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subhasis ghosh • 12 months ago

Probably the first ever calling out by one liberal over other liberals in recent times. Congratulations. As Fareed Zakaria wrote recently, liberals think themselves to be so morally superior that they just cannot bear any alternative thought. Hopefully the churn will show up the true colours of liberals who have dominated our intellectual space since independence.

The decision of the Trust members to clip wings of Thakurta also indicates that Thakurta was weak on facts & would have failed in courts. Of course it is their judgement, that is why 45 minutes trust meeting discussed only failure in courts.

Another point to be noted, Many Editors believe they have absolute freedom. They run agenda driven stories at the cost of owners. Please remember that even ever powerful Narendra Modi or Indira Gandhi do not have/had absolute freedom to do what they would really like to do. Then who are these editors? Are they super humans?

Even though EPW has leftist tilt, they were always a scholarly journal. If they have refused to go in the direction Thakurta wanted it to go, and have decided to remain like that, the trust is within their rights to keep their course.

Aditi Roy Ghatak • 11 months ago

No journalist of any standing writes stories without facts being checked and double checked. So the first assumption is wrong.
This particular matter did not go to court and will not go to court because even the Adanis know that the facts are right. All that the trust received was a letter from a lawyer. Any journalist/editor knows how such letters are to be dealt with.
An editor of any standing will go ahead with stories if it is based on facts. In fact, the editor must do so if he/she is to be true to the position. Such editors are what makes the press the "Fourth Estate".
The Sameeksha Trust knew what it was hiring when it appointed an investigative journalist as editor... there was no question of this editor "taking a different direction". The only conclusion that one can arrive at is that there was some extra constitutional pressure on the Sameeksha Trust to act the way it did. Otherwise, no self-respecting "trust" would behave in the manner that it did. How could exposing corruption be contrary to the trust's/EPW's or any newspaper's position?

Shibu • 11 months ago

I cannot agree with you more

OK !!

1)So you say Journalists of standing do not publish without fact checking. Can you throw some light on the following story when Journalists of repute (who give them this reputation) published articles without fact checking?

In the link there are other stories also published & pulled down because they were not done with fact checking.


2)Adani not deciding to go to court is your assumption. You are free to keep the assumption till it bites you but a Trust cannot take this position because ultimately they are the people who are going to foot the bills for this assumption and bravado.

3) Selection of Thakurta as editor was a wrong decision. Everybody makes a mistake. And they are free to think so because they are the owners. They corrected their mistake.

I am a fan of the Trust & it's publication EPW but hate their leftist bias. I can live with both.

Aditi Roy Ghatak • 11 months ago

You only confirm what i said: The Amit Shah article was correct and based on his declarations. The PTI story still stands. The author says that "Over the past three years organisations like NDTV, Firstpost and Tehelka have pulled down stories that didn’t reflect well on powerful people, whether it is corporations like Reliance or men in the government. What’s more worrying than the cravenness at display is the rank disrespect for news consumers. The fact that some of the country’s biggest media houses feel that they can get away with deleting stories without offering any explanation says a thing or two on how they prioritise their readers. Or indeed if they are a priority at all". Newspapers have no business pulling down stories just because the government and corporates ask them to do so. That is disrespectful of their readers.
If you are a newspaper person you would know that a letter from a lawyer is responded to point by point shuts up the "offended" party.
If you think exposing corruption is an act of "bravado" you deserve corrupt corporates and that is the end of the story. For simple, ordinary people like us it is an act of courage; not bravado.
There is nothing leftist about exposing corruption; the left are some of the most corrupt in the world, beginning with Russia's Putin and other worthies before him and some very worthy leftists in our own country.
If the Trust in its current avatar does not have the gumption to do its job under a fascistic regime, it should go. Such display of spinelessness is not expected of a Trust set up by the great Sachin Chaudhuri. Ashok Mitra's letter should tell you a thing or two.
The Trustees did err in selecting their Editor if they were looking for a yes man but that is not what they sought to do. They wanted a person of standing, which they did. They did not correct mistake, they compounded their error in judgement.

Your statements show your bias & predetermined positions.

No point in debate.

Satya Sagar • 12 months ago

The idea of a 'public intellectual' is unabashedly elitist in conception, harking back to Plato's 'Philosopher King' and a sign that Indian liberals are as afflicted by Brahmanism as the Indian Right. We should all thank Paranjoy for inadvertently puncturing the idea that EPW is some kind of special repository of wisdom and integrity or even relevance to what is happening in India today. Hopefully, now that the dam has broken the waters of debate, discussion and dissent will flow freely and provoke real change all around.

ashok759 • 12 months ago

EPW was very highly recommended to me in college, those were the days people still talked of land reform, but found it too heavy, dry.

Prabha Jagannathan • 12 months ago

it's a terrible sign of the times.Surely EPW hired Guha Thakurta knowing that he did hard core investigative reportage? And the Sameeksha Trust prepared itself for the eventuality of threat of legal action by some biggie in all the years that Narendra Modi was not at the helm? In fact, the EPW has by now started making news for its abrupt parting of ways with its editors. Doesnt speak well of the board.
The only saving grace, if it can even remotely be called that, is that of late, there have been so so many articles from the world over on the gradual decline of the public intellectual and the rise of "thought leaders" (simply put, chaps govt plants the seed of some sponsored idea, eg. linking "nationalism" n "public morality" to notebandi in the heads of to hardsell to the gullible public. this is then repeated over n over, unquestioned, in all media to be dinged into the minds of all). The rise of these so called thought leaders has been corresponding to the rise of the Right and hyper nationalism as an accepted mainline of political propoganda. this is indeed a sorry state of affairs since it will lower (even decimate) the level of critical debate on the State's decisions.apropos public good. India may not be alone in this but it is, indeed, crucial in a growing democracy such as ours, that institutions are transparent in their fucntioning and strengthened by public critique. And individuals not transformed into dangerous myths.

N S Raghavan • 12 months ago

Have you ever tried to know the source of advertisement funds received by EPW. Try publishing it

N S Raghavan • 12 months ago

Why no write ups about ITAT order on NDTV tax case. ITAT might have an agenda against free press