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Jon Wilford • 2 years ago

What’s going on? Nancy is colluding with Ukraine on many fronts, that’s what’s going on... The corruption in the House and Senate is so massive, all those traitors want POTUS TRUMP gone before the truth comes out ABOUT THEM!

Guest • 2 years ago

The hag is a corrupt fraud.

Washington Post said Nancy could be the President in an article.

No way in heck.

Phonecard Mike • 2 years ago

Diane Feinstein employs Chinese Spys, washer woman Schultz has Muslim Spys, the Democrats and many RINOs are bought and paid for globalists.

awakenedgiant2 • 2 years ago

Speaking of RINOS, Romney had an advisor to his campaign serving on the same board as Hunter Biden!!!!

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Carey's step son is in the mix too lest we forget. As a non American watching this FOLLY, man your country was in a MESS pre Trump, hes a passionate Patriot that boy, if ever there was one, his sacrifice has been IMMENSE, as has his kids. What a POTUS!

tengallonhat • 2 years ago

There were rumors of Harry Reid's son making deals with the Chinese and having to do with the sale of minerals or public land to the Chinese. Somehow, Reid was able to "free up" public land to sell mineral rights or land to the Chinese.

WillRaj • 2 years ago

Reid's son made a fortune selling rare minerals mined in Nevada to the Chinese . If course Reid said he and his son never ever discussed the sons business dealings .

Skay • 2 years ago

Democrats lie.

FredFlint • 2 years ago

And RINO's

loretta66 • 2 years ago

That's a Moslem for you

socks bluebird • 2 years ago

he didn t know until he read it in the paper with his one good eye

FredFlint • 2 years ago

We haven't seen Reid's golf game photos yet.

de Hauteville • 2 years ago

I thought Harry Reid was dying of cancer?

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

In God We Trust.

no problem • 2 years ago

Correct. It is what the Ammon, Bundy scandals were about as well as others they were trying to drive off the land to steal from it.

Paul Kersey • 2 years ago

Reid sold out the BLM - Bureau of Land Management to the highest Chinese bidder ! Bougt and paid for like the rest. Swamp / Pond scum ! ! !

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Yes and he screwed Vegas over pretty good too. I think he and Sinatra had a stand off when Reid was a corrupt local bodies member and Sinatra wanted his Casino license back, Reid was Chairman of the Committee if memory serves me correctly, its going back a few haircuts now.

Htos1av • 2 years ago

That's why Bundy was killed defending his land.

Talcum X • 2 years ago

Lavoy Finicum was murdered by the FBI in a planned operation when he was exposing the corruption/crimes to others. May this patriot be avenged and rest in peace good brother.

A crime resulting in the death of anyone carries a capital murder charge.

Enki's_Advocate • 2 years ago

Yes, we will not rest until the corrupt FBI and other LEOs go to jail for LaVoy's murder.

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Hear Hear!
Fkn MURDER of the 1st Degree.

JoAnnthePlumber • 2 years ago

Bundy wasn't killed, but sons were jailed for activism in Oregon.

SouthernManII • 2 years ago

Rieds daughter was pretty dirty, getting some kickbacks from one of daddy's business ventures.

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Its in the DNA.

Wayne Petersen • 2 years ago

Somehow the Bundy Ranch was targeted by Harrys' son.

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Mineral rich land is why. They should swing by their bollocks.

Craig Mckain • 2 years ago

Harry Reids a long term scourge of Las Vegas, and Congress, rotten to the very DNA

awakenedgiant2 • 2 years ago

I agree 100%.

Who is Carey? Thanks
Opps, you mean John Kerry, yes you are correct, it is his Heinz stepson, and it happened while Kerry was SOS. Currently Kerry is speaking to foreign leaders behind Trump's back which is a violation of law. I believe Kerry is connected to Iran also

PolitikJunquie • 2 years ago

John Kerry's son-in-law IS AN IRANIAN.... Yup, nuttin to see here folks..!!!!

awakenedgiant2 • 2 years ago

Thanks for reminding me, I was driving and didn't want to search out how kerry, the war hero you know, is related to Iran..... disgusting

Guest • 2 years ago
Skay • 2 years ago

I thought that was the Kerry son in law's
best man at his daughter's wedding .
Either way Kerry should NEVER have been near any US negotiation with Iran. No wonder they sold us out in that deal. Thank goodness Trump pulled us out of that. I am sure Kerry is still selling us out since he is still visiting in Iran.
I am also sure the news media knew all about that connection but I do not remember any
news articles pointing out this glaring conflict of interest ---at all.
The Obama administration was a disaster.

Guest • 2 years ago
Skay • 2 years ago


Guest • 2 years ago
Skay • 2 years ago

Yes and angry about what the $oro$ anti US. socialist, anti Christian democrats are doing by trying to keep this President from bringing this country back from the brink of destruction that the 8 years of
Obama's administration brought about.
$oro$ is using his money to try and elect
people who will help shred our Constitution in local, state and federal positions.

Guest • 2 years ago
Skay • 2 years ago

Our press is actually owned by a small amount of
like minded leftists.

Guest • 2 years ago
Skay • 2 years ago

I agree absolutely. I certainly agree about what he has in mind about the Chinese -- along with the open borders using Cloward Piven.

Rocky • 2 years ago

John Kerry is the ahole my sister voted for years ago, I haven't spoken to her since. Being a Vietnam vet I don't take kindly to traitors.

sickofcrooks2006 • 2 years ago

Good for you , these mouth breathers need to see some consequences to their actions. Thanks for your service to our country.

awakenedgiant2 • 2 years ago

Wow I have not spoken to my sister either since we tangled over obama in oct 2008, she loved the way he spoke, but called me racist when I said are you listening to what he is saying?, and he will be the worst thing to happen to the US. Thanks for your service sir.

Skay • 2 years ago

You were right.

Benjamin • 2 years ago

Thanks for your service

no problem • 2 years ago

Name changers. It was kohn. The word kohen means priest in the true language of our CREATOR YAHUUAH known as Ibri. Look at the recently shown seals of hezekiah and isaiah and you will see the true language for yourself . They have many different variations of it. kohn, cohn, kohen, cohen.

Joseph Abarno • 2 years ago

More likely it came from the word Con as in confidence man or con man.

Benjamin • 2 years ago

There is a Carey who posts some crappy artworks on twitter vilifying the POTUS.....the actor Carey , the real Mo-ron.

Skay • 2 years ago

He is mentally unstable.

Paul Kersey • 2 years ago

All spelled out in Secret Empires by Peter Shweizer which I am reading now. Not all Democrats both parties are equally guilty of international corruption. This book explains how corruption used to be just domestic but now with global companies the corruption has become global in nature. International and of course the paydays are consequently much bigger. A great read !