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bluetexan • 3 months ago

Single payer is drawing closer, and long overdue.

Sal Dono • 3 months ago

The truth of Medicare: Medicare operates at 6%...private health insurance operates at 20% plus...Medicare is more efficient. Don't believe the BS spread by insurance companies Medicare controls the cost of health care.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

that's fine as long as doctors and hospitals will accept medicare.

that's true less and less today. want to drive 100 miles for your care?!

doctors are dropping out to do concierge medicine in ever greater numbers. no more medicare.

Sal Dono • 2 months ago

!!! Before you paint a picture that Doctors are dropping Medicare...
"Now, 81 percent of family doctors will take on seniors on Medicare, a survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians found. That figure was 83 percent in 2010. Some 2.9 percent of family doctors have dropped out of Medicare altogether."

Doctors don't have better with insurance setting rates for Doctors.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

FPs are the special ed of the medical community. We had a heavy infestation of them teaching our "introduction to patient evaluation" classes in 1st year med school. When I got done with their force fed diet of "bio psycho social model" babble crap, I prayed every day I didn't wind up with grades bad enough that i'd be forced into a specialty like that. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

Orthopedists, ophthalmologists, radiologists are the brain trust of medicine. In a pinch, I might entrust my care to an internist, though the year I finished med school, those residencies didn't fill, so you aren't dealing with a quality product there. You might find a smart internist. But again, it's like buying a shirt at sears rather than brooks brothers. maybe a good one... maybe not.

If/when I have a problem severe enough to consult another doctor, i would never entertain the thought of seeing one of those. Not for a nanosecond. I wouldn't entrust my care to a C+ doctor, let alone one off from that.

As for medicare rates, versus private pay, in my own specialty you're talking $15/unit standard for medicare. Private pay insurance can be easily twice that, maybe more. That's why anesthesia for an open heart can be a third of what you can get for a private insurance labor epidural. And the skill sets required for these are in no way comparable. Welcome to health care economics.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

why is it canadians who can afford it flee their single payer system to get care to the south...

bluetexan • 2 months ago

Only the wealthy, which our system caters to.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

That doesn't answer my question. Those who can afford to, flee their system.

For that matter, the doctors do too! I see lots and lots of canadian MDs (or their equivalent) practicing here. Never ever have I heard of a US MD going the other way.

Joe Campbell • 3 months ago

Die waiting in line.

yeahright • 3 months ago

This is our CURRENT system. Except you have to fight to be allowed in the line.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

so you'll have a nice shiny card saying you're insured that's good for nothing.

indie • 3 months ago

You are talking about the EUROPEAN SOCIALIST HEALTHCARE!

Pats_Fan • 3 months ago

LOL! hoover institute!

RichardBroderickJr • 3 months ago

"The Hoover Institution"

If you liked the great depression, you'll love us!

Pats_Fan • 3 months ago

Why would any organization want to name itself after a LOSER like herbert hoover?
Can you imagine a future tRump Institute?

RichardBroderickJr • 3 months ago

Even worse, it was founded in 1919 and kept the name even after living through, and learning nothing from, the great depression.

EK Fall 93 • 3 months ago

Republicans are big into failure. They really buy into the lost cause nonsense.

Tom Plate • 3 months ago

Yet the current administration supporters, believe the nonsense that the T$ deficit spending, is a good thing for the Country.

Estebe Rey • 3 months ago

LOL right wingers from the hoover institution are pretending to be worried because they want to protect medicare.

TF outta here.

Chesty Rockwell • 3 months ago

Medicare is going broke on its own as is SS.

You are not protecting it by expanding it.

You are just accelerating its demise.

And rightfully so.

Estebe Rey • 3 months ago

No, it isn't. But your pedophile messisah is being criminally charged this week.

topspin • 3 months ago

You said this 5 times per week @ 52 weeks/year times 4.5 years a week....and you are still wrong.

The Contentious Otter • 3 months ago

That's a really strange position to take for Republicans. Given that Trump appeals primarily to whites without a college degree, and had his largest electoral victories in counties where household incomes average less than $50,000 per year, why do you think the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters should have their health-care and financial support taken away?

