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Y'know, I've defended Dr. Fauci (or using his CCP name, Fao Chi) over the past weeks, saying that his answers were based on how he is a scientist who is very specific and a bit nerdy.

Well, after all of these various articles, I can only come to one conclusion.

I was wrong.

This guy IS a deep stater, he IS a Clinton lover, he IS trying to cover his bee-hind instead of actually doing his job.

I apologize for my mistake, folks...

taxpayer22 • 1 year ago

Ron Paul calls on Trump to fire Fauci because 'he's a fraud, doesn't give good information and is trying to have total control over the people'..

barefooted_rascal • 1 year ago

He's definitely a little snake.

Virgil Sollozzo • 1 year ago

Personally speaking I don’t trust anyone, regardless of politics or qualifications, who feels the need to appear on EVERY cable news show that he or she’s invited to.. For God’s sake, this guy even went on Al Sharpton’s show!.. I mean EVERYONE knows Sharpton’s a race baiting hoax promoting huckster, even the few people who actually like him!.. And yet somehow Fauci still thought that was a good idea?.. So what’s next, The View?....

Be it the thankfully late John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Adam Schiff, or whomever, once it becomes almost dangerous to get in between a camera and a person’s over bloated opinion of themselves, well then you can pretty much take it to the bank that it’s of FAR more importance to that person to have their ego stroked than doing anything that might actually contribute to the greater good....

Marc Train • 1 year ago

He was also wrong on the H1N1 during the usurper administration. He is looking like Avenatti, in bed with the msm, carelessly backing another loser. WHO elected him to dictate policy for the Trump administration?

Lev Bronstein • 1 year ago

He's been wrong about every disease that's come down the pike since he got his current job way back in 1984.

FireFlameStoves • 1 year ago

He was also inept concerning HIV and wasted many BILLIONS of our tax dollars without ever finding a vaccine.

Dazeez5555 • 1 year ago

I think he's auditioning for the medical contributor at all of the cable networks. I think he knows he's out.

Siriusly • 1 year ago

Dr. Fauci needs to be indicted for sedition and/or treason. There is no way his whiplash-inducing contradictory statements and use of obviously inflated, panic-inducing models are not deliberate. This fraud is a long-time deep stater, playing his part in the destruction of our economy, and Trump's presidency.

Rick Rickerson • 1 year ago

He's auditioning for CNN.

The Shadow • 1 year ago

Notice that at the few briefings/press conferences which Fauxi did not attend that the Fakestream Whorespondents immediately began asking where he was. I think they knew he was their guy on the inside and they were trying to support/cover him.

Wesley Alexander • 1 year ago

He fooled many of us.

However, when he poo - pooed Trump's support for the use of hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus azithromycin treatment and said we needed CLINICAL TRIALS, that is when I started to question the guy. As Trump said, what does a person have to lose??? Fauci STILL insisted on clinical trials, even though doctors around the world were using it with amazing results.

Now, he is in the process of changing the narrative --- maybe he wants to be the star witness at the next Schiff Show in the Second Impeachment????

RandSec • 1 year ago

So if a patient has incredible recovery with hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus azithromycin that may be "anecdotal" as in applying to just one patient, but it is also evidence. Where is the evidence that the anecdote is false?

Our continuing trouble with "professionals" who give wrong advice may show that contested issues of fact should be decided by an unbiased jury, instead of biased "professionals."

candofeminist • 1 year ago

That would be my guess. So tired of the Quislings trying to undermine this President.

The Big Kahuna • 1 year ago

No apology required; he has been exposed. That is good enough.
Time to broom out these clowns.

Schrödinger's cat • 1 year ago


The problem is, Doc, that you have to trust people at times in this life and he presented the subject well - maybe a bit too well... He clearly gets a kick out of appearing in front of a mass audience and there lies the danger. He was enjoying vast audiences on the WH Press Briefings because of TRUMP, let's face it, he is not otherwise a 'towering figure' in any sense you may interpret.

