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Peter vasseur • 1 year ago

You know dam well, this is intentional. Criminals need to be shot.

bannedfromfox • 1 year ago

And the chicken sht in the Whitehouse that doesn't care how much we have to pay for a dozen eggs.

ItsAboutChoice • 1 year ago

nor do the "republicans". They continue to silently protect the WEF/Demoncrat agenda.

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

Satan walks among us! Our food is next. They have already been doing evil things but now it will intensify. Bill Gates and GMO corn???!!!....

Bill “money is god” Gates is as evil as thevilegeorgesoros.

RubbLe1 • 1 year ago

i like to call him, Bill "Gates of Hell", and he will not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ- when She, the Church, wakes up.

Gates Vaccinating Bees Vital To Food Supply

Gates Tied Company Administering A First Of Its Kind Insect Vaccine For Honey Bees.

Sabotage Of Food Production?:

- Experimental Bee "Vaccines"
- CO2 Reductions
- Solar Blocking Airborne Nano-Particles
- Culling Millions Of U.S. Chickens

Robert Anderson • 1 year ago

Bill Gates has always been a proponent of the de-population of Humanity.

K D • 1 year ago

Bill Gates should've been the first one being depopulated long time ago.

Woodguru • 1 year ago

My carbon footprint, proportionately to Gates-of-Hell, is the same ratio as his net-worth compared to mine.

By his own dogma, he should reduce HIS carbon...First? Same with Lurch? And Al?

Melvin Ruebinawitz • 1 year ago

Some animals are more equal than others

Militia.US.com • 1 year ago

Let's Roll.

Blessed4ever • 1 year ago

And a major contributor and activist for the WEF! God can’t be bought and one day all these elitists will taste His wrath!

Hugh Jwang • 1 year ago

And his rotten pos parents.

Bwana • 1 year ago

What happened to the Georgia Guide Stones?

Texan204 • 1 year ago

He should lead by example, nothing like putting yourself out there as a prime example for other to see and follow if they so choose.

tverle • 1 year ago

He and the others like him should be culled. Publicly. It would serve as notice to anyone else that thinks they want to try.

Kountry Bumpkin • 1 year ago

I think people should know that TS is a supporter and sponsor of the LGBTQ community as part of their diversity and inclusion agenda, below is copied and pasted, search tractor supply supports LGBTQ.
PORTSMOUTH, OH – Social media is buzzing with talk about a recent Drag Queen Pride event in Waco, Texas. The event was not located at a Tractor Supply (TS) store, but TS helped to organize the Pride event which was held at Brazos Park East.

Sillierstring • 1 year ago

After learning about the TSC supported drag queen event in Waco, I also heard that there was another one sponsored by TSC in Kentucky (I think). I've been weaning myself from purchasing products from them ever since I heard about the one in Waco. I'm currently feeding my quail some Texas Naturals Game Bird feed and they're still laying up a storm.

fenwickchick • 1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up. I will look for a new pet food source and buy nothing from them any longer!

The Saint • 1 year ago

This story MUST be true. I know I haven't laid any eggs in quite some time.

renojmc • 1 year ago

You must be yolking!

Serf #385691 • 1 year ago


Robert H. Short • 1 year ago

Judging by the paucity of upvotes, ......... you just did.

Hugh Jwang • 1 year ago

Well, I guess we now know why he's hoarding farmland.

Drakton • 1 year ago

Because they will still be eating steaks. And you will be eating bugs. Or they are lizard aliens. It doesn't matter which, in the end. And, it is the end.

Robert Anderson • 1 year ago

The church was silently conquered from within centuries ago thanks in part to the Jesuits.

NotSure • 1 year ago

IDK about the Jesuits, but the Roman Empires Constantine sure did do a number on them. I do believe thats where the phrase when in Rome act like the Romans came from. He didn't care what "meaning" early Christians said their Pagan rituals represented, as long as they practiced their rituals which turned most modern day Christians away from the true Sabbath. It was a deal with the devil, but difficult to resist when your living in Catacombs and being fed to lions and crucified.

