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Jon Wilford • 4 years ago

What’s going on? Nancy is colluding with Ukraine on many fronts, that’s what’s going on... The corruption in the House and Senate is so massive, all those traitors want POTUS TRUMP gone before the truth comes out ABOUT THEM!

slim-pickens • 4 years ago

Selling guns and weapons of war..I'll hire your slu_ daughter if you buy guns from me...It worked for Diane Fienstein.. She had a Chinese man on payroll while hubby did business with them...

Rita pappas • 4 years ago

Yep. But it looks like the truth WILL come out. MAGA 2020!

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago

They need to start figuring out how Puke-losi made all of her multi millions. They need to investigate her finances, and see if she has any off shore accounts. She's a witch and corrupt as all heck.

ComradeAdam • 4 years ago

From my understanding, she got her $120+ million net worth by renting real estate properties for well over the market rate. These are mostly properties that are rented out to corporations. Corporations that have a vested interest in keeping the Speaker of the House happy so that the laws favor them.

libsrnazi • 4 years ago

Only AFTER she entered politics...

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago

And where did she get the funds to buy said real estate??

ComradeAdam • 4 years ago

Her husband, Paul, was a wealthy businessman prior to her entering politics. Most of the money they had prior to politics appears clean. That money was used as seed money to get their scams going. After she became a politician, her net worth went up dramatically. (x100). There were some allegations of insider trading involving her husband but mostly it seems its coming from real estate rentals.

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago

Some posters on this site, have intimated that Puke-losi got paid millions by Mexican drug cartels to keep the border porous.

ComradeAdam • 4 years ago

That's entirely possible, but I highly doubt she would take a direct payment from them. It's more likely she would rent a worthless property to them for millions in order to accept a bribe like that. Politicians that remain in office always have a way to launder the money.

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago

Or they fake LLC's and offshore accounts

Fightthepols • 4 years ago

In 2009, I read that they were worth 15-17 million..

Joe Miceli • 4 years ago

Ask her Husband, who has made Millions from China !!

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago


LeeVonHart • 4 years ago

her Dad & brother ran Baltimore

LeAnn Slimes • 4 years ago

"ran," as in Mafia??

Debra Shawver • 4 years ago

It’s called treason...and it’s way past time for them to pay the piper

Idiotfor12years • 4 years ago

Thanks Q!!!.

Michigan Patriot • 4 years ago

Sound logic; thank you.

Thomas The Paine • 4 years ago

What is going on, is that the DemonRATS have bálls and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. . . And as usual, the Repugnicans are a bunch of spineless piles of living garbage, afraid to do anything about it!

Kevin Murphy • 4 years ago

Wait, wait, wait....I'm sure there's a perfectly legitimate explanation for all of this. Congressman Pelosi, would you mind explaining?

Bigcheese • 4 years ago

If they hang schiff for treason, would his neck be able to stretch anymore?

Guest • 4 years ago
Jon Wilford • 4 years ago

...and it’s going to get worse. Jesus Christ told us in the book of Revelation which is prophecy concerning the end of life in the flesh (not the end of the world, nobody is going anywhere) that we would be living in a flood of lies and that it would get so bad that it would try the hearts of “man” (no gender bias).

If you tell the same lie repeatedly to an ignorant electorate, after time the lie becomes the new truth in their mind which we have seen happening for a few decades because of a corrupt, biased news press.

Guest • 4 years ago
WeWa • 4 years ago

True. "It is written." God's judgement is coming upon the whole world.

Guest • 4 years ago
WeWa • 4 years ago

Already have been. Millions of them, beyond being reached by reason or truth.

Gigi • 4 years ago


Guest • 4 years ago

"What the hell was going on in the Ukraine?"
Corruption. And the newcomers needed political and military support after Russia annexed Crimea and started a bloodbath in Eastern Ukraine. Therefore they were ready to pay everyone for support and corrupt Dems were near to accept it.

Guest • 4 years ago
Phonecard Mike • 4 years ago

Diane Feinstein employs Chinese Spys, washer woman Schultz has Muslim Spys, the Democrats and many RINOs are bought and paid for globalists.

awakenedgiant2 • 4 years ago

Speaking of RINOS, Romney had an advisor to his campaign serving on the same board as Hunter Biden!!!!

Craig Mckain • 4 years ago

Carey's step son is in the mix too lest we forget. As a non American watching this FOLLY, man your country was in a MESS pre Trump, hes a passionate Patriot that boy, if ever there was one, his sacrifice has been IMMENSE, as has his kids. What a POTUS!

tengallonhat • 4 years ago

There were rumors of Harry Reid's son making deals with the Chinese and having to do with the sale of minerals or public land to the Chinese. Somehow, Reid was able to "free up" public land to sell mineral rights or land to the Chinese.

WillRaj • 4 years ago

Reid's son made a fortune selling rare minerals mined in Nevada to the Chinese . If course Reid said he and his son never ever discussed the sons business dealings .

Skay • 4 years ago

Democrats lie.

FredFlint • 4 years ago

And RINO's

WE THE PEOPLE 🇺🇲 • 4 years ago

That's a Moslem for you

socks bluebird • 4 years ago

he didn t know until he read it in the paper with his one good eye

FredFlint • 4 years ago

We haven't seen Reid's golf game photos yet.

de Hauteville • 4 years ago

I thought Harry Reid was dying of cancer?

Craig Mckain • 4 years ago

In God We Trust.

no problem • 4 years ago

Correct. It is what the Ammon, Bundy scandals were about as well as others they were trying to drive off the land to steal from it.

Paul Kersey • 4 years ago

Reid sold out the BLM - Bureau of Land Management to the highest Chinese bidder ! Bougt and paid for like the rest. Swamp / Pond scum ! ! !

Craig Mckain • 4 years ago

Yes and he screwed Vegas over pretty good too. I think he and Sinatra had a stand off when Reid was a corrupt local bodies member and Sinatra wanted his Casino license back, Reid was Chairman of the Committee if memory serves me correctly, its going back a few haircuts now.

Htos1av • 4 years ago

That's why Bundy was killed defending his land.

Talcum X • 4 years ago

Lavoy Finicum was murdered by the FBI in a planned operation when he was exposing the corruption/crimes to others. May this patriot be avenged and rest in peace good brother.

A crime resulting in the death of anyone carries a capital murder charge.