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Morgana • 3 years ago

Huh? We're supposed to "share power" with the a-holes who pushed through the 2017 tax cut to benefit the billionaire class who donated lavishly to Republicans? It's time to do right by working people and help them through this crisis.

thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

Anyone who thinks the GOP is the party of the working class is an idiot

RFR • 3 years ago

"The point of being a Republican is not accomplishing things for the greater good of the country. The point is creating conditions in which accomplishing things for the greater good is impossible."

thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

The point of being a Republican is to lick the balls of an obese ex-president who spent hours each day working on his hair and makeup.

Samsays • 3 years ago


Or a dirty liar.


rgbray • 3 years ago

Obama tried unity, but the Republicans sabotaged the bills.

the Recovery Act was made smaller at the GOP's insistence, but more than 99% of Republicans voted against it. On immigration, GOP lawmakers told then-President Barack Obama to focus on security and enforcement first. He met their demands, at which point Republicans killed a comprehensive reform bill anyway.

On health care, Republicans pushed for a market-based system, largely dependent on private insurers, and Democrats spent literally months trying to make GOP members happy. It didn't matter. In Obama's new book, he shares an anecdote in which Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was asked whether he'd support a health care reform bill that included all of the changes to the ACA the Iowan wanted to see. "I guess not, Mr. President," Grassley replied.

Another Senate Republican from 2009, Wyoming's Mike Enzi, later conceded that he negotiated with Democrats in bad faith, stringing Dems along for months and weakening the Affordable Care Act blueprint, though he didn't have any intention of voting for it.

The lesson is hardly subtle: Democrats investing months of effort, and watering down their own worthwhile proposals, is a pointless exercise. As the L.A. Times reported over the weekend, it's a lesson the party has become preoccupied with.
HowBoutTheTruth • 3 years ago
Republicans typically cut taxes and spending

Seriously what the fck is this line? They explicitly exploded in the deficit in three separate cases that this hack tool brought up himself. So many of these RINOs are so addicted to deficit spending that they used reconciliation to get their deficit increasing fix 3 times in just 3 Presidential terms.

Mark Pyron • 3 years ago

Not to mention pretending that Trump won the election for two months. GOP are lunatics.

Straight is OK too? • 3 years ago

LOL … really? That's the sword you are gonna fall on. Watch what happens to taxes now. HAHA. Trump lowered taxes across the board and fixed the IRS standard deduction. Biden promised to raise taxes. DUH

Morgana • 3 years ago

New sock, cupcake?

thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

Yes, the dems got elected to run the country. Why would they do anything less?

Samsays • 3 years ago

The American people will not reward Democrats for being weak and timid in the face of a Republican party determined to literally destroy the American government.

Do what's right for America and our people.


Guest • 3 years ago
Samsays • 3 years ago

How do little fantasies about other posters make you feel better about yourself, conservative?


thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

I remember when Paul Ryan and McConnell used reconciliation to ram through a 1.7 trillion tax cut that benefitted the already wealthy. Remember that??

77Corvette • 3 years ago

I got a tax cut not one of the wealthy.
But you really should have a job to get one

thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

The average worker got $12 a week. the average hedge fund manager got $400,000. Yeah- that's the GOP.

77Corvette • 3 years ago

Sucks to be you.
Get a job

thesonalsorises • 3 years ago

I'm doing fine, thanks. I've read your posts before- you need some education and luck.

77Corvette • 3 years ago

Working at McDonalds is not a career

MrRickinNH • 3 years ago

Soon to expire... while corporation get to continue.

Morgana • 3 years ago

Then your tax cut is set to expire.

Hinkel • 3 years ago

We don’t need to reconcile with MAGAcun t seditionists and traitors, John. Save your squeals for unity for someone who cares.

#Un-ReleaseTheSnyderCut • 3 years ago

Democrats are not trying to use reconciliation to bring reconciliation, they are using reconciliation to bring much needed relief because Republicans are selfish scumbags who refuse to help the people they represent.

thenitewatch • 3 years ago

There is nothing stopping Republicans from voting for reconciliation - that is on them.

Heck, they could start by stating exactly what they would like changed in the Democratic bills. But that would require having a policy position other than 'no'.

2blueherring3 • 3 years ago

What a waste of three minutes of my life, reading this partisan swill. Getting lectures from GOP operatives who suddenly pretend to care about unity.

