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Also, remember what she said in this press conference.

The vote skimming was NATIONAL and not just swing states.

1.25 votes for Biden and .75 for Trump and that politicians PAID to have ELECTION INSURANCE.

dayanmao • 6 days ago

Please fix California.

I am thinking California is actually RED.

Not joking either.

dayanmao • 6 days ago

Me too. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been for the past decade or more.

Green Onions • 6 days ago

I know this: I am getting tired of only being able to vote for worthless Dems in the Senate races because of the jungle primaries. Those should be unconstitutional.

Proud Communist • 6 days ago

Remember, Komiforia's jungle primary gave us Kamala Harris.

BACK ON TOPIC: So, The Donald has the Smartmatic/Dominion counting servers from Barcelona & Frankfurt?

If, true, the potential schadenfreude here is off the charts
--to infinity & beyond.

Bret Rekcah • 6 days ago

Guys she states she isn't sure if the good guys or the bad guys got the server! Meaning if it was the bad guys then they are covering up tracks..

Gatorbear2 • 6 days ago

She is sharp as a tack and has a reason for every statement she makes. It is possible she was telling the truth but also possible she is doing what I call shaking the bushes. I have a feeling she knows exactly who took the server.

Take Back Our Media • 6 days ago

A military raid in Germany would require Trump's approval. He's not sending in Team Schiff.

Coups require military response. This is way out of the league of the corrupt political Sewer Supreme Court, thank God.

curt • 6 days ago

I can't help but wonder, how the heck did we get past Merkel on this?

Keep the Chief • 6 days ago

Good question. And why has she not said anything about it?

Giuliani is putting all the co-conspirators on notice. They are leaking just enough so the criminals know what’s up. Now they give the press a choice to do their jobs or be co-conspirators.

Trump will speak when he can tell his supporters that people are being arrested and who has been already. There is only one resolution to what the democrats have done for four years.

Keep the Chief • 6 days ago

Hence why they've gradually disseminated the information. To give the criminals a chance to turn on each other.

Right about now these Deep State Rats don’t know who friend or foe is. Only a matter time before they start sticking each other in the back.

Rhonda Brazell • 6 days ago

One thing is for sure this is a crucial and dangerous time.

johnparker237 • 6 days ago

We have to be ready for whatever happens. Because it's pretty clear now that this is a hill worth dying on. If this scheme succeeds, the USA as we have known it will cease to exist.

Michael Hennesy • 6 days ago

The COURTS whether they realize it or not are sitting on boiling TEA POT ! If they sanction this LAWLESS DEMOCRAT VOTE STEALING SCHEME then they are telling Americans that the US CONSTITUTION MEANS NOTHING ! The vote of 73,000,000 million AMERICANS is easily NULLIFIED by ILLEGAL VOTES . I don't need to tell you where that will lead .

Herb Daniels • 5 days ago

That's right. We can't allow crooked election to stand or there is no 2024 or ever...

Ned • 5 days ago

Sydney says could be up to 80 million voted for Trump!!!

TruePatriotInTX • 5 days ago

She hinted that the server shows Trump got 410 electoral votes! It shows he won both CA and NY!

Frank Kush • 5 days ago

The greatest thing Trump had ever done is to expose the pedos, elites, and demons in our country who want to rule all of us in a fallen society. They want to live apart from God and take all the people with them. We're in a battle for our souls and the souls of our children.

Failure is not an option!

51 Silver • 5 days ago

If and when this reaches the Supreme Court, and I believe it will - what are the FOUR liberals to do? I suspect the weakened and compromised jurist will fold and join the majority; Breyer and Kagan seem to have some common sense, but I lave no confidence in Sotomayor. I have full trust in Thomas and Alito; and I believe the three recent Trump appointees will do the right thing. Probably a 6-3 or 7-2 vote in the end...

TruePatriotInTX • 5 days ago

No, the liberals won't be able to help themselves, but they will be WRONG on every count. The only true ruling that SCOTUS can give is to force each state to follow their own laws as they were prior to the election. Since the Constitution gives each state the right to run their own elections, the legislatures create the laws by state. This means that every mail-in ballot submitted that was not requested by the voter is illegal and every ballot received after the deadline is illegal. If they don't rule this way, they might as well burn the constitution.

disqus_HdTpEbvdPh • 5 days ago

Watering the tree of Liberty.

mrlyn60 • 5 days ago

Fiercely guard that 2nd Amendment right. If they can't do the job "We" must. Or we fall.

Rhonda Brazell • 5 days ago

I’ll be damned if so many in this country get too fight for so called freedom 10,000 miles from home and not fight here.

theclaz • 6 days ago

And that is a good and bad thing. Haha

ronnie landau • 6 days ago

It is only dangerous for the the socialist deep state operatives for President Trump is the hammer 🔨 on behalf of heaven.

Kgeorge34 • 6 days ago

It is time to flood the streets in protest. Why won't Trump supporters come out and at least rally and show support? The silent majority can't stay silent. The fraud is so obvious but no matter the proof it won't change the dems, the media or the courts. The people must show they won't accept it. It matters. If not now, when? After December 8 it is too late.

Tom Davis • 6 days ago

On that note - likely due to the lack of Trump supporters (should be millions) rallying in Atlanta:

A federal judge, who was appointed just last year by Trump – has rejected the Trump campaign’s efforts to block the vote certification in Georgia.

