago

If the bill will score the PN political points according to Bob Abela then it was a good bill.

He voted against it because it will threaten the corrupt PL band of theives.