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Tomcue • 1 month ago

It's taking so long because you have to be very smart to lie over and over to get the story straight. Sorry you don't qualify chief.

Anthony zaiz • 1 month ago

The Police Chief will become the goat.

Chris Horner • 1 month ago

To Server and Protect*

*Unless it's dangerous

Anthony zaiz • 1 month ago

Lawsuits coming big time.

Fred • 1 month ago

I usually back the police, but they blew it on this one.

true prophet • 1 month ago

In the past we always saw a PHOTO of the DEAD PERPS


Madmax 2 • 1 month ago

What ever happened to real men who run toward danger to rescue the innocent?
Let me catch someone abusing/hurting children.
They won’t need a court date.

Dano • 1 month ago

This was the Germany response to D-Day. Everyone afraid to call out their "leader".

Dano • 1 month ago

That the POLICE Chief of the whole district did NOT ALREADY have the master keys to the schools and each barricade able door, even after an Active SCHOOL Shooter training session makes it Criminal in My Opinion.

TheRoon4660 • 1 month ago

That school was in a dangerous area and I read that they had training and procedures because they had border chase problems going through their streets at times. Something strange here.

BALLPEEN • 1 month ago

Who told them to drag their feet?
That person or person needs to be investigated and his communications checked to see who he interacted with.
Somebody else is involved in this murderous decision. IMO

disqus_lzM0Y8iLHT • 1 month ago

Don't blame the beat cops! The man in charge must take the heat!

Antileft • 1 month ago

If the cops won't protect the public from criminals, why should we give up our guns?

TheRoon4660 • 1 month ago

Wimpy Trudeau thinks we have no right to defend ourself with a handgun.

︻╦╤─{1776} • 1 month ago

You shouldn't and scotus already ruled twice the police have no duty to protect you.

theasdgamer • 1 month ago

Robison is mishandling this story by failing to ask why the schools didn't protect the kids adequately.

Rich kids at boarding schools are protected by armed rentacops.

Poor kids in public schools not so much.

Pj • 1 month ago

Exactly. The classroom doors were set up to protect the children. Not the shooter!! No one is asking why! The school is the first to blame here. Starting with the front door.

David Chapman • 1 month ago

Call it as it is: They sacrificed an entire classroom of children and a teacher based on the thought he was locked inside and therefore would ONLY kill a maximum of 20 people vs a potential unknown more or LESS. The scumbag chief is framing their technique of locking in the shooter as the best option to save POLICE lives not civilian and children lives. THAT is what it's really about. Why? Because the police do not serve and protect YOU. They serve and protect the town of.. the city of... the state of... and towns cities and states are only made up of assets , which is why human beings are called human RESOURCES. You are an asset to them at best, in truth are slave easily replaced. They had 18 non tax paying lives and 2 tax paying lives vs the cost of police assets and replacing equipment or personnel lost in the engagement. See things for how they are, not how you're told or want them to be.

James Green • 1 month ago

In battered Uvalde, where a police chief is in hiding, grief gives way to calls for accountability

As chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Dept, it was Arredondo’s call to wait more than an hour for backup instead of ordering officers on scene to immediately charge the shooter.

“They were cowards,” said Salvador Hurtado, a retired farm worker, who said Arredondo should lose his job. “There was one man with a gun, and they waited & waited. … I read the signs on the police cars that say ‘protect and serve.’ Where was the protection?”

City Hall has locked its doors during business hours & declined to immediately provide any public records to reporters. The chief of the city police force, Daniel Rodriguez, has declined to answer questions about his officers’ response to the shooting. A Uvalde CISD official told a reporter, falsely, that the first school board meeting since the incident would be closed to the public.

At the special meeting Friday, an agenda item allowed the board to terminate Arredondo. The board declined to do so.

Board members did not respond to requests for comment before the meeting.

Lydia Morales, who grew up in Uvalde, said local government has long been insular. She feels officials protect each other & give preferential treatment to friends & allies. She criticized Mayor Don McLaughlin for initially saying Arredondo would not be sworn in as planned. Arredondo was subsequently sworn in Monday at City Hall in a secret ceremony.

“He lied to the community of Uvalde,” Morales said. “But shame on Arredondo for even doing that. I can’t see how he would have the audacity.”

A relative who declined to be interviewed said Arredondo is not the bad guy some have made him out to be & suggested the chief needs to speak up for himself.

