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MarcB1969 • 5 years ago

Sanctimonius SJW tech site vs. Hispanic media giant = the joys of intersectionality

MariaFMiami • 5 years ago

I have been watching Univision news since practically before I could walk. My grandparents and parents watched it, so I watched it too.

It used to be really good. The goal was to report the news (imagine!).

A number of years years ago, everything changed. All of a sudden, every single news piece was on "the immigrant crisis." No more local news. No more national news. No more world news.

To this day, there are still a few moments of good reporting on the local 30 minutes. But when they switch to the 30 minute world part, it is 100% loony propaganda.

China Rising • 5 years ago

That 'something' is likely called Jorge Ramos.

FakeMassacre • 5 years ago

Maybe this will help misdirect attention from our train wreck of a government. (not to mention all the leaks exposing classified ops)

China Rising • 5 years ago

Maybe you should think about getting back on your medication.

ThomasA • 5 years ago

Stop oppressing me.

CA • 5 years ago

Maybe not.

Potomac • 5 years ago

Had to look that one up. Good word.

EastStreet • 5 years ago

Your downfall has nothing to do with bad business deals and everything to do with your liberal, anti-American, illegal alien coddling, Trump hating agenda.

Jimminy Cricket • 5 years ago

Isn't it sad that their heads are buried so far up their own azzes they can't even see that THEY are the reason for their failing company, their choices and their decisions to put the agenda over the the truth is what the reak problem is. But like all lefty SJWs they will never admit their own failings since that would mean they can't criticize others anymore.

CA • 5 years ago

Well said.

disqus_Qr8cmdqVFK • 5 years ago

For Gods sake...go to Mexico. Drive around Mexico. Drink the water. Take a late night walk away from your resort. Mexico is Mexico, always has been, always will be. Univision is Mexican.

Strider73 • 5 years ago

+1000, from someone born & raised on the border.

Reggie_Essent • 5 years ago

Bwa hahahahahahahaha! I hope Jorge Ramos gets the ax.

Johnny Too Bad • 5 years ago

And then I hope they fire him ...

Juan Valdez • 5 years ago

LMFAO! Nice!

Aint' America grand? A nitwit low IQ foreigner makes it big badmouthing, insulting and working against the best interest of the country/society that gave him safety and opportunity and everything else his parasitic country could not

Alan. P. (Hansen) • 5 years ago

Hello, racist!!!

MarcB1969 • 5 years ago

Racist stopped working as a shut-up word sometime around 2013.

Ajt • 5 years ago

Gee I bet Univision is soooo happy they purchased the shattered remains of Gawkers unhinged bloggers at discount prices? I mean what could they possibly be regretting?

Between this and watching the public meltdown of the special snowflakes at the Denver Post you gotta wonder, do these “Journalists” have no concept of self preservation or self awareness? They are trying to rally the public to support them against their owners. Without ever quite realizing that the public actively despises them. And it is that public loathing of these entitled elitist fools that has led to the rapid collapse of their industry. Brought on by the open disdain and outright hatred that the journalists have constantly shown to the readership for years. Kotaku hates Gamers. Gizmodo despises nerds and technical types in general. Jezebel openly calls for the genocide of males. Especially white ones. And they act surprised when the money dries up.

Jimminy Cricket • 5 years ago

Exactly, they insult their readers and call them deplorable and uneducated yet can't understand why no one reads their papers anymore. Stupidity at it's finest.

Alan. P. (Hansen) • 5 years ago

Its time for your psych meds, trumpanzee.

Ludovico Technique • 5 years ago

The Rx for this flu of contagious white privilege is to sack the Gizmodo staff and replace everyone there with people picked at random from Central American caravans. You say an illiterate MS-13 member can’t dumb down press releases better than Gizmodo? I say: let’s find out, amigo!

losangelesute • 5 years ago

Sounds like these liberal Gizmodo employees are being racist. Couldn't possibly be that certain cultures breed corruption, nepotism and mediocrity, right?

Jerry Robertson • 5 years ago

layers of overpaid and useless middle management

Jimminy Cricket • 5 years ago

Perfectly describes any liberal business.

Potomac • 5 years ago

Unfortunately, it describes more than liberal businesses. Both liberal and conservative companies go on hiring sprees hiring mounds of middle management (even at the VP+ level) at the advice of almighty consultants, like Toilet and Douche. Then they have to fire them all when they discover they are purely redundant and just bleeding the company dry of funds.
And people wonder why C-level people only move from job-to-job. The vast majority of them are useless and only get exposed when their fellow C-levels find out that they have to lay off real employees to cover their mistakes.

Alan. P. (Hansen) • 5 years ago

Get a life.

TalkingBackpack • 5 years ago

Dumbas­s progressives realize only now that Univision is a progressive sh­ithole?

That's rich.

Mark Behnke • 5 years ago

I couldn't be happier and it couldn't happen to a worse group of "journalists." Actually, I should say Journo-list-ers as they were likely on Ezra Klein's email list.

Here's hoping that Deaspin and the rest are suffering the same fate.

GregBed • 5 years ago

I wanna bite the hand that feeds me.
I wanna bite that hand so badly.
I want to make them wish they'd never seen me.
- Elvis Costello

SmileWithMe • 5 years ago

Gawker , errr I mean Gizmodo is a blog, there is zero journalism going on there. Its so bad, they can't "investigate" anything on thier own, they have to go after the company they work for because that's the lowest hanging fruit they have first hand knowledge of. Hilarious. These three bloggers should be fired.