Working class Republicans are literally voting for people who want to take away both their Medicare and Medicaid and literally leave them homeless. The average American with only a high-school diploma retires with less than $35,000 in savings, and would lose their home and not have any access to health-care without those government programs.

JeffK from PA • 3 months ago

Because trump and the GQP hate the people they hate. Hate over rides logic.

The EX-Manchurian President • 3 months ago

Problem is, the GQP keep telling these people that they "love" them and they irrationally just keep believing them. The GQP are going to "love" them to death. LOL, and then they'll blame the Democrats.

JeffK from PA • 3 months ago

The trump cult is slowly moving away from the Cheeto Messiah. It will take awhile, but it will be a pretty hollow group.

The EX-Manchurian President • 3 months ago

I can only hope that you're right.

RMarvel • 3 months ago

The Trustees are not partisan. They are saying 2027 is when it goes insolvent. Democrats pretend this fact doesn't even exist

The Contentious Otter • 3 months ago

Actually they've been saying 2035 for the last several years, and that timeline has been extended due to the huge number of Americans who died from the Trump virus. Also, the entire problem could be resolved if the amount of income subject to social security withholding was increased to $288,000.

Estebe Rey • 3 months ago

That's gibberish. It has its own dedicated funding source. It will never be insolvent.

RFR • 3 months ago

End the wars and tax the rich, problem solved.

edgar654 • 3 months ago

Anytime you read an opinion like this, check the source. Partnership for America's Health Care Future is a lobbying group for health insurance companies. They are trying to come up with ridiculous arguments like what about "late enrollment fees"? They don't exist now, so why would they be added? "How would it affect the ACA or Medicaid"? It would decrease their costs, obviously, if fewer people are enrolled in those programs.

The Game is the Game • 3 months ago

That’s THE HILL …. 98% wingnut opinion pieces. Then they sprinkle in An Alan Combs, middle of the road opinion piece.

James_R • 3 months ago

A couple trillion dollars freed up could pay for M4A, college tuitions, daycare for working families etc.

The Game is the Game • 3 months ago

And we’d have better, smarter people making even nicer things for everyone. Work smarter not harder.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

rainbows, lollipops, and unicorn flatulence.

where'd you get these ideas? was that the apocalyptic socialistic doomsday cult that says we're all going to be dead in 12 years...

indie • 3 months ago

You are getting my "Communist of the Day" award.

no one important • 3 months ago

You get my "living under a rock" of the week award. Congratulations indie.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

taxing the productive to fund crap like that is like cutting off your leg to eat for dinner because you feel hungry.

here's the knife.

☿-♃ • 3 months ago

Well, fact (FACT) show the US always prospering far more under taxing the wealthy..so well...yea..FACT.

Joe Campbell • 3 months ago

End the wars, stop subsidizing green energy, tax no one.

Aaron Cohn • 2 months ago

the only problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples' money.

can't bring much in taxing the rich, so guess what?! you'll be "the rich".

how do ya like them apples?!

RFR • 2 months ago

Consintration of wealth as the capilist system does ends up that way, it's coming to a end.

Thunderheavyrain • 3 months ago

Let me guess, you aren't one of the so called rich that you advocate taxing more.

Morgan_La_Fey • 3 months ago

No, I am a middle class who pays far more than the rich do and I know this because I worked for an accountant. I paid more in % of income and in actual dollars than people with million dollar incomes.

James_R • 3 months ago

No, amazingly only one out of 100 people belong to the 1%.

Thunderheavyrain • 3 months ago

Let's see if your allegory is turned on today when you re read your post.

RichardBroderickJr • 3 months ago

We have a healthcare system that could only be loved by the "the Hoover Institution" and Insurance companies for which they shill.

Hoover Institution is funded by big insurance companies.

my wag • 3 months ago

And Scaife.

Foundations tied to Richard Mellon Scaife,
the Mellon banking heir who has helped to “fund the creation of the modern conservative movement in America” (Washington Post, 5/2/99), have bank-rolled the Manhattan Institute, AEI, Heritage, Hoover, Cato and CSIS.

Scaife sits on the boards of Heritage and the Hoover