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Ondieg Rawalo • 9 months ago

Sisi naangalia tuu! Zakayo aendelee na kuchua ushuru. Akitaka achukue mshara yote maramoja!

Murogi Kagogo • 9 months ago

Is ngunyi brother to kabado? They come from the same place and seek job the same way.

Kunta-Kinte • 9 months ago

Mr. Ngunyi, how was your performance giving advice to your former boss?

Alphonse Joseph • 9 months ago

Mutahi save your breath. Zakayo listens to nobody not to even himself.
The sycophants have said it; ground iko sawa.

Tom Randiki • 9 months ago

I don't know much about Prof Ngunyi except for what he writes in the media, mostly X. But the little I know, leads me to think that it is quite rich for a man whose social life fits neatly into the Village Market Food Court is hardly one who can tell the pulse of the nation. That the ground is hostile, is hardly unexpected from the upper class Kenyans that Ngunyi associates with. These are the same Kenyans who were reaping illicit fruits from the farm which the majority natured with blood and sweat and tears for many years. The likes of David Murathe will surely be perfectly justified in being hostile to Ruto and his Administration. So too are the Muigais of this country. But they hardly count for 'Kenyans on the ground' as Ngunyi implies. In fact, Gaucho of Bunge la Wananchi at Jivanjee Gardens, would be a better thermometer of 'Kenyans on the ground' than most whom Ngunyi associates with. The two should have coconut fish at K'osewe's. Then, I may just believe when the good Prof tells us that the ground is hostile.

yemken llc • 9 months ago

You my friend, do not fit into the "Kenyans on the ground" group.
Your head is up there in the clouds looking up to the new savior on
the scene.
You need to be a "real" Kenyan and not a robot from SH.

Tom Randiki • 9 months ago

I deny your scurrilous allegations that I'm a robot! Meet you in court, my friend. I'll prove to the court that, even if I were a robot, it is my Constitutional right. 😭

yemken llc • 8 months ago

I appreciate your sense of humor, but is does not auger well when you keep hitting at Raila.

Tom Randiki • 8 months ago

Me? Hit at Raila? No way. You must be mistaking me for somebody else. All I do is document his political journey.

yemken llc • 8 months ago

You add the usual green chilli of envy.

Tom Randiki • 8 months ago

Of course, I envy Raila. Who wouldn't? A top tier politician for over four decades. A six-time Presidential candidate. A following that most political leaders only dream about. A great wife and children. A proud family man. A wise village elder. Heck, when I grow up I'd be happy to be just half of what Raila is today. The good half, that is. That is how much I envy Raila. But all in a good way. Whom do you envy? George Aladwa or Gaucho?

yemken llc • 8 months ago

Please dont go on. You are only tightening the rope around your neck. Strange is becoming stranger.

Tom Randiki • 8 months ago

But, ni kweli. Who would't envy Raila? You do...

yemken llc • 8 months ago

I admire and do respect him as an elder and leader in our leaderless country.

Ismail Idris • 9 months ago

With all the English & grammar he showcased on Twitter during Uhuru's tenure, only to renounce his democratic views for autocratic rhetorics.

He profoundly fears Ruto's vengeance other than the Almighty.

Mutahi advices Ruto to hear the cries but he forgets that he supports the one generating the cries.

buccione • 9 months ago

useless political analyst. but you may be right, ruto currently is talking to himself, if not kuria.

Red Pepper • 9 months ago

I do not think the President needs Mutahi Ngunyi's advice. Ngunyi is still an Azimio mole looking for a job to get back to State House in order to leak secrets and #KenyaKwanza stategies to Uhuru and Raila. All what Ngunyi is trying to say, the president would have known about it moons before through the NIS and UDA structures on the ground.

Field Test • 9 months ago

Forget it Ngunyi, Ruto listens to Kuria and Jiggy G.
That you can take to sugoi bank.

