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JJJ • 1 week ago

The President should follow this up with a reference to Minnesota and the Somali population there.

A perfect example of what happens when you import people from an s-hole country.

Izzy671 • 1 week ago

Minnesota??? Let's talk about Lewiston, Maine.
It's been going on for over 10 yrs.


JJJ • 1 week ago

So, they don't have to work? Where are they getting their money from?

Julie • 1 week ago

US taxpayers.

ChicoCDM • 1 week ago

Mass migration to welfare for votes is the greatest vote rigging scheme ever concocted by the left.

Older but wiser 03 • 1 week ago

They keep saying that they're not getting welfare. They're right. They're getting social security benefits.

ChicoCDM • 1 week ago

And medicare and medicaid and Obamacare, and food stamps and disability...

Guest • 1 week ago

Horse slaughter isn't do to rituals. Horse meat is a delicacy to many illegals and commands top dollar on the black market. I guess liberals would simply tell us how entrepreneurial these immigrants are.


Fidget • 1 week ago

From what I understand "refugees" get $2400 a month from taxpayers for contributing nothing to our society, plus free healthcare and housing assistance. Think about that for a minute. How much do our wounded Veterans get? How about our seniors? My mother worked her entire adult life up until the age of 70, never made more than $30,000 a year at her peak, but during her working days what she earned was considered a good salary for a secretary. She gets $1212 a month in social security (that's after the gov't deducts more than $200 a month for her "free" medicare), paid into the system since the age of 18, never collected any kind of assistance, paid her taxes, obeyed the law, contributed to society, raised kids who are law abiding and love the USA, and yet she struggles to make ends meet each month while these American hating refugees get a hand out of twice as much as she gets from a system she's paid into trusting it would be enough. Before anyone pipes up that she should have saved and personal responsibility, she did, she tried, but my father was not the most honest man and left her high and dry with nothing in the bank.

I don’t know why we are not all on Capitol Hill raising hell! We are a dying country.

BTW you just described my mom.

betspotter • 1 week ago

God bless your Mom. Hope she can manage ok.

jilliejoel • 1 week ago

You speak for all of our parents.

Denise • 1 week ago

# My mom too

Here is the actual vote in Congress... via Lou Dobbs....

Democrats Force U.S. TaxPayers to Fund Illegal Alien Welfare https://www.youtube.com/wat...

A dark day for America.

You should already have a 100 upvotes!! Where were we on this! Obviously a big reason why some lost their seats but all of them should have!

I just sent this out to everyone I know to remind everyone!

The MSM media buried it... like they do everything else that props up Patriots or harms the Leftist Narrative.

Thank you again for posting it. Brought it up on talk radio and sent it to the hosts. Under Bush!! He opened the door for zero to flood this country with invaders!

After 911 - Bush had TOTAL CONTROL TO SECURE THE BORDER 100%.... yet he did not. Instead, 6 years later he is begging for an Amnesty plan for some 12 million illegals....

The entire Bush Clan is subservient to 'non-American interests' -

The bushies are globalists as the Clinton’s and zero just hates America and wants it destroyed.

The wall was funded and bush did nothing! McSwine did not want the wall built or secured in Arizona as his own citizens on the border were killed or attacked. Why he is still a senator is beyond me.

It’s why I am against any negotiating on the wall. It was funded in the past. We have the money and have a right to protect ourselves against illegals. We have a sovereign nation and have every right to protect it.

Hy Feiber • 1 week ago

Bush also Did Nothing to End Sanctuary Cities!

You really don’t know.....

Russian Under Your Bed • 1 week ago

Move to one of the most isolated places in America where locals complained for decades about the lack of jobs and cry racism when you can't get a job. Next time try Detroit. I hear Studebaker is hiring.

I will agree with the Somalia Muslim on this one valid point he made about urban city atmosphere/culture. Urban big cities are not a place I would even consider having a family and raising children.
He is also 100% correct in his statement about the Latino and Black Americans being a bad influence because there is a major difference in Latino and Black Americans who live out in the rural areas. They tend to be less intent on criminal activity than the Latino and Black Americans in the urban big cities.

Napoleon Trombonopart • 1 week ago

Not all the Blacks in urban areas are criminals, It is still a small percentage . they just control the others thru fear and the hatred of Police and authority that the Dems whip up .

ChicoCDM • 1 week ago

Strangly it doesn’t matter if you are in Brazil or Ghana - same thing with the African descendants.

pez • 1 week ago

I know. Had a friend whose brother was shot there. What a mess.

jilliejoel • 1 week ago

My best friend lives in Maine (where I grew up). FACT!

Technically speaking, Somalia is not really even a country because they don't even have a working airport..........and it literally is a real honest to god sh@thole. Just like Haiti is. Heck Haiti has been a literal sh@thole for decades and decades.