From her family’s produce stand on Main Street, Angelia Arellano has watched police cars from Dallas, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley drive by in the past week. Officers from across the state have come to assist their local counterparts. She said the city Police Dept appears to have retreated from public view at precisely the moment they should be out in the community as it grieves.

Their absence reinforces Arellano’s belief, forged in a lifetime of living in Uvalde, that the Police Cannot be Relied upon. She said they refused to respond when she once called about a man who was harassing her son.

“The Police aren’t very Effective,” she said in Spanish. “If there’s no blood & no one has been killed, they don’t come.”

Mary Rodriguez, 86 said her heart breaks at the thought that students could have been saved if the police had acted sooner. She said her faith dictates her to let God judge Arredondo. She said she feels local police are Not Held in High Regard by Uvalde residents & that they have been Slow to Respond whenever she has called. Their Failure to Act Decisively during the Shooting, she said, is Inexcusable.

“We Don’t want those Policemen to be here,” Rodriguez said. “I pray that they get New Jobs somewhere else.”

https:// www. texastribune. org/2022/06/03/pete-arredondo-uvalde-school-police-chief/

Para59r • 1 month ago

Your first post may of been taken down because of links? Still has it if you need it.

Had said this below but GWP didn't let the post go through.
Excellent collection. They had the training and expertise, they were doing all the right things. One obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this is the system of protection was deliberately circumvented by the very people who set it up and ran it. In other words Ramos had help in order to advance gun control which means it came from the top and was an op. To many other facts point to this as well.

Suggests you save your work before you refresh your page or let me know if you lost it so we can take out some links and see it posts.

Great post btw.

James Green • 1 month ago

Yeah, the last link didn't have spaces after the periods. But I really expected Discus to SPAM it anyway. I'm on the list. Sometimes a 2 word reply gets spammed immediately..."Narcissist Sociopath"

I usually try to copy a new post & save incase I need to use parts later. Didn’t this time.

If you don't mind, check all the links, but I saw too late that the last link was complete.

Para59r • 1 month ago

From James Green with out functional links.

Goto the Schools Website & view the Police dept website. Then start looking at older news articles about each officer. This was just a club with a boosted resume. Almost every Officer claimed to have Basic SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Hostage & Crisis control Training. Plus they had 1 Security Guard. The Detective is a retired Uvalde Police Detective who has a great resume on paper. Uvalde is 80 miles from the border, hence it has permanent Inspection stations. Because of this, there are 150 permanent BP Agents stationed there. Almost every family has a relative or friend who is in the BP. One report says around 80 On & Off duty BP responded to the School. Everyone has heard the story of the off duty BP who borrowed his barbershops Shotgun, went to the school where his wife, a teacher had already escaped & was across the street at the funeral home. He & other BP Agents knocked windows out & allowed children & other teachers to escape. But other Agents, Police, Troopers, US Marshal's kept parents back, when they had the equipment, & were Sworn Officers.
Uvalde spends 60% of its budget on Police including their own 9 member SWAT Team. Where were they?
This is a tight knit Community, one even saying that Police used to follow intoxicated drivers home to ensure they made it.

The SWAT Team also did a full tactical walk through of all the Schools & Businesses & an Active Shooter drill at one school on or about March 22.

Uvalde Police Department

🟥 Public Service Announcement🟥

The Uvalde Police Dept. SWAT. will be visiting the Uvalde CISD schools, Uvalde Classical Academy & local businesses throughout the day. The purpose of the visits is to familiarize themselves with layouts of our local schools & businesses. SWAT members will be in full tactical uniforms & we did not want the public to be alarmed when seen. We appreciate the cooperations of all schools & businesses involved. We will continue working together to make Uvalde the safest place to live.
Thank You #UvaldeSafe #CommunityRelations
City of Uvalde
KVOU Coyote Country
The Uvalde Leader-News
Uvalde Radio

Photo Credit: Badges Across America
February 11, 2020

dot facebook. com/uvaldepd/photos/a.984027511630606/2986614501371887/

Uvalde CISD Police Department (March 22 at 9:37 PM)

On Monday the UCISD Police Department hosted an “ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING” at the Uvalde High School. Our overall goal is to Train every Uvalde area Law Enforcement Officer so that we can Prepare as Best as Possible for Any Situation that may Arise. We have hosted several of these courses & plan to continue to do so. I would like to thank UCISD Officers Adrian Gonzales, Ruben Ruiz & UCISD Lieutenant Mike Hernandez for Instructing the Course. Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Harrell & Mr. Mueller for supporting our plans to keep our children & staff safe. Great job to Everyone!!

