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Seth Rich deserves justice! American's on the left and the right side of the aisle have been hoodwinked by the uniparty for far too long! It is past time for justice to be served to those who have screwed American's of all walks of life! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

richard • 2 years ago

Even Newt Gingrich is calling Seth Rich's murder an 'apparent assassination'. The tables are seismically turning against the democrats right now. There will be justice for Seth.


xcharliemoore • 2 years ago

Yeah, but will the cowardly GOPe run interference for them like they usually do. We all knew after a while that Seth Rich has been murdered. The Democrat Party is a criminal organization. They CANNOT win elections without lying, cheating and intimidating people with the media's help. The GOPe knows this and has given them cover for at least a generation because they are cowards. They do not want to defeat the Marxist Dems, they want to have tea with them, even though it is obvious that everything that made America great, the Dems are now against. Case in point, they are now part of an organized effort to shield CONVICTED murders, rapists, and assorted other alien criminals, who have no right to be here from deportation. How will the continued presence of these alien vermin in this country make our lives better? It will not. But the Dems don't care do they. No, they are America haters from the word go. But the cowards in the GOPe say nothing.

richard • 2 years ago

Regardless of Newt's motive, I still applaud him for publicly addressing Seth Rich's murder on live TV, and framing it as an assassination, for which we're all pretty certain it was.

KatherineBranwen • 2 years ago

Yep. He went out on a long limb, and I give him lots of kudos for that...

Guest • 2 years ago
GPMod • 2 years ago

NOTE to John (magnum) Please read what you post before posting. The purported NCCIC page that you posted regarding "Grizzly Adams" is a JOKE page and is clearly marked as such: "Disclaimer: This report is provided 'as is" for entertainment purposes only."

We try very hard to NOT be a fake news site here. Accordingly, I have removed your post. Please be more cautious in future.

ironbee • 2 years ago

I'm glad you gave a reason. More and more sites just delete. I give you credit for that.
However please answer this.
Do you consider the comment section as News? Comment sections are opinion, speculation, and or jokes.
You wrote"We try very hard to NOT be a fake news site here. Accordingly, I have removed your post." Sounds like you consider posts as News. Please clarify.
I don't know what was posted. Couldn't find a reference to "NCCIC page regarding Grizzly Adams"
I can understand deleting something pornographic. But that isn't the reason you gave. Again thanks for your honesty. But please clarify on the comment section being moderated as a news source.

Redpenmaster • 2 years ago

The "news" is so fake these days that the comments are sometimes the only part worth reading. And "writing" is so weak these days that there's no entertainment value to go with the fake news value.

Rock it! • 2 years ago


In fact, I don't trust as site that doesn't provide for comments, because it is in the comments that you get fact-checking.

Admittedly, there is a high noise to signal ratio, but every once in awhile, someone posts a gem that puts things into a whole new perspective and provides context.

I like it when they post the money shot and a link, so we can check what's actually been said and the sources.

I also love to see the razzy responses to obvious PC Fake news.

It lets me know that other Americans (and some foreigners besides) have not been brainwashed.

jakeveeee • 2 years ago

Completely agreed. Notice how CNN has no comments? Note how ABC routinely removes comments and bans people with dissenting opinions from their commenting?

The bias becomes even more apparent without a comment forum.

Guest • 2 years ago
Jester • 2 years ago

You can be relatively certain that 50% or more of those in comment sections who back up the lefty narrative are paid sock accounts from Brock's media matters/correct the record boiler room operations.

Joanne Wilson • 2 years ago

and funded by papa Soros.

William Dickerson • 2 years ago

If I never ever heard that name again, it wouldn't be long enough. Please don't make me BARF. What's worse is the bloody close-up photos some news sites tend to post of him. My neighbor's dog has a better looking back end that Soros' face.
A photo of elephant dung would be less sickening.

T. H. Cobb • 2 years ago

Alex Soros is being groomed to replace his pappy. It's going to be a long hard ride.

