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Mike Joyce • 1 year ago

Trump said he would do a document dump of classified material, and I am sure the Deep state is angry. It doesn't matter though, none of us trust much of the government anymore and we certainly don't trust the FBI and doj.

Jiri Nemec • 1 year ago

The USA patriots should really uprise.. And those who say that a violent conflict is not a solution are lying to themselves because there is not such a thing as "self-fix" miracle.. There's no time to waste. With each month from now the patriots will be more and more oppressed by the new US communist regime until they are unable to do a single thing...

Mike Joyce • 1 year ago

We already are rising up, and the first part is already happening with alternative media such as GAB and messaging apps like Telegram.

Jiri Nemec • 1 year ago

And do you really believe this is enough...?

Mike Joyce • 1 year ago

Of course not, there will have to be a battle in the end of it takes too long or if the FBI and DOJ are corrupt all the way through the ranks.

Daniel Chaitin @danielchaitin7

Tucker Carlson: Mitch McConnell "sent word over to the White House: if you pardon Julian Assange, we are much more likely to convict you in an impeachment trial."

If that's the case, Trump should pardon Assange and then go on tv and burn Mitch and his allies to the ground.

oneamongmany • 1 year ago

Trump doesn't have to worry about impeachment. He'll have these RINO crooks over a barrel by high noon tomorrow.

TRC2000 • 1 year ago


Kate Sturgill • 1 year ago

Doubtful, but ok. Nothing is going to happen. No sudden martial law overnight. Trump will go to Florida and Biden and the commies take over.

Joe_Fraudy6 • 1 year ago

While I hope so.

We are you going to say at noon tomorrow when that doesn’t happen?

El wood • 1 year ago

Mitch sounds desperate with that statement, IMO. If he is confident of Biden being POTUS that call would not have needed to be made.

Momwhocares • 1 year ago

Can you picture Trump saying,”Bring it on!”? I can.

deploritarian • 1 year ago

I did too! but it was just a dream. :( No pardon vor Assange. He caved.

Roy • 1 year ago

Alan D said you can't impeach a president after he's left office.

truthorconsequences • 1 year ago

you also can't do half the sht they've done but...they've done it now haven't they?

Kathy721 • 1 year ago

Dem’s are trying to draft something up now. They want an additional something so Trump can’t ever run again.

VictoriaRules • 1 year ago

This trove of information should have been made public 2 years ago.

Kerianseray • 1 year ago

With NO redactions, period.

tailpipe05 • 1 year ago

Anything less than Wray's head on a stick isn't true justice


Best case scenario for tomorrow: Biden is inaugurated, verifying his intent to illegally usurp the presidency and Constitution. The troops arrest him and his ilk. Military tribunals start IMMEDIATELY for the world to watch.

El wood • 1 year ago

Finally there would be something to watch on TV. Maybe some celebrities too.

Jeff Valasek • 1 year ago

Would seem to be a great source of evidence of a crime to catch those committing a crime, IN THE ACT OF ACTUALLY COMMITING THE CRIME, in front of thousands of eyewitnesses.
...try to deny that...

DBTfan • 1 year ago

Will you be here whining tomorrow when none of that nonsense happens or will you have another theory of "what's really going on?" LMAO

Guest • 1 year ago
giftofgab247 • 1 year ago

I'll be there with bells on, eating popcorn.

Tonkin Gulf 1965 • 1 year ago

Lou Dobbs: "The release of these documents will show, as we already know, that the FBI, for sometime, has been basically a para-military police working for the democrat party."

LOL2.0 • 1 year ago

a la KGB

Dohboy • 1 year ago

Has ANYBODY seen the hysterical joy among the Biden supporters dancing in the streets and yelling Hooray??
Any boat parades? Any huge rallies to praise his incredible edicts? I say edicts, because THATS WHATS COMING FOLKS: EXECUTIVE ORDERS!!!!

Stan • 1 year ago

Trump got 70% of the vote..... Biden is Dog poo....

I M Deplorable • 1 year ago

They're dancing in the streets in Iran.

Ninky • 1 year ago

And in Beijing.

Snapperman • 1 year ago

executive orders to continue the economic destruction of the country and to start the totalitarian social laws to eliminate dissent.

JumpingBadger • 1 year ago

And in between, the call for "unity"

Ambassador Kislyak • 1 year ago

If "Director" Wray objects...it must be good.

The Crucible • 1 year ago

Donald J Trump set such a high standard for the US presidency, no mortal will be able to live up to it.

It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites, scoundrels and thieves.

Old Texian • 1 year ago

Panic sobbad they've turned a city into Fort DC.

MKFlyboy • 1 year ago

Hunter's laptop? Hillary's emails? Pelosi's laptop??? Wouldn't that be sweet!

cavt • 1 year ago

Who is the bigger scumbag: Wray or Comey--

Adopted • 1 year ago


EBS • 1 year ago

Just a few years too late. SMH

Ninky • 1 year ago

Now how about having the military arrest every D.C. criminal tomorrow morning.

Obama_Drama • 1 year ago


Ninky • 1 year ago

From my keyboard to God's ears.

Sky Pie • 1 year ago

The ' Steele coup' that failed has been eclipsed by the 'steal coup' that didn't.

Probably many of the same actors in both. Just many more in the one that didn't fail. Which is the one that really hurt.

Dennis Finan • 1 year ago

Still laughing at people thinking this election was legit. No possible way Biden can get 80m votes

YuckYoYiden • 1 year ago

Anything is possible. Just ask them, they will tell you it’s the truth. Oh wait, we shouldn’t question anything anymore. You are a
T e rr or I st if you do. Now zip it and obey. And wait for the next troll to chim in 😉

RA • 1 year ago

Who cares, it doesn't matter anymore.

Everything Burns • 1 year ago

I wish he could have declassified documents related to Benghazi but Obama and Clinton likely had everything shredded.

DBTfan • 1 year ago

The fecklessly incompetent republicans had HC under oath for 11 hours straight and got nothing. Pathetic.