Vincent Guga • 9 months ago

Kenyans amaze. They hate lies. When one speaks truth, they don't see it. For example, Tinga opined that when he takes power, he will ensure that our local industries thrive. He will impose taxes to regulate mtumba industry. When sugoi was campaigning, he said he cannot do that because many poor Kenyans rely on the said industry to earn a living. Sugoi further said, those who raised VAT on fuel are sick. When he takes power, VAT on fuel will be zero. The hustlers, who hate truth blew trumpets. Soon when he finally realized he is in power, VAT which was to be 0% moved up to 16%. Trade Cs is now planning to do what Tinga intimated, and on a grand scale. Hustlers, what do you really support? Make us understand. We are treated to some diabolical talks that hurt us further as economy plummets.

Kay Kay • 9 months ago

Did you say kenyans hate lies??

Vincent Guga • 8 months ago

Sorry, Kenyans love lies. In fact, they hate those who tell the the truth.

Meru • 9 months ago

Spare us Ngunyi. This is the kind of advice you should have given to your employer Uhuru.

jtambo • 9 months ago

Ngunyi just like Tinga are pretty keen to benefit from such citizens hostility....the cost of living is high and so is fuel...the government has taken measures...they are unpopular due to high taxes...but where are Ngunyi or for that matter Babas alternatives which are not punitive...

Kay Kay • 9 months ago

What measures????

jtambo • 8 months ago

Taxation and as the government puts it...they have targeted subsidies on CONSUMPTION...Those with DISAGREEMENT with such approach should come up with different ideas..

NAJIURUMIA • 9 months ago

The government has taken measures???

jtambo • 8 months ago

Taxation, targeting consumption in subsidies...no doubt unpopular due to high cost of living...but those in disagreement should offer different approach/ideas..

THE GEMAsage in opposition: • 9 months ago

If I were Ruto, which I cannot be because I am not gifted in the art of speaking believable stuff, I would not listen to one Ngunyi. I would listen to the GEMAsage the die hard Azimio supporter.

And THE GEMAsage advice would be:
1) Don't rely too much on praises from America. Fuel goes astonishingly up we get one more praise for our leaders from America. Taxes go up we get a discount praise for our leaders from America. Never trust them so much. Once they realize that the ground is hostile, they will discard you and look for some one else. It it will not be the first time they do it.

2) Sack careless talkers. They might be in your UDA but they are the greatest threat to your government. One of them, perhaps with hopes of being some kingpin wakes up and tell Kenyans that the government belongs to shareholders and only shareholders can get jobs meaning we all have to pay taxes so that only shareholders can get jobs. Another one tells Kenyans that if they think fuel prices are so high they can as well dig their own oil wells. With such characters you don't need enemies. Sack them and we will not cry here in GEMAland because they are gone
3) you don't need enemies worse than those who stole Uhuru's sheep and nobody has never been arrested. This means someone will get to Sugoi and steal your hen and nobody will then be arrested. Kick them the h*ll out, bring all Kenyans in and maybe that time we all can give you the benefit of doubt.

Benmwas • 9 months ago

The problem with azimios is they are not used to listening to the truth. Babas lies are the holy truth to them. When he tells them a ghost whistleblower confirmed to him he won the elections and its all in the servers, not even Jesus Christ will convince them otherwise. On high cost of living he is now preaching that the sitting regime is the reason, when he called us dogs for raising the same in handshake regime and his followers conveniently did not hear or have forgotten the insult or is it the truth. You should be supporting what riggy g and kuria are saying coz its the truth or would you rather hear it from the one and only 'truthful' agwambo. Telling the president to sack them is hogwash as he knows what they are saying is the truth.

Mtukufu lies • 9 months ago

Am yet to understand how Baba has been dragged into your argument but i clearly remember one Abunwasi Arap Sugoi sayng that the Russia/Ukraine war had nothing to do with the high cost of living in this country.

Vincent Guga • 9 months ago

Very true. These people will continue supporting Sugoi in the name of hustler. The worst form of hypocrisy is to see poor people defending the rich who constantly fight to make them poorer yet they don't see it. They are made to believe that their problem is actually baba.