But he thought he could just win over the opposite side of the political divide as well, not by convincing them, but by arguing to the contrary. He should be dropped like a stone.

Reputations are made by many acts and lost by one.

Dazeez5555 • 1 year ago

I still go between deep stater playing a role in a hoax OR career government worker trying to cover up his incompetency. The constant very public flip-flopping shows me he's not very good at either.

Luther Wu • 1 year ago

Thing is, our government is full of incompetent little would- be dictators, from top to bottom.

disgusted • 1 year ago

He has been in his role for 36 years. Any competent doctor would have been in private practice making coin...

Mr. Thatcher • 1 year ago

Same - same.

RJJinGadsden • 1 year ago

I had a difficult time trusting Fao Chi, but I was also just as well wrong about him too. You are certainly not alone Doc.

barefooted_rascal • 1 year ago

I believe there was evidence of his incompetency even before his complicity became apparent. His advice has always been suspect.

Hauser Slot • 1 year ago

As Eric "Otter" Stratton stated in "Animal House": "You f'd up - You trusted us." :)

GreenLanternMD • 1 year ago

He also said, “Hey, it's gotta work better than the truth” and “What a tool.”

PaulRevery • 1 year ago

Fauci and Birx are joined at the hip with Bill Gates and his eugenics program. He's promoting this insane rewrite of history as a proxy war for Gates. Fauci wouldn't stop swapping kisses with WHO over their China centric policy. Fauci deserves everything that is coming to him.

bruiser1128 • 1 year ago

The Gateway Pundit should have a reporter question Fauci On each of these contradictions and misinformation at today’s Presidential Task Force briefing....Don’t let this lil’ backstabbing weasel off the hook...He can’t have it both ways!

Does TGP have a reporter there? Because they SHOULD...

If not, hopefully OANN will ask.

FactsAreStubbornThings • 1 year ago

He's nothing but a 2-faced FAUXI Dr. who is doing his best to audition for his next day-time matinee idol gig!

FactsAreStubbornThings • 1 year ago

P.S. NO OTHER COUNTRY locked down its economy in February! They all started locking their countries down around the time we did, as we were all operating under the same dire and completely inaccurate predictions about the course of the pandemic! Potus Trump was the first to Ban China travel. No one was out there predicting how fast the virus would come here from China via Europe. But Europe for the most part was very slow to ban travel from China, so the USA, as the most visited country in the WORLD from a global travel perspective got ALL the virus load from outside travelers early-on! Bottom-line, Trump acted faster on travel bans that any other country, which bought us time and saved many thousands of more lives!

candofeminist • 1 year ago

He helped botch the containment of the HIV virus in the 80's. Stood in the way of time tested containment methods (routine testing and contact tracing) used for all previous contagious infectious diseases. You had to jump through hoops to order an HIV test and even then you couldn't flag the chart. The 80's was a scary time to be a medical care provider thanks to Fauci's team.
Nor are his annual vaccines required to undergo clinical trials to PROVE they are safe and effective for the actual viral strain circulating. They guess which viral strain will circulate the next year and prepare a vaccine for that strain. Half the time they guess wrong.

matt • 1 year ago

It's okay Doc we are human and we all make mistakes.

carshop • 1 year ago

Doc, we all want to think the best of people, especially those in medicine. I made the same mistake.

Guest • 1 year ago

I've only worn a mask while I had a cold (and then while I was getting over it but still contagious). Pretty sure I won't need it after tomorrow, 'cause that's two weeks after my symptoms went away.

I do keep to social distancing, but that's only because I'm so butt ugly most people see me and run away screaming... ;)

returntoroots • 1 year ago

Yes. including the statements about masks being dangerous in laymen's hands, which may or may not be good advice, no conservative site I've seen has challenged the Surgeon General who has consistently made dire and terrifying warnings - as recently as yesterday. For example; This week is "going to be our Pearl Harbor moment", “I want America to understand, this week, it’s going to get bad.”
What's up with that?

