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Enyewe kamejaribu. But Matiangi was the real deal. The crocodile himuselofu.

John • 2 months ago

makofi kwa Mr Soprano, kazi nzuri hapo

jtambo • 2 months ago

Bwana CS...Keep up the momentum...first ensure corruption cartels within immigration dept. are eradicated...its not possible to blame luck of printing machines yet if one "oils" these fellows with some cash one can get a passport in less than a week ..sometimes depending on how much it can be a day or two...mambo ni matatu...

Samuel Samuel • 2 months ago

Not sure what he's achieved , they haven't reported that efficiency have increased or the way of delivering services have changed

Mfalme Jeta • 2 months ago

That is true and that is why he is going back there every day... Its a farmer who plants and have to keep going back to the farm untill the seeds germinate then continue visiting untill the crops grow... What I mean is that he is doing the right thing... He is keeping the management awake and that is his dugy...

Mtukufu lies • 2 months ago

Kindiki is behaving as if he was appointed CS interior last week yet this matter of unavailability of passports has been there since he assumed office last year.But as usual this government and PR stints are like co-joined twins.

Mfalme Jeta • 2 months ago

He had a long list of issues to handle including bandits... Am sure he has a bucket list that he keeps crossing... he is really keen as crossing this one that is why he is visiting every day... and I agree with him, compared with bandits, this is a low hanging fruit....

Sasa Pia • 2 months ago

Good job Waziri

Mzeeemzee • 2 months ago

... lazima kazi ifanywe ...