The sadly pathetic part about it is that continents like Africa could be a huge and I mean a huge economic powerhouse with all the natural resource it has. Thing that's holding it back is the extreme tribalism cross border warfare. Thing is that has been the plan for decades or even going back to the 19th century where the British crown wanted to keep the Continent of Africa tribally divided and therefore keep it weak. Qaddafi tried really hard to bring the African Continent in to some sort of unity and prosperity but look what Obama and Clinton did to Libya. Turn what was moving in to a very prosperous well educated society back in to a sh@thole that Qaddafi was quickly moving it away from.

pez • 1 week ago

And yet Hillary giggled like a pleased school girl over Qaddafi's brutal death. That is forever ingrained in my mind.

rodguy911 • 1 week ago

Brilliant statement on Libya and Qdaffi did have it all under control. He had or was in the process of having health insurance for everyone,housing available, good wages, and was getting ready to make a garden out of the desert.He was inthe process of creating massive desalination plants all over North Africa.
What go him killed however was threatening to secure the dinar with gold. Soros could not stand that and told Hillary and Zero,his employees, to take Qdaffi out and destroy the country. They hired hundreds of thousands of terror types got the CIA to do recon for a year or two and then took the country out making an example of 600k blacks from Africa who worked the oil wells.
Now its our turn. Trump is in the process of gutting the deep state, shadow govt. and will take out as much of the cabal as he can.

JJJ • 1 week ago

I recently read about how the Bantu people of Africa are know to hunt the Pigmies for sport. So, in short, I don't think colonization is the reason Africa is the way it is.

zgli • 1 week ago

Send them all back. Don't forget Muh Ham Head Keith Ali Son.

Chris Brony • 1 week ago

He speaks the truth. Let in people from Mogadishu and don't be surprised when the area they move to ends up being like Mogadishu

Most of Miami-Dade County, FL. Any of the glamour shots of Miami used in tv and movies is a tiny portion of Miami, the rest of the county is a giant 3rd world ghetto. Sorry if the truth hurts liberals.

Many years ago Jackie Gleason put the small city of Lauderhill, FL on the map. It was at one time home to a major golf tournament every year. Now they attempt to brag about the "Caribbean flavour" of their city, which translated means a 3rd world Haitian craphole.

Liberals have this stupid fantasy that these illegals will come here and will welcome the American dream. NO, they come here and turn America into the same craphole they left, which really makes you wonder why they bothered to come here. We need to drop liberals un-armed into some of these cities and see if reality sets in.

steve bichler • 1 week ago

Dearborn Michigan???

KidAntrim • 1 week ago

I saw a movie called "The Pirates of Somalia"... It was some unbelievable leftist propaganda. Dang!
I had to call BS before the intro credits finished rolling. The left really is the author of all lies.

charlie • 1 week ago

the whole world knows what Trump said is the truth. Even the democrats, but they dont give a crap obviously

Global Wonk • 1 week ago

Oh but, they do. Repubs are talking about sending away and limiting their future voter base.

b.macintosh • 1 week ago

The bolshevik corporate media use their outlets like a communist star chamber to bully. They're disgusting and should be exiled to Haiti themselves.
Too bad there isn't a death penalty for being a communist. There should be.

Werewolf • 1 week ago

Just when you may be thinking he'll do something wrong...he comes with the business to dissolve that myth.

God love that man.

planeboy • 1 week ago

I really tried to find the non-truth in his statement, but dang I'm just not having any luck...

dgs • 1 week ago

There is no one from any political ideology who could disagree with President Trump's statement if they're being honest with themselves. The worst of the worst scum currently in this country, are immigrants from those three nations. Majority of immigrant scum from these nations don't even vote when they move here, even if they manage to become legal citizens, so that does the dirty dems no good. But liberalism is a mental disorder, which is the only way to explain wanting people from those nations to have easy access to our country.

I'm sure the dems who are screaming and shrieking the loudest about President Trump's comments, are also the ones with the tallest security WALLS around their mansions, big frauds they are.

LAWDAWG • 1 week ago

I saw a post earlier. "Just when i try to get out.....He pulls me back in!" LOL

John_HD • 1 week ago

Trump is entirely correct. Places are reflections of their demographics, true at national levels and down to cities (Detroit, etc,) neighborhoods, and schools. You bring in third-worlders, you make America the third world, with all the attendant dysfunction, crime, etc, etc. This stuff is all obvious and true. Why are people so anxious to change the demographics of the historic American nation. Why must white countries, and only white countries accept this demographic change? It's insanity.

Guest • 1 week ago
zgli • 1 week ago

Fantastic MAGA !!! Now, miss tranny, can you please move to Port Au Prince and make Haiti great for the first time !!!