Alexander Hamilton • 1 year ago

or...he's totally incompetent and a buffoon, or more than likely, both!

dman • 1 year ago

no problem, this deceiver has fooled many people. It is obvious fauci is a deep stater. He is in with bill gates, Clinton's, and everyone else that hates President Trump. he should have been gone a long time ago. I hope the senate rakes him through the coals today. We will soon see!!!!

David Calvani • 1 year ago

I wouldn't say it's fair to call him a Clinton lover, or to say he's acting out of partisan political concerns.

You are right, howeve, about him being a deep-state (or permanent-state) bureaucrat who is covering his own behind. He needs to lose his job. Now.

R Stranger • 1 year ago

The President is surrounded by them, I mean the President is covered in ticks and leeches and no amount of maneuvering will appease the jackals in the media.. The President needs some carnivorous plants of his own in the press room, some 3D chess if you like.. Otherwise he's just a punching bag...

Kathleen Marion • 1 year ago

Takes an honest man of integrity to admit their faults and apologize! Thank you! You are a great man!

OldSailor • 1 year ago

He's a lying sack. Fire his ass.

Hope • 1 year ago

It's okay, Doc. You gave all us conspiracy theorists another point of view. That is never a bad thing, even if incorrect.

Tim J • 1 year ago

Look Doc, there was no way for you to know that Fauci is as disingenuous as he has turned out to be. He has fooled most of us to this point and there is no reason to apologize for something you could not have known

Czechster • 1 year ago

“As we medical professionals brace for the influx of patients and make the necessary preparations, I am reassured by the seriousness with which President Donald Trump is taking the situation and by the specific assistance his administration has provided doctors and other professionals on the front line of this pandemic,”

Fauci needs to be indicted for Treason and accomplice to Sedition along with his Deep State buddies.

The Shadow • 1 year ago

Not to worry a lot of people were impressed by his apparent credentials. Fauxi has now proven himself to be a CYA specialist. Given his, and his wife's, adulation of Hitlery he is exposed as a Deep State apparatchik who is not to be trusted. It is as simple as that, and now he is behaving like a typical DemonKKKrat bureaucrat and playing the CYA game - and not really all that effectively.

I suspect from his actions, and pronouncements that a deep dive into his finances would find that he is on the string of big pharma, Bill Gates, and likely our old "friend" Darth George, Hannibal Lectre, Soros. His dismissal of apparently effective treatments, such as Hydroxychloroquine, in favor of another ineffective vaccine (highly profitable vs a $20 generic regimen) immediately sent up red flags. As RFK jr. has rightfully pointed out the major health bureaucracies (NIH, CDC, FDA) are heavily compromised by big money from big pharma.

At this point all of Fauxi's pronouncements and recommendations should be viewed with extreme skepticism. He, regardless of who's paying, appears to be dishonest and heavily compromised somewhere along the line.

kraigg • 1 year ago

I'm sure the thumbs up, wink and a nod he keeps giving to reporters that attack President Trump will convince a lot more that he is just another swamp rat.

Voice of Reason • 1 year ago

No worries, Doc. Your “right” ratio is on par with Rush Limbaugh.

prouddeplorable • 1 year ago

This is the PERFECT description of this lying POS!!! I may have to 'steal' it.

Sunshine • 1 year ago

I said the same thing....

Cherie Leonard • 8 months ago

An enormous amount of scientists who have worked with Fauci say he is a thief and a liar. The scientists who
worked under him at his labs said he tricked them into getting their research papers and then turned them in
as his own and then applied for and got patents on vaccines....which he made millions, if not billions for. He
and Dr. Gallo did the same for AIDS drugs in the 80's and 90's. This occurred while thousands of thousands
of Gay men died. Watch "The Band Played On" here on YouTube. This is a very enlightening movie about
Gallo and Fauci and the travesty they pulled off. How is it that people forget so fast....maybe because they
have us all on the mouse treadmill trying to earn a living....oh, and don't forget about all of our tax dollars funding
these labs. I pray that one day we will see all of the Rats jumping off the Rat Yacht.