dot facebook. com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1031929220742374&id=316657282269575

Uvalde CISD Police Department (May 24 at 12:06 PM)

All Campuses are Under a Lockdown Status
Uvalde CIDS Parents:
Please know at this Time All Campuses are under a Lockdown Status due to Gun Shots in the area. The Students & Staff are "Safe in the Buildings." The Buildings are Secure in a Lockdown Status. Your Cooperation is Needed at this Time by NOT Visiting the Campus. As soon as the Lockdown Status is Lifted you will be Notified.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Anne Marie Espinoza
Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
Uvalde CISD

dot facebook. com/story.php?story_fbid=1071381643463798&id=316657282269575&m_entstream_source=timeline&__tn__=%2As%2As-R

Uvalde HS Police Officer...
Ruben Ruiz is a Native of Uvalde Texas. He graduated from the Middle Rio Grande Police Academy in 2006. Ruben began his career with the Uvalde Police Dept in 2007. While at the Uvalde Police Dept he served several capacities to include Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Police Explorer Advisor, Organized Crime Unit & Detective. He also attended several trainings to include Active Shooter & Advanced SWAT School. In 2018 Officer Ruiz began Employment with the Uvalde Consolidated School District Police Dept.
www dot ucisd. net/domain/1724

Morales Junior High School...
Cecilia Flores is a native of Uvalde, Texas & a 1996 Graduate of Uvalde CISD. She graduated from the SWTX JC Police Academy in 2013, completing the program as Salutatorian.
In 2018, Flores was hired by Uvalde CISD as part of the Newly Formed UCISD Police Dept, where she is currently employed. Flores is primarily stationed at Morales Junior High, but works with other district officers at other Campuses & Events sponsored by the district.
Flores serves on the board as Region 5 Director for the Texas Association of School Resources Officers. She is currently working to obtain her intermediate certification & has attended numerous safety trainings such as Crisis Intervention, Advanced Hostage Rescue & Youth Mental Health Awareness. Officer Flores works diligently to help ensure UCISD students & staff have a Safe Learning Environment.

www dot ucisd. net/domain/1725

Chris Sanchez
Security Guard
UCISD Police Dept
Uvalde High School

UCISD adds Two Police Officers for Total of Six (Aug 08, 2021)
Melissa Federspill

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District
The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Force (UCISD-PD), including (left to right) Chief Pete Arredondo, Lt. Mike Hernandez, Officer Ruby Gonzalez, Officer Cecilia Flores, Officer Adrian Gonzales & Officer Ruben Ruiz. The department recently welcomed Officers Gonzales & Gonzalez to the Police Force, which now consists of Six members & a Security Guard, Chris Sanchez.

Officer Adrian Gonzales is a 1991 graduate of Uvalde High School.

He has 10 years of Active Law Enforcement Experience with the Uvalde Police Department, where he was the Assistant Commander & Training Coordinator for SWAT. He has also taken training courses in Basic SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Active Shooter & Hostage Rescue.

Prior to UPD, Gonzales worked as a Teacher at the Uvalde Head Start Program for 18 years.

Officer Ruby E. Gonzalez was born & raised in Uvalde. She is a 2012 graduate of Uvalde High School & a 2015 Graduate of the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy.

Previously to her post at UCISD, Gonzalez worked as a Patrol Officer for the Uvalde Police Dept & also served as a
Certified Hostage & Crisis Negotiator. She also attended training for Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response & Crisis Intervention.

John Normanton • 1 month ago

Let's reduce drunk driving by taking cars away from sober drivers.

alucard132 • 1 month ago

How much do you want to bet the department is on the cartels payroll like most police departments

Ana Miles • 1 month ago

The police were more worried about
their lives than the Mexican children.

BigMadMomma • 1 month ago

This Police Chief sends out vibes that he was part of a bigger plan, and not a good one. Rumor has it he is gay, and so was shooter. Was there a connection there? Or was he just helping his political pick Beto with his gun agenda?

Para59r • 1 month ago

Possibly the groomer then.

Ipse Dipxit • 1 month ago

If legit dangers to society were removed from it, or addressed proactively then would schools need to be hardened or even have their own PDs? Would honest Americans have to have their rights stripped because gubment refuses to do its job?

sirname • 1 month ago

these clowns were told to stand down. hope they die of guilt letting those kids get shot while they stand around.
defund THESE police.

mark • 1 month ago

It's because of the rising fuel cost ...right dummies.
Think I can use that excuse to my boss and still be employed?