ItsAboutChoice • 1 year ago

Uh... if you follow what Christ gave us in the New Testament you can have the ORIGINAL church right now. Ignore all the denominations/Catholics etc... Do what the New Testament says and it will be the TRUE church.

God is not impotent.

Mike365 • 1 year ago

Bill Gates Vaccines Turn Chickens Into Living Tumors
www .infowars.com/posts/bill-gates-vaccines-turn-chickens-into-living-tumors/

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

Indeed. Spot on right.

Warthog2117 • 1 year ago

And pork and beef mRNA vax.

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

Their evil knows no bounds. The end justifies the means. Thank you for your service Warthog!

ItsAboutChoice • 1 year ago

Yah all do realize, chickens (chicks) are mass vaccinated for years. I wouldn't trust any chicks/chickens "vaccinated" now.

Woodguru • 1 year ago

Nature abhors a vacuum and mono-cultures?
BTW: It's "y'all"

Jason • 1 year ago

Yes he does walk among us but God defeated him along time ago and it may get worse for a short time but God wins in the end and a serious reckoning is coming for all this evil.

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

God does win. I have sinned but I have atoned and ready. I will not kneel or kiss the ring. Not going to do it.

DayTripper • 1 year ago

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are dramatic and symbolic warnings of the death and destruction to occur at the end of days. The four riders represent conquest, the violence of warfare, famine, and widespread death.....YOU ARE HERE ⬆️

Dave • 1 year ago

According to reliable sources, Gates's lab created meat is made from the blood of aborted bovine fetuses and GMO plant sources. In cahoots with the FDA, the Dept of Agriculture has indicated their desire to inject all beef and dairy cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys with the same mRNA that is in the COVID clot shots and since last fall, the seasonal flu vaxxes. Experts say mRNA can cause sterility in these animals, just as it is in humans, leading to a mass reduction of the US meat supply. BELIEVE IT. THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE!!

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

They are pure demons and I do believe every word.

I am The Wolf. • 1 year ago

They're already using mRNA vaccines on cattle in Australia against "Hoof and Mouth disease". I asked my local Walmart butcher where the beef came from. He had no idea. Also, people are shopping using a small magnet and testing the meat for magnetism. Who knows where raw beef originally comes from?

Brewster • 1 year ago

There will be no more purebloods.
They may introduce it to wild game, also.

NotSure • 1 year ago

It will get to the point of biblical proportation and all self inflicted! I always wondered until the past few years why God would allow the destruction that is assured to us prior to the return of our Messiah. Now I realize he did not"allow" it, we done it to ourself through global apathy.

Foxtrot-Juliet-Bravo!! • 1 year ago

If you believe that, you had best be preparing with w/ a food and supply storage program . . . [mine is up to 5 years stored now, with 1st in 1st out rotation of goods] .

Even if you do NOT believe what "I am Sparticus" typed. You should, at the VERY least, have a 4-8 week supply of "necessaries" on hand in case of a natural disaster event.

November Rose • 1 year ago

From the sound of things, any disaster event is more likely to be man-made, not natural. Humans have a history of poking their noses where it doesn't belong with the mistaken idea change is necessary, whether we like it or not.

Foxtrot-Juliet-Bravo!! • 1 year ago

Hard to argue against that opinion. But what I see is, what you describe, plus the "perfect storm" scenario of a major, major natural disaster acting as a "coup de grace" type blow on top of human id!ocy.

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

Great post! Ammo up too.

Brewster • 1 year ago

GMO has been around quite a while. Control of the seed market.

I Am Sparticus • 1 year ago

Yes it has but I do believe they are turning up the evil and destructive characteristics now.

FrannkLaSush • 1 year ago

People fail to realize MOST of our food crops are G.M. O. The tomato, corn, and potatoes are fine examples. They LOOK NOTHING LIKE the crop from 5,000 years ago. Why? Because man modified them genetically over those years.