Ron Brown • 3 years ago

Exactly. Feehry is the same asshat I saw on MSNBC and CNN to spout the "other" side's voluminous bs defending whatever the GOP did and trashing, again, anything from the Democrats. Same old John.

Half-Evil D • 3 years ago

It's as though Feehery wakes up each day, tosses a dart at a board full of topics, then proceeds to pen a false propaganda piece about wherever the dart landed in order to showcase just how truly clueless he is about any and everything.

thenitewatch • 3 years ago

It has served him well for decades, at least in Republican echo chambers.

Like It Is • 3 years ago

This one's got it all: scare tactics, accusations, partisanship...

Morgana • 3 years ago

All it needs is a dollop of racism and a scoop of misogyny.

KHT&L • 3 years ago

Victimhood and whining.

KHT&L • 3 years ago

The Trump Trinity.

You Republicans should have thought about unity when you were invading the Capitol in armed insurrection just because your guy lost.

Somnariffic • 3 years ago

Reconciliation is a bad thing while a QAnon kook is in congress and has history of suggesting beheading or shooting of democrats?

Shaky • 3 years ago

When historians look back at COVID-19 era, they will most likely be puzzled by politicization of the virus. And they will be further puzzled as to why Democrats would use the reconciliation process to respond to COVID-19 when Congress passed several bipartisan packages the year before with Trump as president.


That's a straw man argument, for every American knows it was Republicans that politicized COVID by calling it a hoax and the promotion of not wearing masks.

Had the Trump Government and Trumpkins acted responsibly against the COVID threat we would not find ourselves in the ugly position we do.

Ken • 3 years ago

And Democrats called Trump a xenophobe for trying to stop people from China coming here. Why on earth would you believe either party didn't politicize this virus? Gov. Cuomo of NY as the vaccine was getting ready to roll out publicly said he would not allow any vaccine to be given to New Yorker's developed under the Trump administration until scientists he appointed thoroughly investigated it. So Trump had to remove them from the initial vaccine rollout.

Was that politicizing the Covid crisis or did Cuomo think Trump was making vaccine himself in the White House basement?

Practical Not Political • 3 years ago

"The answer, of course, is that the Democrats Republicans don’t want
to unify the country. They want to run the country. And they have
little if any interest in sharing power with a Republican Democrat Party that
they increasingly despise, no matter how bad the politics will be for
them in the next election."

Amazing the way that works...

thenitewatch • 3 years ago

First lie - Republicans have NEVER cut spending when they have passed reconciliation. Republicans have a long history of spending ridiculous amounts on military overspending and welfare for the rich.

They only care about spending when there is a Democratic President and/or legislation.

When did Feehery talk about unity when Republicans had control?

Saysme • 3 years ago

There is no point in negotiating with Republicans. You can give them 95% of what they demand and it STILL will produce no votes. It's pointless. They're not interested in governing. There is too much that needs to be done. Health care, Covid relief, infrastructure, climate change... the list is endless. Let Republicans stay on the sidelines where they're comfortable.

Bill Ponderosa • 3 years ago

"The Democratic Party has moved far, far to the left".

No they haven't and this guy doesn't know wtf he's talking about. This whole piece is total garbage.

Steve Deberg • 3 years ago

When you get rid of the insurrectionists, then we’ll talk about playing nice on process and procedure

Freeman63 • 3 years ago

We're busy enjoying the GOP's attempt to reconcile with itself.

The last time Democrats negotiated with Republicans, the Republicans disingenuously dragged their feet for over a year and then got caught telling their cult that they never planned on helping Americans at all - they were only there to stall.

All of that time - wasted.

Republicans are not nice people and so much for working with them.

So, if you can't work with them, and you can't work with them, then you can't work with them.

rgbray • 3 years ago

Reconcilliation will likely be used to fight the pandemic and stimulate the economy.

It's not intended to.

It's intended to bring much needed help to Americans.

Go sit and spin on unity if you won't get behind that.

Duke Harris • 3 years ago

I think that a lot of the angst and upset we're seeing from the left involves the limits placed on them by the slim margins and the ticking of the clock.

Pats_Fan • 3 years ago


Straight is OK too? • 3 years ago

1000% on target! They say "let's heal" as they impeach the civilian who used to be president (without evidence again) and talk about "reprogramming" half the country