Tomtiger • 1 month ago

"Chief"=over weight, over paid-useless + gut less. Exactly like the FL cop who hid out in the parking lot @ Parkland . Our kids are targets.Who else sees the blindingly OBVIOUS remedy here? ALL Grammar + H.S. classes-on ZOOM. Period.From now on. # 1 No mass shooting target while Jimmy + Janey are at their own homes.#2 Obvious that mom can do a better job protecting the kids than these 6 figure salaried "lawmen" # 3 BILLIONS of gallons of fuel saved each WEEK on school busses + mommie + daddy taxi service taking Janey +Jjimmy to school #4- BILLIONS of $$ on salary saved-on manning these school buildings with bolshevik groomers + agitators that the teacher colleges full of marxist professors turn out. Incentivize the process for mom + dad-Jimmy + Janey do the homework,progress well,tax incentives to family. Make "back to school" = back to zoom

Big Al • 1 month ago

He is an obese pig. Obese people are cowardly by nature.

drjillpinkotaco • 1 month ago

Will this Unite the world when we find out the Truth behind School shootings? They are pure evil.

John • 1 month ago

Unlocking a door is not a breach. Uvalde police were either in on it or pu$$ies. Maybe they should hire some real men who know how to deal violence and deal with violence.

The Ghost of George Floyd • 1 month ago

Stop saying it was "mishandled." They handled it exactly as they were told. The slaughter of children is the exact thing they needed after they got their marching orders from WEF. And to boot they let it happen to "expendable" minority children.

Matthew DeLier • 1 month ago

All Facts - US govt employs 240,000 security officers in different capacities nationwide and contracts 1000's more. In DC alone, a few thousand Fed law enforcement officers and 9700+ armed security contractors protect 127 Federal buildings. Each DC fed building is protected by an average of close to 100 guns. Plus Capitol Police, DC Metro, Secret Service, FBI, Homeland Security, etc.

I propose all armed security personnel get transferred to schools and we put up "Gun Free Zone" signs at all our Federal buildings!!!!

BidenSmellsLikeAGoat • 1 month ago

Liberals blamed the incident on the fact that these Hispanics voted for Trump. Sick

Highlander • 1 month ago

It took,a couple of Federal Border Patrol Agents who could tell the Uvalde locals to Fraakk off to end this damn situation!

BidenSmellsLikeAGoat • 1 month ago

Merrick Garland called and told arrredondo to stand down

lenardringo • 1 month ago

Gun grabbers wanted more bodies and they got them. So now they push gun bans that only disarm law abiding people. Mass killers and other criminals will use homemade sub machine guns. These are simple and easiest of automatic weapons to make. Search for Luty guns for examples.

OldDannyboy12 • 1 month ago

If government is rewarded for it's failures with more money, power and less liberty for the people don't be surprised if they fail the people even more.

libertarianmark • 1 month ago

There is something just not right. You don't a friggin key to enter a locked door. Sledge hammer and haligan and a minute tops and they're in.

And if you're keystone cops SWAT doesn't have these tools ask the FD, because I guarantee they have them and the expertise to perform forcible entry.

Anyone check this guys pants...guessing there was a long, dark wet spot in front from him pissing his pants because he was too scared to do anything. Gutless coward.

BidenSmellsLikeAGoat • 1 month ago

And why didn't they break a window?

Akbcat • 1 month ago

They were held back intentionally to maximize the carnage of this Rex Flag event.

McFly • 1 month ago

'Mishandled'? I don't call it 'mishandled' when police were either paralyzed with fear or were ordered to stand down. Something stinks with this... it's obvious. And the parents and the community deserve answers.

Linda Davis • 1 month ago

Who told the cops to stand down? Nanny piglosi like she did on J6.

Linda Davis • 1 month ago

Where is Ray Epps?

SheepDog • 1 month ago

Ballistic shields should be in all police units. Officers should be trained in the use of shields.

Morrigan, too • 1 month ago

A few years ago there was much rage and outcry from "the community" that the police were being weaponized. I hate what happened here, but the cops can't win.

Sir Jeremy (Read Bio) • 1 month ago

Police fail to protect students...
Police stop others from protecting students...
Dems: Give your right to self defense up!

Texas: Guns fault
Rittenhouse: shooters fault

How many times do they have to prove gun control is about power over the people and not safety