It should be appealed - then we will see if the ones he put on SCOTUS are any better.

JONES • 6 days ago

Yep, I’m not confident in the SC.

... • 6 days ago

You think you would want to make a judgement that would lead to your job being impeded by expanding the court? It wouldn't be in their best interest to push the Dems through.

JONES • 5 days ago

Good point...I’ve never considered that. Thanks! :)

Herman Snerd • 6 days ago

Tom, did you ever think that Trump may want the courts to seem like they are compromised??? That opens the way for his being able to go around them and use military tribunals for all this......if the courts are declared irrevocably corrupt then he can use military tribunals and BAM! none of these rats gets away and many will be executed for their TREASON.

mrlyn60 • 5 days ago

And consider "We" have our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights specifically written for this very situation.

Tom Davis • 5 days ago

No, I don't see that. I can hear Ivanka's crying from here. Just look how he caved on immigration.
It's a good idea, but Trump seems to lack the Patton-gene, so I just don't think it's likely.

knifethrower • 5 days ago

"Doesn't have the Patton-gene"?

What are you talking about? It takes balls bigger than an elephant's to take on the Deep State and drain the Swamp.
You always seem to plant the seed of doubt in your post, what side are you on?

Tom Davis • 5 days ago

I am on the "MAGA" side. You know, this part - which is not court-blocked, and all needed laws already on the books:

Immigration law doesn’t exist for the purpose of keeping criminals out.
It exists to protect all aspects of American life.
The work site, the welfare office, the education system, and everything else.
That is why immigration limits are established in the first place.
If we only enforced the laws against crime ("whack a mole" with "bad hombres" - like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush), then we have an open border to the entire world.
We will enforce all of our immigration laws.


For those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status (DACAs), they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for reentry like everybody else

- Trump Immigration Policy Speech, Phoenix AZ 2016\

Trump threw us under the bus on ALL that. After we block the steal, we need to continue the rallies, at the WH, to REMIND him of HIS WORDS.

knifethrower • 5 days ago

IMO...sometimes it's necessary to compromise your position to appease your enemy, so later he can win the election and complete the plan of taking down the Deep State.
Trump might have lost too many Latino votes if he played hard ball with the enemy over the Immigration policy, hopefully Trump will expose the Democrats attempted coup and win the election. After that, we can hold him to his words.
I personally will be overjoyed if he wins the election and then sends all the DS traitors and Hollywood pedophiles into prison. If Trump reverses his position on Immigration laws, that would be another bonus, yet if he doesn't, I can live with that.

Tom Davis • 5 days ago

Trump would have been the most popular president since Jackson, if he kept his promises on immigration. As POTUS, Trump sold us out, just like he sold out Americans when he hired H2Bs in his resorts, so he could pocket the "labor savings" that would have supported American families.

That said we MUST stop the steal. Then, we have to organize multi-million-patriot "Send Them All Back" rallies, to force his hand on immigration - MAKE him keep his 2016 promises, or face the result of us sending them back "our way."

Kira de La Rochefoucauld • 5 days ago

It Has to go to the SC.The people must be shown.

mrlyn60 • 5 days ago

It's the sole reason the First and Second Amendments were put into place right at the beginning of our Constitution (the most important)... to defend against a tyrannical government. Our Forefathers seen the possibilities then what we are experiencing today.
"We must all hang together or, indeed, we shall all hang separately" -Benjamin Franklin

chaggie90 • 5 days ago

You need to search more vigorously for information. There were a couple hundred thousand at a rally in DC last weekend as well as other rallies across the U.S. Don't expect anything to be covered by mainstream media.

will249 • 5 days ago

It's the law of the republic we wait on . If then the courts can't justify the proven sound evidence . It will be left to the citizens to enact it whether by law or force . The republic of America must stand .

michael loehrer • 6 days ago

More dangerous than people realize. Consider the consequences either way.

Train Tracker • 6 days ago

imagine an actual deadly virus released this time...

bc if I can imagine it, i'm sure they already have plans for it

Michael Hennesy • 6 days ago

This CCP COVID VIRUS is pretty deadly now and it sure gave the DEMOCRATS the cover they needed to run this MAIL IN BALLOT SCAM . With President Trump gone , China Joe will do their bidding . We will be a puppet state of the CCP . Americans better wake up this IS serious . The CCP is shipping Fentanyl directly to the Drug Cartels and the DEMOCRATS WANT OPEN BORDERS . Art Del Cueto of the Border Patrol said the CARAVANS are waiting for Biden to take office.

Spacecaptainscott • 5 days ago

As far as pretty deadly, I disagree. I was reading reports from the CDC website, and after looking through a ton of useless information about percentages of deaths showing with /without positive covid testing results.
I finally found that between 2-1-2020 and 11-14-2020 there have been a total of 2,521,952 total deaths from all causes.
I also found that in 2018 there were a total of 2,839,205 deaths.
So, no significant indication that covid made any difference at all in the amount of deaths.

Lady Cham • 6 days ago

Well, the edicts have been handed down by the Commies to lockdown..

Maybe it’ll get Newsom, Pelosi, the Cuomo crooks, and other “elites” not following their own orders...

Wolverin • 6 days ago

Prepared for anything...