Rock it! • 2 years ago

Kim Jong Soros?

Public_Citizen • 2 years ago

Demon Spawn.
As is his brother.

WhereAreTheVikings • 2 years ago

The Omen, Part VI.

rabidfox2 • 2 years ago

And there is a younger brother as well.

Robin Martz • 2 years ago

Oh that's SCARY

Rock it! • 2 years ago

Uday and Qusay?

Guest • 2 years ago
Billy Carnes • 2 years ago

Can you guys/girls get out the pictures and full names of Soros kids and grandkids

Dnileriverafter • 2 years ago

Zozo, Belzebub, and Damien "Skippy" Soros

BigR2 • 2 years ago

How about the illegitimate son Beezuzu?

Gravity • 2 years ago

You forgot Lucifer, Satan and Nebuchadnezzar.

Teri Nealand • 2 years ago

Chelsea Clinton is married to his nephew!

Dan Tandan • 2 years ago


rocketride • 2 years ago

Nothing wrong with any of them that a few hollowpoints wouldn't fix.

mutantbeast • 2 years ago

Fresh out of having served time in prison. Hilldebitches dog daughter is married to Soreasshos great nephew also.

KKmoderate • 2 years ago

This relationship; Clinton husband and Soros has been debunked­čśö

Karen Bayer • 2 years ago

But the money trail certainly hasn't been debunked.

will249 • 2 years ago

Hopefully he will contract aids . With all the womanizing partners .

Joanne Wilson • 2 years ago

I like to call him testicle face, his eyes look like ball bags.

Nuke Zombiepepsi • 2 years ago

That's mean calling his roast beef labia eye batwingie things "ball bags"

Joanne Wilson • 2 years ago

an insult to scrotum everywhere hahahah. I think it shows he's working his evil 24/7 that he doesn't have time to sleep. He must be stressed losing the US election after giving Hillary millions hahaha.

mutantbeast • 2 years ago

Soreassho also gave Skerry $25m to lose in 2004. "progressive" (commie) insurance CEO Peter Lewis(notice whathe named his company) also gave Lurch $25m to lose. Maybe Soreassho needs to give every D candidate millions. When he gives them big $ they lose.

rocketride • 2 years ago

Be nice, at least the Viagra still works on some parts of his body.

Dnileriverafter • 2 years ago

I call him "Dr Evil" cause he ADMITS that he wants to take over the World!! When I see pics of him, I always wonder where the white cat went!

Joanne Wilson • 2 years ago

Even Mr Bigglesworth had his limits hahah.

dale landry • 2 years ago

He looks like the "evil" emperor Palpatine.

Gravity • 2 years ago

Still love that quote from the movie: "So this is how Republics die, with cheers and applause" (Sorry it's not exact).

rocky • 2 years ago

This George Soros devil remarried a few years ago to a woman who was young enough to be his grand daughter. I was hoping she would kill him in bed soon but so far -- no luck. Israel hates him, Russia does too and both would like him dead. Well we can continue to hope this evil sludge bites the dust soon.

mutantbeast • 2 years ago

Beleive me, Hungary might want the sob more dead than anyone. PM Orban there would execute Soreassho yesterday, likely w/o any trial. Last year, when asked by local media why hed execute Soros w/o a trial. Orban said under the Geneva convention traitors in civilian clothing are liable to summary execution(funny thing is hes correct).

Rock it! • 2 years ago

I *like* Hungary. They are hard-esses when it comes to the Turks and I swear they must have had selective breeding to create only C-cups and above.

Mike_E_V • 2 years ago

Correct! Only slightly less sickening however.

Dnileriverafter • 2 years ago

No, MORE sickening, because HE is SUPPOSED to be a Human being! He worked with the ACTUAL Nazis in WWII, turning in his OWN family AND friends!!!! He admits it in his book!!!

Karen Bayer • 2 years ago

And I love elephants! So waiting for him to die.

Robin Martz • 2 years ago

May be hard to see but it's truth.