Guest • 5 years ago

Gizmodo and Univision have become nothing more than leftists propaganda outlets. Maybe, just maybe, their troubles are a result of their 24/7 propaganda preaching and their constant attacks against those that don't happen to agree with them.

middlechamber • 5 years ago

My TV remote controls bypass Spanish channels setup that way. Nothing on anyways just crap. As far as tech sites go... They are all liberal pukes Gizmodo, Wired, they're all the same

TalkingBackpack • 5 years ago

Even Latinos, such as myself, stay away from Univisión. The network has become the MSNBC version of the Hispanic world. They got rid of anybody who didn't tow the "illegal immigration is a right" line, and packed every show with SJWs who, for the most part, never lived in Latin America and can barely speak native Spanish.

It's quite obvious for native Spanish-speaking viewers that Univisión's targeted audience is the ignorant poorly-educated illegal alien.

middlechamber • 5 years ago

I applaud you & your stance, now you have to convince others, friends, family, workmates, neighbors of the same thing. I don't care what race or country you come from if you want to BECOME an AMERICAN then do it. Otherwise if you're only here to suck off the teat of Uncle Sam.... STAY OUT. I'm all for immigrants that want to do better but do it LEGALLY and Learn English. If I moved to any other non English speaking country they wouldn't provide an interpreter for me. I'd have to learn their native language. It's a shame that they can't even read or write their own native tongue or worse come from a aboriginal environment/culture with odd dialects.

TalkingBackpack • 5 years ago

I'm a native Spanish speaker. I can tell you exactly when Univisión went down the drain. It was on June 10 1998, on the day of the first game of World Cup 1998.

Allow me to explain: soccer is to Latin Americans what air is to humans. You don't just watch it on TV or go to the stadium on weekends. You breathe it every day of the week on TV, the radio, the newspapers etc.

So you see, soccer is taken very seriously in Latin America, maybe too much in terms of its cultural impact, but I digress.

So it's June 10 1998, everybody is glued to the TV to watch Brazil vs Scotland. Andrés Cantor, one of the most famous soccer commentators in the world, is narrating the game. For God knows what reason, Univisión decided to replace Cantor's usual sidekick Norberto Longon, the man he narrated games with for almost a decade, with a babbling soyboy.

Not only the guy had a hard time speaking proper Spanish, but he knew nothing about the game. Until then, the guy had hosted the fashion segment of a morning show on Univisión! During the first half, his comments were about French fashion, I'm not kidding. At some point, Brazil was about to score its furst goal and this idiot interrupted Cantor to make a reta­rded remark about Ronaldo's girlfriend. Cantor had enough and told him (on screen) to shut up. From that moment on, the guy was no longer heard of and he did not appear on screen any more. Rumor has it Cantor simply kicked him out of the cubicle he was at.

The soyboy no longer appeared for the rest of the World Cup and Univisión didn't bother calling Longo back or invite any other professional narrator to assist Cantor. This left Cantor narrating almost all the games of that World Cup. Towards the end, his voice was almost gone. It was only his passion for the game that kept him going.

Shortly after that, Univisión cut ties with Cantor who then moved to Telemundo, Univisión's rival. The soyboy I mentioned was promoted to run his own morning show.

That's how much Univisión respects its audience. Add to that the firing of almost all their non-Mexican staff, and the hiring of pro-illegal-immigration activists.

The network is pure trash.

Guest • 5 years ago
TalkingBackpack • 5 years ago

Univisión was already dead long before Jorge Ramos was receiving orders from the DNC.

Vlad Lenin • 5 years ago

Gizmodo and Univision both suck. It's naturally leftism to see who can suck the most.

Juan Valdez • 5 years ago

So working for/with a network filled with corrupt, third world, incompetent "journalist" who don't speak "Ingwish" isn't all its cracked up to be?

Alan. P. (Hansen) • 5 years ago

Hello racist troll.

toni • 5 years ago

"In their piece, produced for Gizmodo Media’s special projects desk, the
trio of reporters described Univison as a “stepdad” that once left them
well-enough alone but has emerged as a nettlesome presence in recent
months as cuts have loomed."

Gizmodo journo snowflakes sound like every other leftist that wants and believes they deserve to spend other peoples money without question.

quiteright • 5 years ago

Seems like univision is run just like the mexican gov't

FreedomsKrieg • 5 years ago

Good one ...makes perfect sense.

Curmudgeon10 • 5 years ago

"...last few months after the company axed 150 employees and scuttled a planned IPO...."

Isn't more culturally aware to say the employees were machete'd?

Htos1av • 5 years ago

On a side note:

Ever wonder why all the hetero white boomers who invented Enterprise IT were bum rushed out of their decades long careers, for skinny jean, man bun wearing moslems, purple haired pierced tongue millenial progtards, and SJW females, all around the time of the EXPLOSION of malware/spyware/adware/viruses, W and 9/11?

Me neither.

William barnett • 5 years ago

The purpose of a hedge fund is to take control of a business which has failed or like the news papers, destroyed it's customer base with liberal propaganda which is unreadable, and dismantle it and rebuild it to where it can again thrive. Libera activist reporters and editors did this to themselves and will have to be removed by the hedge fund to accomplish the goals of the paper.

greenforest56 • 5 years ago

hasta, la vista, baby......

Vic Monte • 5 years ago

As a kid Novelas was the only thing on spanish television. American cable networks taught me that there was life outside my parents or grandparents living rooms. Televisa and the rest of spanish networks were feeding its audience crap. The news only are used to scare their audience from the boogie man.

Que no te haga bobo Jacobo.

FreedomsKrieg • 5 years ago

There's nothing UNI about their vision with a regressive liberal bias on all their antiAmerican news. They report only in Spanish here in English speaking USA. That's not trying to help the Spanish-speaking People to assimilate here. If most Americans heard their shows in English they would probably be outraged at the bias and the lies being told to stirr up latinos for no good reason. MORE like Divisionvision Espanyol.